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Relationship Brain Chemistry – Should We Give in and Give Them What They Want?

Couples, I am writing this article out of necessity. Gender and relationship brain chemistry has reached new heights. We can attribute these new heights to the work of several research pioneers that have emerged over the past decade. New, heretofore never published findings give hope to couples worldwide.

As you read this article you will gain insights into the intricate workings of the brain, or central nervous system, which will convince you that giving your partner what he or she wants is the remedy to any ailing relationship. I will share with you four points, simple and succinct, which will show what the researchers have discovered.

Point #1 – Studies have shown within our brains, chemical physiological mechanisms are in place that function to slow us down. They work to promote growth and recovery from an environment that at times can be highly stressful. More importantly these mechanisms promote calm and connection in couples.

Point # 2– Two hormones, long associated with influences on sexuality, have been found to influence the ways which males and females react to stress. As humans, we have the ability to influence the production of these two hormones by virtue of certain behaviors. These hormones are oxytocin and testosterone.

Point # 3– The two hormones, present in both men and women, are essential to calm, connection, and the sexual response cycle. Couples reactions to stress have recently received increased attention in the wake of failed relationships across the country and the world for that matter.

Point # 4 – The crux of this research has shown that in order for couples to exist in peace and harmony, our bodies must replenish oxytocin and testosterone daily. Low blood levels of oxytocin and testosterone can significantly affect our ability to handle stress! Relationships suffer adverse affects when stores are not replenished.

We replenish our reserves by virtue of our evolutionary development. For women, they replenish oxytocin in many ways, such as getting their hair done. She can go for a walk, do light exercise, or merely by taking a moment to stretch. Meditation and breathing exercises work as well.

As her partner, you can replenish her oxytocin by hugging her in the morning. Hug her before bedtime. Tell her you love her. Take her dancing. Blood levels are increased exponentially by reading a relationship book with her or attending a workshop if she desires that.

Men replenish testosterone by going for a drive, when he completes projects, or when he is allowed to sit in his favorite recliner after a long day of working. In caveman terms, he needs his cave time after a long day of hunting and keeping his family safe, in order to replenish his testosterone. Success, power, and results increase testosterone.

I could go on and on. Most of the hormone increasing activities cost absolutely nothing to engage in. Nada. Zilch. Replenishing can be done individually or together, and as a couple, you decide. That alone increases her oxytocin.

You will soon learn that giving our partners what they want will pay huge dividends in the bedroom. You will again experience the love and romance that was once a very important part of your lives. In fact, it will be significantly better. You become empowered as a couple once you discover how to make these hormones work for you.

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