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The Changing of Life’s Seasons – The Powerful Difference Between Balance and Harmony

Three balanced meals a day……Balancing your schedule…..Balance work and play……Balance your priorities and your time……

Balance seems to be a major goal in modern life. Balancing what we want to do and what we need to do. Balancing what we need to eat and what sounds good at the time. When you are balancing something (like standing on one foot), are you stable, secure, and making any progress? Probably not, balance is a state of stagnation, a state of maintaining what already is.

That is the weakness that I find in the attempt to balance ones life. It doesn’t leave any room for growth, for expansion, for progress. Certainly the idea behind balance is good, the fact that we need to divide our attention and effort amongst the many facets of life. But is there a better way to find “structure” in our lives, one that will allow us to grow and accomplish what we want?

There is indeed, and it has been one of the biggest revolutions in my life. The key is harmony, and while harmony may seem like the same thing as balance, there are some very key differences. Seeking harmony in ones life is being able to step outside of the day to day routines, and look at the big picture, the long term journey. Harmony is giving yourself fully to a certain aspect of life for a certain period of time, and when the growth, the change, the results you were seeking have been realized, you then move your full attention to the next facet of life that you are wanting to increase.

The basis behind the Law of Attraction is that whatever we place our attention on expands, grows, and develops. When you are “balancing” your daily life, dividing your attention and your creative power across a number of differing things, are any of them getting enough thought, enough force to thrive and flourish? Not likely, and this is why many people find themselves in a state of stagnation, not seeming to make any progress in any area of their lives.

I have been in “harmony” for over a year now, and the things that I have accomplished in various aspects of my life have been tremendous. I decided on various things in my life that I wanted to improve upon including my health, my family ties, my financial situation, and my personal growth (spirituality.) I knew that by increasing each of these aspects of my life, I would find harmony, happiness, and overall satisfaction. By focusing on one at a time, and really giving it my full attention, I have been able to make vast improvements in every area. It seems as though this one year has held more growth for me than multiple years combined in the past.

The funny thing is that many people view my life as being completely out of whack, completely “unbalanced.” The reason for this is simple, they are looking at life on a day to day basis, rather than looking at the big picture. At times I may seem like a workaholic, saving little attention for anything not related to business. At other times I may be viewed as a lazy “mystic” who spends every waking minute with a book under my nose or meditating. Then there are times when I am on the phone constantly, having deep meaningful conversations with distant relatives and friends. Now these different phases are not happening for only a day or even a week at a time. One phase may last a few weeks or months, and this can look very unbalanced to others.

Yes the daily activities are not in balance, in fact they are completely unbalanced. But that area of my life is getting the full attention, focus, and creative power of my thoughts and actions. This laser-like focus on a single segment of life gives it the ability to flourish, to grow, and to increase more than ever before. Try and get these types of results by spreading your attention between several things every single day…’s just not possible.

This is a life of harmony. Deciding what is important, making a vast transformation, and then moving on to the next. You may seem unbalanced to others, but I think you may find yourself happier and more satisfied than ever. A life full of growth, accomplishment, and true harmony will allow you to soar to ever higher grounds. You will never be in a rut, not making any forward progress. Rather you will be free to choose what you want out of life….and then to get it.

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