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Health and Fitness – Meditation For Beginners

Recently, as more people in the West are becoming aware of the importance of health and fitness, they are practicing Eastern traditions like Yoga and Tai Chi, which emphasize meditation. Once they learn how to meditate they are discovering the incredible health and fitness benefits meditation provides.

The health and fitness benefits of meditation include:

* Energy alignment of the entire body

* Internal cleansing of the body

* Improvement in health of major organs

* Less stress/anxiety

* Clear mind

* More oxygen to the cells

* More energy

* Positive mood

The most important reason to meditate is because it just makes you feel better. And if you don’t understand what feeling good will do for you, you have missed the point of life.

Enlighten yourself

Beyond the health and fitness benefits of meditation the real reason for meditating is to enlighten yourself. You do this by blending with your soul.

You don’t have to call it a “soul” if you don’t like that word, call it whatever you want. All that is important is that you realize there is an energy force that is separate from your body that keeps you alive in your body.

This energy source is a much greater, and broader part of you than you can begin to comprehend conceptually, but it is only important to acknowledge that it exists. You can get in touch with it through meditation.

Meditation, through breathing techniques, will teach you how to quiet your thinking mind and concentrate your attention on your inner-being. When you are able to do so (as with anything this takes consistent practice) you will feel the amazing benefits of meditation. I can’t really describe the peaceful, positive feeling of meditation in words, you really have to experience it for yourself.

How To Learn The Techniques

There are endless meditation instruction books, CD’s and videos available on the internet to teach you how to meditate. Amazon has some great material if you just type in the keyword phrase “meditation.”

You tube also has many free instructional videos to teach you many different meditation techniques as well as Yoga and Tai Chi. You can also enroll in Yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation classes in your local area.

Other Things to Help You

The environment you are in can be a vital aspect of your meditation. When you get good at meditating you can do it anywhere anytime, but when you start, and for ideal conditions, it is good to have a very relaxing place to be.

Many people even make there own meditation area or room in their home. Others always meditate out in nature. Do whatever you need to do to find a place where you can relax.

Then it is sometimes best to use either a CD or DVD of guided meditation with someone instructing you, or to pick out music that relaxes you. It is very beneficial to be able to meditate in silence, but many find it much more difficult than with music or an instructor.

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Tips For Managing Pain Due to Complex Ovarian Cysts

If you are suffering from complex ovarian cyst pain, then here’s what you need to know. There are many ways on how to deal with pain caused by cysts. You can use herbal remedies and medications, alter your diet routine or simply apply pain management techniques. After reading this article, you will be able to lessen the pain brought by complex ovarian cyst.

To start with, when you are experiencing pain from the complex ovarian cyst, you need to put a heating pad in the lower portion of your abdomen. You can put the pad just under your belly button. After that, use your fingertips to gently massage your abdomen. I suggest you do it in a circular pattern. If you prefer to lie down or decide to take your rest while suffering from pain, you can simply elevate your legs or do a side position while bending your knees. Relaxations are also beneficial. You can either do yoga or meditation. A warm bath is another way of easing the pain as well.

When it comes to the amount of food intake, I recommend that you only eat small servings. And to make up for the low amount, you need to eat frequently. In that manner, you will gain the daily nutrition required for your body while avoiding any pain. A warm drink will be a good complement for your diet.

If you weigh more than what your supposed to weigh, then I suggest you start losing weight to lessen the pain. Instead of eating simple carbohydrates like white rice, try eating foods which are rich with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and wheat bread. Fruits and vegetables also speed up burning your body fat. You need to control your salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine intake as well.

If you are taking Vitamin B6, Calcium and Magnesium then continue taking them. They are proven to lessen pain as well. I also recommend that you do regular exercise particularly pelvic rocking exercise. You also need to do breathing exercises if you really want to manage your pain. Once your period is near, you can take Ibuprofen until your period is finished. And lastly, you need to rest and sleep properly.

However, you can also use medications which can help eliminate your pain. There are lots of medicines such as antidepressants, pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs are only effective for moderate to severe pains. You also need to get prescriptions from your physician to be able to use these drugs.

