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Critical Life Events Or Choices That Have Shaped Me To Become What I Am Today

Coming from a very poor family of farmers, success in education is almost impossible for me because of financial constraints. But poverty did not hinder my determination in my quest for knowledge.

My father died when I was still in the womb of my mom. She was only 31 years old during that time, jobless and with nowhere to go. So she decided to go home to her immediately family because of her incapacity to raise me during that time.

While my grandfather and grandmother were taking care of me, she also worked in a nearby plantation just to help with the finances. Better that all her siblings were also bachelors. So, I was the only one to worry.

Yet, during those times, the price of copra was really very low. Our sale was only enough to sustain our food. No more, no less. My grandparents had a two-hectare farm lot planted with coconuts and mangoes. But mangoes during that time was not yet salable because most of the people had their own mango trees.

At a very early age, I was already accustomed to the realities of life especially poverty. If you will not labor, you will not eat.

During my early schooldays, I had to walk 1 and half kilometers just to reach my school. We did not even had neighbors during that time because there were just few families inhabiting out municipality. It was really a struggle for ten years (elementary and secondary years). Better that God gave me the intellect. Even if we were poor, I was able to study my high school in a private school.

After graduating from high school, the problem was where would I study college or if I could still pursue in college because we did not have money to sustain my education. Again due to God’s blessing, a distant relative of ours took me and financed for my education. She let me took a two-year course in Computer Science. After graduating, I was immediately hired as a computer programmer of a big company. From there, I worked at the same time studied. I spent my vacant time taking Bachelor of Elementary Education at University of Southeastern Philippines. However, I wasn’t able to finish this course because I was not able to give up my work during that time just to have my practice teaching.

Even if I did not finish a four-year course but I was really lucky with my work because I was allowed to teach computer programming as well.

So, that early childhood experience made me become an independent person. I have a successful career right now but unfortunately I also have a failed marriage. Yet I was able to overcome this shortcoming because I was honed by experience due to the critical events that I had in life that shaped me to become what I am today.

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