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Hymenoplasty Involves The Repair Or Reconstruction of The Hymen

For many families all over the world, a woman’s virginity is valued for many reasons such as social religious as well as economic reasons. The hymen is a thin layer of tissue located on the outside of the vagina and it easily breaks when the woman engages in different sporting activities or when they have their first sexual encounter. Women can now get their virginity back through hymenoplasty.

Hymenoplasty involves the repair or reconstruction of the hymen. Those considering this procedure can visit different countries including India to undergo it. The demand of the hymenoplasty in India is on the increase and the client should carry out adequate research on the different clinics that offer this procedure. While doing this, they should also ensure to check the reputations, qualification and experience of the surgeons responsible for performing the procedure.

Before the procedure, the Surgeon will carry out a complete gynecological examination and base their decision on the results obtained. They will also have to communicate their needs at this point, in order to allow the surgeon to understand them. The best surgeon of hymenoplasty in India will inform the clients about the pros, cons and other issues related to the surgery to enable them make the best decision.

Some of the procedures involved in this surgery include:

1 Traditional Suturing- This is a procedure meant to facilitate healing after a sexual abuse or assault. It is recommended to go for it as soon after the assault as possible.

2 Cosmetic surgery involves the creation of a membrane without the supply of blood. This membrane is made of gelatin capsule generated from a blood-like tissue. For best results, it should be performed a few days before the intended marriage.

3 Creation of a new Hymen- this is done using a flap from lining of the vagina. It is used together with the blood supply and patients are not allowed to have penetrative sex for a minimum of three months.

4 Hymen reconstruction – this involves the sewing of the outer lips of the vagina through a process called infibulation. In this process, the vagina is partially sealed and a small hole is left for menstrual blood passage.

The client should also be informed about the different types of procedures available and the type the surgeons have specialized in. Some of these surgeons may opt for laser surgery while others may select the radio surgical or scalpel procedures. The cost of hymenoplasty in India varies due to different factors such as the type of procedure, the technique, and the choice of doctor, as well as the location of the clinic.

These surgical procedures do not take a long time but depending with the technique used the clients will be informed by their surgeons. They will also be informed about the amount of time taken for recovery and the necessary care procedures they will need to perform to hasten the recovery. Patients should also find out the time it will be safe for them to resume sexual intercourse.

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