If after all of that, you are still suffering from tremendous pain, then you need medical attention. Other cases which need medical experts are delayed periods while being sexually active, profuse vaginal discharges, fever and bad odor.

Although the tips I have mentioned above seem simple, you still need to consult your doctor before trying any treatment. Oftentimes, Pain management is a case to case basis and may not be effective for everyone. Find out what pain management routine is best suited for you and stick to it to effectively get rid of the pain caused by complex ovarian cyst. Good luck and have a pain free life.

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Self-Mastery – 7 Mind Power Techniques That Boost Self Esteem

Many people have little regard for their own skills and capabilities. Some cannot even realize that there are many potential abilities within them just waiting to be activated to serve as solutions to any given problem or keys to actualize their long-held dreams. The reason why this happens is caused by having a low self-esteem.

Are you one of these people? Do you often say to yourself, “Why am I like this all the time?” or “What can I possibly do to bring out the best in me?” I’m quite certain there are many things you want to do with your life. You may want to visit many places, you may want people to admire your talent and recognize you for your skills, you may want to have more money to buy more things, or you may simply want to be loved by someone special. However, all of these will not be possible if you don’t pay attention to the most important element that can make all of these things happen. That element is your “self.”

This should be my first post after doing a major renovation of my blog, so I thought about creating a special article for my new visitors. The following items are some common techniques I’ve learned when I was trying to find ways to boost my own self-esteem years ago. All of these techniques can have powerful effects on your mind, and your mind is the tool you’re going to use to make significant changes to yourself, that’s why I’ve chosen to synthesize these two topics – mind power and self esteem. Let’s proceed, shall we?

1. Behavior modeling

As social beings, humans are deeply inclined to imitate one another. Little children most often learn to copy their parent’s behavior. Teens try to mirror the physical appearance of famous celebrities and musicians to get in with the latest trend. More mature individuals emulate scientific, political, historical, and other societal figures. Quite too often, people get stuck in the mush of social roles without being aware of how these roles affect their lives.

Have you recently asked yourself what kind of role you are trying to play within your social environment? Archetypal simulation, as complex as it may sound, is an influential factor in the development of human behavior. This means that the kind of people you look up to, the traits they have, and the characters they reveal in front of everyone, including you, have a great effect on your mind and inner self-esteem.

To boost your self-esteem, you can apply this method by writing down seven unique characteristics of the people you admire. Choose the characteristics that are uniquely and positively attributed to these people. For example, Albert Einstein was not only recognized for his genius, but also for his kind and friendly character. Assign each of the characteristics you’ve gathered to a particular day and label it “character of the day.” If you’re wondering about what you’re going to do with this, well I guess it’s quite obvious that you’re supposed to demonstrate the behavior you assigned to a certain day of the week. So, if you assigned “genius” for Monday, you are expected to act like a genius throughout the whole day. A month of doing this is guaranteed to give you surprising results.

2. Autosuggestion

Can you tell me what or how you feel when you see the words

“rich,” “famous,” “wealthy,” “popular,” “admired,” and “successful?” Yeah, I thought so. Does it not give you a bit of pump in your blood? Well, I understand that the words “sex” and “orgasm” are more powerful in giving you a pump, but we’re not talking about that. But you felt that too, didn’t you?

Autosuggestion works by sending out commands to your autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system or ANS is the part of your nervous system that operates principally below the level of consciousness. You may be familiar with the terms placebo-effect and self-hypnosis. These are just some of its derivatives, but ultimately the purpose of these methods is to give you results by changing your beliefs.

Our beliefs rest inside our superego or between the unconscious and the conscious part of our minds. By repetitively suggesting an idea or a belief to yourself, you communicate with your preconscious mind and it responds by believing your thoughts to be true. Hence, if you constantly remind yourself that you are “rich,” “famous,” “wealthy,” “popular,” “admired,” or “successful” that red pill that Morpheus is holding might actually make your dreams come true.

