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How to Get Women – How to Get Girls Using Underground Psychology Secrets That May Baffle You

Guys most often find girls to be difficult ‘puzzles’ to solve. This is especially so when the girls that they are after play ‘hard to get’. Most guys will give up, unless they know the secrets and tricks that I am going to share with you in this article.

The problem with most men is that they don’t really fully comprehend the intricacies of the social situation that they are in especially when they don’t know the concepts behind what drives a social interaction. However, those concepts are what work in transforming guys into ‘girl magnets’. Read on to discover these secrets and how to get mindblowing results like a true player.

First of all, detach yourself from all possible outcome from an interaction with a girl. This way, you will loosen up and relax when you approach a girl. Often, our biggest enemies are ourselves. When you’re uninhibited, you perform better. So, stop putting too much pressure on yourself to impress her or to get her number. Have fun, show off your personality and naturally the girl will be impressed with how you portray yourself.

Overcoming approach anxiety would be the second secret of being a chick magnet. There’s no ‘secret pill’ to take the nervousness away, unfortunately. The best, proven way to overcome approach anxiety is to approach at least 5 girls every day and strike a casual conversation with them. Try this – for the next three days, approach five girls and ask them for restaurant recommendations. Then, call up three random numbers on your cellphone, and ask for movie recommendations. This sounds crazy, but it works. In a week, you will find your approach anxiety vanish into thin air.

The biggest mistake that a guy can make when they pursuit the girl is that they act all desperate in getting a date. In the process, they fail to create rapport with the girl who then blows him out of the water. In order to be successful, he should have learned and applied the principles of creating rapport – one of those are known as the ‘fractionation’ technique. In this technique, the ‘target’ is brought through an emotional rollercoaster (sadness and happiness) in a dramatic way. This method works because of the ‘psychological effect’ that is triggered in the girl which generates attraction to the guy who invokes those feelings in her.

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