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The Reality Creator

The mind and spirit are powerful, especially when strong ideas and life forces are involved. They are the genuine reality creators. Without a strong life force and idea of what you want though, they are as weak as floating cork or a ship without a rudder going in circles and just using up fuel going nowhere. But when the mind and spirit are now here and definite, look out for the power you are unleashing, it is wonderful!

Reality creation can come in many forms, whether it is hypnosis, suggestions to yourself that are strong, direct actions or whatever. When there is a definite direction, there is genuine power involved that genuinely gets things done.

The genuine strength in life is when purposes are definite, and power is rightly used to strengthen yourself and your genuine will. What I mean by genuine will is not what you think, it involves imagination enough to genuinely know what you want and why you genuinely want it, also, as well as traditional “willpower”. For, a rightly used imagination strengthens willpower enough to achieve something worthwhile, and a wrongly used imagination weakens and destroys willpower and creates fear.

Fear really is in this respect, false evidence appearing real, because, when you use imagination wrong, it is a genuinely distorted reality. When you use imagination right, reality is not only in the right place, but enhanced for that matter. What do you think is the secret behind the effectiveness of positive suggestion and hypnosis when applied correctly? Exactly, it is the pumping of legitimate courage through the suggestions and ideas given as well as your own definiteness of purpose in achievement.

So, think, is the saying “we are what we really want to be” real, or does the false evidence that appears real, real? Are our fears founded in fact, or is our courage founded in what we really want the real fact?

I ask those two questions not to be provocative, but I ask them rhetorically to wake you up to your own power and powers of mind and spirit.

Indeed, reality comes down to the acceptance of it, and our ability to live in it.

“The evolution of a mind is signaled by its acceptance of the unacceptable.”

-Thea Alexander, author of the book “2150, A.D.” in 1977 giving a workshop in 1985.

Also, think about this fact before I end the article, take it how you will: How we perceive is as important as how we act and think.

So, what I mean by the above Thea Alexander quote is this reality that you can take or leave: Life is as good or bad as we make up our minds that it is and that through our actions, it is what we genuinely make it for bad or good, the responsibility acceptance or not to accept is always ours.

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