3. Mantras

Similar to autosuggestion, another mind power technique that can boost your self-esteem is the use of mantras. A mantra is the religious counterpart of autosuggestion. If you’re running out of natural methods and you can’t think of anything else to help you enhance your self-esteem, a minor deviation by using supernatural methods may likely be suitable for you. If you don’t believe in any of this crap, then a short visit to my mind control archives can probably open up your mind.

Moving on to the subject, let me first define what a mantra is. Mantras are the verbal repetition of sounds or the mental repetition of thoughts. In church rituals, people don’t know that they are chanting mantras when they offer their songs of praise. In yoga, people use the word “OM” and repeat it several times during meditation. In satanic rituals, well, let’s just not mention anything about it.

How do you use mantras?

Personally, I did my mantras by typing them repetitively on a word document. It may sound silly, but as months go by since I first started doing it, I noticed significant changes in my behavior (you can’t rule out its effectiveness if you haven’t tried it for yourself). Anyway, I learned this method from a book that suggests writing five hundred statements on a notepad. It wasn’t optional for me at that time so I opened up MS Word and typed my statement a hundred times. It said five hundred, so I did the technique everyday for a whole month. Now, that’s more than five hundred. One of my mantras stated this: “I am asserting the mastery of my real self.”

4. Visualization

Visualization is one of the basic techniques you can also use to boost your self-esteem. It has many applications, but since we are focused on self-esteem, this method is designed to enhance your perception about your self.

The visualization technique was one of the techniques advocated by the New Thought Movement in the late 19th century. When the movie The Secret was released, more people have become aware of visualization and the useful benefits it offers in changing people’s lives. It may sound cheesy, but athletes all over the world have been using the visualization technique for several decades already. If they can use it to win medals in the Olympic Games, it’s clearly possible that you can use it to achieve your own goals.

If you want to try this technique for yourself, just imagine having the kind of characteristics you desire. To make the effect stronger, include the five senses while you are doing this exercise. For example, imagine what you will look like once you’ve reached your goal (visual), imagine the positive comments people will be saying about you (auditory), imagine the nice clothes you will be wearing (kinesthetic), and imagine aroma and the taste of the food that you will be eating (olfactory and gustatory). If you condition your mind long enough to believe that you are the kind of person you’re thinking about, sooner or later you’ll be surprised with the results.

5. Breathing and Stretching

Many people neglect their own bodies and then complain how miserable they feel when, in fact, their issues are physical in nature. Sometimes people think they don’t have enough energy to complete a given task, and then they rant about not being able to do anything meaningful. Sometimes people feel they are ineffective because they can’t think of any useful ideas to change their lives. Maybe these people just need to breathe and relax.

If you often see yourself like this, then remember that what you think is connected to what you feel, and what you feel is connected to your body. Your mind is not separate from your body. Therefore, when you don’t feel well, you’re likely to have the same thoughts and vice versa.

Aside from the benefits it could give to your health, breathing and stretching techniques are widely used by people to liberate the mind and the self. It has its roots in an eastern religious tradition, particularly called Yoga. Your brain, as well as other parts of your body, needs a steady supply of oxygen to be fully functional. Yoga practitioners have a method called pranayama which means “restraint of the prana or breath.” The science behind this is that the cells in our body release toxins through the air that enters our lungs. A person who practices the proper form of breathing, through pranayama, is certain to have healthy cells, which therefore leads to a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Another way to improve your body’s vitality and energy is through postures and positions, which yoga practitioners call asana. I tried to reduce the methodology to an exercise by calling it stretching, but if you want to know more about the powerful effects of asana and its other uses, you can do your own research about Raja yoga.

6. Concentration

There are people who associate concentration with the toilet bowl. I don’t know why that happens and I surely don’t want to concentrate on that thought. If that’s enough for them to develop a high level of self-esteem then, I have nothing against them.

Seriously speaking, however, when you spend enough time concentrating, you will start to get a lot of significant thoughts about the subject of your attention. I do this all the time when I write. So, when people ask me how I’m able to write all of this stuff, I just tell them “I expend tremendous amounts of energy sitting on toilet bowls.”

