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Practical Tips to Motivate Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the toughest journeys that one has to end, right? It is quite ironic though because it is a struggle not against to anyone else but to your own self. You want to beat your own weaknesses like being slave to your cravings, keeping unhealthy eating habits, ditching exercise routines, and so on.

Aside from diet and exercise, one needs motivation to stick to their goal of losing weight. Here are three practical tips to keep you motivated while losing weight effectively.

Photo-blog your diet

Weight loss gurus always advocate recording your food intake because it allows you to track your calories and food. However, tracking it through images is more effective because pictures tend to register faster and last longer in your memory. These vivid images of what you have eaten that day can be easily visualized.

Actually photo-blog is great way to delay any food gratification because you need images of your meals and snacks. Once the food is served, it is quite natural to start taking your portion and instantly chomp particularly if you are hungry but not when you are photo-blogging your diet because you need to pause first to take few snapshots.

Increase your food IQ

You do not need to turn yourself into a health guru however endeavor an effort to improve your knowledge about food, its nutritional value, the impact of different cooking process to your health and weight, and so on.

Digesting this information benefits you in two ways. First, it becomes your foundation in making smart choices when dining in restaurants or preparing meals for you and your family. Secondly, your knowledge becomes your conscience and it will haunt you every time you do the opposite. How many times do you feel guilty for eating that slice of rich chocolate cake or opting for a lunch meal of deep-fried chicken wings and cheese burger? Though it really tastes good but you feel bad afterward because you know that those rich fat content dessert or lunch meal sabotages your diet and shoots up your calories consumption for the day.

Apply food color coding strategy

Through the course of educating yourself about fitness, health, weight loss and nutrition, you will learn that healthy foods are easy to remember. Foods with high nutritional value but friendly to your weight are foods which come from the plants and have variety of color. Those that are produced from the factories and come out in cans or packs are discouraged.

As rule of thumb, avoid white color foods because generally these are processed foods. The nutritional values ​​in the food depleting during its processing in food factories. Also, it is treated with additives and chemicals. So avoid white foods such as white bread or anything made of white flour, white sugar, white pasta, among others.

However, this rule does not apply to meat because white meat such as fish and skinless chicken meat are better option than red color meats. Always choose rainbow colored plant based foods because it is nutritious and good for your health.

Remember that weight loss is a personal journey and the primary factor that can influence its success is YOU. So try at all times various innovative and creative approaches to stimulate your motivation in losing weight.

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