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Certainty: The Way It Is

People, at least in their minds in this fluid reality are genuinely multi dimensional beings, with an imagination and consciousness. But, the problem is most consciousness and imagination is stagnant, sleeping, unaware and unused, it seems. Indeed, though, here is the thing I am most certain of: With disparate change comes growth and awakening. I look at this “troubled time” as a time for change and growth. “The guards may be changing” as is said, but, what if everything lead to “the desired lethargy of sameness”? Then we would be in real trouble. So, this I am certain of: Evolution, growth and change are good things at the right times.

Now, here is the part that makes this a hypnosis/neuro-linguistic programming article: What if everything went in a “comfortable way” without imagination, change or new things happening for change? Then everything would just go down. I mean look at every empire that went for comfort, lethargy, and establishment leadership from Egypt, Kush, Greece and Rome, before and after and on. They fell or went “belly up to the dust” ultimately. Revolution is a good thing at times to really keep things imaginatively alive.

Realistically, genuine eternal values that last forever can genuinely adapt and change and get better in the game of reality. What do you think neuro-linguistic programming modeling is about anyway, change and adaptation in a good way with ideas that work that are not or are your own but adapted to you ultimately.

Revolution is the way it is, evolution is the way it is. The positively new is a good thing, while negative stagnant establishments are bad. Let us face it. Adaptation is strength, while rigidity and nepotism are weakness. We could see that with the later Pharoahs and the Caesar families in Rome and Egypt. So, I will say this with great risk to myself: New blood makes things better, new ideas make things better and a constant awakening keeps things eternal. Think about that statement for a moment, is that not true. Why do you think those fifty-two “criminals” including George Washington, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock are still considered firebrands of a sort to this day with those ideas like the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States? Change and adaptive modeling may not always be pretty, but it is necessary for survival, this I am certain of: All existence is not an exception in reality.

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