Ok, my apologies. I just can’t help it. Anyway, when you begin to develop the habit of concentrating deeply upon yourself, you will start to realize facts about your own character. Ideas will start entering your thoughts and memories about your past experiences will start flashing inside your head to offer you solutions to the problems that you have at present. You might get the impression that I’m talking about daydreaming, but this is far from that.

When you concentrate, you should be in control of your thoughts. You can do this by constantly asking yourself questions about the specific issue you want to address. So, for example, you want to figure out how you can become a better writer, you can ask yourself questions like, “What kind of subjects am I capable of talking about for hours spontaneously?” or “How skilled am I to write about stuff that I am predominantly interested to discuss with other people?” The answers to your questions will come in the form of memories. Remember how Sherlock Holmes uncovers mysterious cases by linking one evidence to another? It works just like that. Thus, if you want to solve a particular case you have about yourself, concentrate. No more crapper jokes for now.

7. Thought Liberation

I was having second thoughts about adding meditation to this list because I’ve already included it to a number of articles I’ve previously written, so I gave it a new name. I don’t know if it sounds cool, but I just thought about informing you.

Moving on, meditation and the name I substituted for it basically means the same thing. In ancient spiritual traditions, people use meditation to reach higher states of consciousness. They do this by preventing the mind from generating any thoughts. Of course, this is not something you impose upon your mind because it defeats the purpose and is self-contradictory. Meditation is something you practice everyday and you don’t force yourself while doing it. You set your mind still by focusing on a single thought, an object, a word, or a prayer. When you get distracted by any other thought inside your head, simply acknowledge it then bring your attention back to the object you’re meditating on.

Have you ever asked yourself why people say prayers and where this practice originated? That’s correct! Prayers are just one of the forms of meditation and people use it to communicate with their higher selves – one that is collective of all consciousness that exists. Rarely do we find time to pay attention to our innermost source of strength which is our SELF. Remember that you are spiritual in nature and the most powerful technique that will truly let you attain a higher self-esteem is to communicate with your inner self.

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The ABC of Yoga’s Kneeling Poses

All yoga practices incorporate a number of kneeling postures, which are beneficial to the mind and body. These include asanas with different levels of difficulty and should be practiced based on your level of command over the yoga series that you are following. Kneeling postures should be avoided by people suffering from knee pain and injury as these poses place the weight of the body mostly on the knee. Some of the commonly used kneeling asanas include:

Hero or Virasana: This is one the most basic kneeling pose and is normally practiced as a part of the pranayama or meditational part of yoga. It is very helpful in strengthening the thighs, knees and ankles and is a great way of developing strong arches of the feet. In general, hero pose is very effective in relieving constipation and improving other digestive problem, and in particular is very useful in alleviating menopausal symptoms in women. Additionally, pregnancy yoga through the second trimester also incorporates Virasana as it reduces the swelling of the legs in pregnant women.

Camel Pose or Ushtrasana: A powerful pose that is performed towards the end of the yoga session when the muscles of the entire body are in a state of agility. Camel Pose is beneficial in strengthening the spine as well as other back muscles. It also proves to be very therapeutic for respiratory problems, anxiety and fatigue related issues, menstrual cramps and backache. It is very useful in toughening the rectal muscles, so it is commonly suggested to patients suffering from hemorrhoids.

Diamond Pose or Vajrasana: This is a very common and a relatively easy kneeling pose and can be practiced by beginners. It radiates energy and blood supply specifically to the upper part of the body.

Supta Vajrasana: This pose is the advanced form of the Vajrasana and can only be practiced after gaining complete mastery over the Diamond Pose. This asana is very beneficial for curing sciatic pain and also strengthens the thigh and abdominal muscles. It also helps control high blood pressure levels and constipation. Supta Vajrasana is not completely a kneeling pose, in fact it is considered to be a combination of a back bend and a kneeling asana.

Bull Pose or Vrushasana: Performed primarily for preserving youth, this asana is most commonly practiced by men. It stimulates the circulation and strengthens the muscles of the entire body. Bull pose is very helpful in relieving problems related to the male anatomy in particular nocturnal or excessive semen discharge.

