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Essential Tremor Treatments – The Most Common Problems and the Best Solutions

With over 10 million adult sufferers, Essential Tremor is one of the most rampant misdiagnosed disorders in America. If you’re one of the millions who suffers through daily hand, arm, voice or body tremors, you’ve no doubt considered your options carefully, and found that there are an overwhelming number of products available and very few resources to help you choose which is best for you.

Unfortunately, most doctors and even neurologists are unfamiliar with the disorder and end up prescribing drugs that were created with other ailments in mind.

While it is true that the source of the Essential Tremor is not completely understood, there are a handful of potential causes that need to be examined before you find the treatment that fits your case.

Neurological Problems

One common cause of Essential Tremor is the neurological damage that comes with age. As researchers now know, cells become senescent with age – a state in which they stop dividing and the tissues they make up show signs of physical deterioration. This can cause the neurological damage that in turn causes hand, arm and body tremors.


Any number of medications you are currently taking could be inadvertently causing your tremors. The problem is many of those drugs are necessary to ward off other disorders.

Worse yet, many of the drugs commonly prescribed to treat Essential Tremor like Primidone, Propranolol and Clonazepam are show positive effects in 40 percent of patients. And even if they do show improvements, there are a number of common side effects associated with them, because they are specifically designed to treat other disorders such as anxiety and high blood pressure.

Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin deficiencies often cause tremors. Luckily, once your body starts receiving the vitamin it’s deficient in you will see a reduction in tremors. Essential Tremor can be caused by a lack of folic acid, b-2 riboflavin and iron.


Anxiety is a huge perpetuator of tremors. Often people who have tremors become more anxiety-ridden when their tremors act up, which worsens the problem. If you can find a way to thwart or reduce tremors, much of the anxiety will disappear as well.


Let’s face it. Americans have pretty poor diets. Because of this, we’re seeing a rise in everything from Type 2 Diabetes to obesity. Likewise, a healthy diet is crucial to prevent neurological damage. A healthy diet aimed at protecting the nervous system is one of the best routes you can take to preventing tremors.


After you take all of these causes into consideration, you’re probably wondering how you can possibly take action. I wondered the same thing. Luckily there’s a product that’s been designed with all of these problems and solutions in mind.

Tremadone is a product specifically designed for adults suffering from Essential Tremor. It’s a two-part system consists of a scientifically formulated herbal supplement that addresses many potential deficiencies, and a well-rounded diet program. Tremadone has proven effective for many people, and doesn’t require prescription drugs that often have potentially dangerous side effects.

Neurological problems are among the most difficult problems an adult can face, because of the lack of resources and research dedicated to them, but now there’s reason to be optimistic.

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