Child’s Pose or Balasana: This kneeling pose is very easy to perform and proves to be very relaxing for the yogi. It is normally practiced after backbends to counteract the postures that stretch the spine and back muscles backwards. Balasana gently stretches the hips, knees and ankles and provides a relaxation effect to the entire body as well as the mind by taking the focus away from all external distractions.

Other asanas that require either partial or complete kneeling include Cat Pose, Simple Twist or Bharadvajasana, Dog Pose and the Swan Pose or Hamsasana. As there is a wide range of kneeling posture available, it is easy to select those that suit your yoga program or help relieve health issues that you are practicing yoga for.

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The Power Of The Mind: Tips On How To Tune Your Mind For Success

Your mind is the most powerful organ in your body as it’s the one that directs you. With the right mindset there is nothing that you can’t achieve. To guide you here are tips on how to tune your mind for success:

Gabbage in, Gabbage out (GIGO)

This is a very popular term in the IT world. It simply means what you put in your mind is what you give out. Your mind is very precious; therefore, you should feed it with valuable information. This calls for you to avoid any information and people who tell you how you can’t achieve success.

You should feed your brain positive information. For example, you should read inspirational books and watch inspirational videos. You should also surround yourself with positive people.

Be confident of yourself

The world is already cruel enough. Why should you be cruel to yourself? You should be confident of yourself and lead a confident life. You should note that being confident doesn’t mean holding your nose at everyone. It simply means being confident in your own skin and avoiding comparing yourself with anyone.

When you are confident of yourself you stick to your lane and you achieve anything that you set your mind to. On the other hand when you aren’t confident you keep on comparing yourself with others and keep on copying what others are doing.

Make use of your ability to decide and choose

One of the biggest differences between humans and animals is that we have the ability of choosing; animals live by instinct. You should make use of the unique gift. For example, if you have a bad behavior that is keeping you from achieving success you should choose to let go.

Always remember that the more you flex your muscle of choice the more it gets stronger and the more successful you become.

Get rid of stress

Stress not only overwhelms you mentally, it also affects you physically and emotionally. The easiest way of getting rid of stress is avoiding the stressor. For example, if a given project is stressing you, you should give it a break.

Remember that no matter how much you want to be successful, you won’t attain success if you are under stress.

Eat right and exercise

While this isn’t a mind action, it will go a long way in keeping your mind on track for success. “You are what you eat,” is a popular saying that is true. To keep your mind on track you should eat a balanced diet.

Exercising also aids in releasing serotonin levels thus you feel good about yourself. As rule of thumb you should engage in an exercise that you enjoy.

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Male Sex Drive After 40 – Regain Your Libido With Foods and Supplements

Most of us are almost settled by the age of 40 but somehow there seems to be something missing in life. That desire to have sex does is not as string as it used to be and there are times when sex does not excite you anymore.

I am sure, you would agree with men when I say that most men begin losing their sexual appetite as they turn 40. There are a whole lot of reasons behind that. Increased stress levels, lack of physical activity, years of alcohol abuse etc., all take a toll on your libido. But more importantly, it is changes in your body that trigger a dip in libido.

Testosterone is the hormone that governs sexual function and potency in men and the production of this male sex hormone begins slowing down once you cross 30.

Though it declines at a minimal rate of 1% a year, over a decade it sums up to a loss of 10% or even more.

Testosterone loss is aggravated by factors like stress, reduced psychical activity etc.,

A dip in testosterone not only robs you of your sexual appetite but also leads to erectile dysfunction, weak muscles, increased body fat and weight gain, mood swings, depression etc.,

However, eating right foods and following a healthy lifestyle can ensure increased testosterone production, a healthy libido and proper erectile function.

Diet Changes to ensure increased Testosterone Production:

  • Increase your protein intake– proteins like eggs and whey are extremely helpful in increasing your testosterone production. Moreover, animal protein is the best source of zinc that is one of the key minerals that promote testosterone production. It is the presence of zinc that makes oysters a great aphrodisiac.
  • Include Zinc in your diet– Apart from oysters and animal protein like lamb, beef etc. foods that contain zinc include poultry and dairy products etc.
  • Essential Fatty Acids are a must– Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 are highly crucial for testosterone production. Low levels of fat in your diet can lead to reduced testosterone production. This is because all anabolic steroid hormones are produced in cholesterol. Some great examples of such foods include oily fish like salmons, sardines, olives and olive oil etc., Not only do such foods help boost testosterone production but also help unclog your arteries and ensure increased blood circulation.
  • Avoid too much carbohydrates– You must limit your intake of carbohydrates. This is because they increase the level of insulin in blood which affects testosterone production adversely.

Lifestyle Changes:

  • Sweat out at the gymWorking out the gym regularly is a great boost for testosterone production. Compound exercises are the best ones as far as increasing testosterone is concerned. Weight bearing exercises are known to boost your T-levels.
  • Reduce Stress- It goes without saying that stress is one of the major psychological issues that leads to low testosterone production, reduced libido and erectile dysfunction in men. Best ways to reduce stress is with the help of relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation etc., Deep breathing also helps. Exercise is also a great way to relieve yourself of stress.
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours- Sleep deprivation results in high stress levels and takes a toll on your T-levels and libido. Ensure that you sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  • Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol- Alcohol is a suppressant and after consuming it your system becomes occupied to clear it out of your system. One of the effects of alcohol is reduced libido. Smoking again restricts blood flow to the penis which not only reduces sexual appetite but also leads to impotence.

Herbal and Natural Supplements

Herbal or natural supplements can give a much needed thrust to your sex drive and testosterone levels. These herbal supplements increases blood flow to the penis, boost testosterone levels, reduce stress, increase energy and stamina so that you can enjoy more satisfying sex.

But more than that, they provide a complete body makeover for men. Such supplements not only enhance testosterone but also help increase the production of HGH which helps you overcome and combat age effects.

These supplements combine the power of herbs like ginseng, ginkgo, tribulus terrestris, long jack, muira pauma etc., and other nutrients like l-arginine and minerals like zinc which are extremely important for your sexual as well as overall health.

Find out more on the most widely acclaimed and highly popular Natural Testosterone Supplements that not require a prescription and have helped thousands of men over 40 regain their sex drive so that they can enjoy satisfactory and fulfilling sex.

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How Improved Flexibility Improves Health

Flexibility has many surprising benefits to our health. Not many studies have been done to determine the exact effect of flexibility on our health, but many physicians say that flexibility is key to our over-all health. Through my research, I found many ways in which flexibility improves our health. The following is just some of what I found in my research of how flexibility improves our health.

First, a bit of a given, flexibility increases our range of motion. This can go a long ways in helping to prevent injury. As muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments increase in flexibility, the likelihood that they will tear or break decreases.

Second, good flexibility correlates with good circulation. Good blood circulation can help heal past injuries faster, and may even stave off illnesses. Therefore, flexibility has a part in helping to stave off illnesses. For example, links have been found between being flexible and having a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and kidney diseases. Studies are being done to see what effect flexibility has on cancer, depression, and arthritis.

Third, posture improves as flexibility improves. Good posture can also help alleviate back pain, reduce stress, and helps to maintain good circulation.

Flexibility improves our health in a lot of ways. Before I had done this research, I really didn’t think that it was that important. I’ve been doing yoga for some time now, and have noticed an incredible difference in my over-all health. Part of it is due to my increased flexibility. If you found this article helpful and want to learn how to become flexible then visit my blog below!

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How To Win Your Boyfriend’s Heart! Sure Fire Tips To Catch His Heart For Good!

If you want your boyfriend to shower endless love and attention on you, you need to capture his heart and keep it forever. If you don’t know how to win a man’s heart and keep it forever, this is something you must not miss.

Here are the sure fire tips to win his heart and keep it for good…

Start reinventing yourself – It’s time to make him realize that you are amazing. Begin by reinventing yourself. Work on your looks. Make yourself look better. At the same time, transform your life. Do things that will make you a better person.

Focus on development of yourself. Start attending Yoga classes or comedy classes. You can also pursue your hobbies. Do all that you can do to keep yourself in a happy state. Get yourself a total transformation. It will really amaze him.

Be a good listener – A good girlfriend is someone who listens to her man. If you don’t listen to what your man has to say, you can’t win his heart. Even if he’s silent, you need to make him tell things. He might have thousand things on his mind and it’s your job to make him talk. Make him talk about his desires, plans and hobbies. Get him to talk and get to know him completely.

Be unpredictable – If you want your man to fall in love, you always need to keep him on his toes. Never make one single predictable move. If you get too predictable in your relationship, it will only end with a break up. Create some space in your relationship. Don’t always answer his phone calls. Say no sometimes. Make him keep chasing you.

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Choose The Sex Of Your Baby – Astrology Predictions 2010

Due to different spiritual and social reasons in every civilization a male offspring is always favored. In accordance with Hindu scriptures the life of a man remains incomplete if it is not blessed with a son.

In the womb the child’s sex depends on the process of fertilization of the X- Y-chromosome of the male. There is only X-chromosome in the female ovum, while both X- and Y- chromosomes are present in the male sperm. When the ovum fertilization is brought about by the Y-chromosome from the sperm, a male child will be born otherwise it will give rise to the birth of a female offspring.

In accordance with modern science of Embryology, female physiology is not responsible for determining the sex of a child and the birth of a female or a male child is solely dependent on the male himself.

Here Vedic science can help in determining the outcome.

The ovum in female anatomy can have a choice in selecting one kind of chromosome from the sperm and refusing the other kind. This fact indicates that there is a certain role for the female in determining the sex of a child.

Ayurvedic studies on the basis of principles of astrology provide the confirmed knowledge that ovum discharged from left ovary attracts sperm having X-chromosomes giving rise to conception of a female child; likewise ovum discharged from right ovary shows attraction for sperm with Y-chromosomes and as a result the fertilization of male child takes place.

According to modern embryology, during first 10-12 days of the menstruation period the ovum may get discharged from either left or right side of the ovary. But Vedic science tells us that ovum discharge from either side of the ovary is ascertained by the positions of planets and stars during the menstruation period in the female horoscopes.

Two methods are there for controlling the fertilization.

Method 1:

Science of Breathing

As indicated by Ayurveda, the right time for conception is during 4th to 16th day after menstruation. The nights with even numbers are considered to be favorable for conception of male child and the nights with odd numbers are favorable to conceive a female child.

So firstly you should choose even or odd nights depending on your wish for a male or a female child.

When breathing takes place through the left nostril it is called “Moon Svar” and breathing through right nostril is “Sun Svar”. When breathing takes place through both the nostrils it is called “Sushmana Svar”, which occurs usually in the early morning or in the late evening.

For male progeny, it is her right side on which the female ought to lie down. Then through the left nostril she should breathe. Whereas the male must lie down on his left side, breathing through the right nostril. Sun Svar of the male would produce Y-chromosome which is the determining factor for male offspring. To beget female progeny, the opposite should be done.

It may be noted that when you wish to begin your right nostril breathing, you should sleep minimum 15-20 Mts. on the left side in such a manner that your body weight along with pressure falls on your left hand. After a duration of 15-20 minutes automatically breathing will start through the right nostril.

Method 2:

Shukla Pratipada Calculations

In ancient time a lunar formula was implemented for determination of the gender of the baby.

Firstly, it is to be found the date of the last new Moon before the woman’s birth date and for that you may refer the Ephemeris.

From that date of new Moon the month of conception is to be calculated. When it is odd, a male progeny is indicated and when it is even, a female child will be born.

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Yoga and Personality Development

What is personality?

Human personality is a very complex topic by itself. There are many

definitions of personality. For the sake of simplicity we can consider it as a

collection of physical, mental and behavioral traits and patterns that we

exhibit in our life.

Often personality development is either misunderstood or ignored. It is

acknowledged mostly in professional fields. Companies conduct training programs

on communication skills, leadership skills, and creativity and so on. They

collectively call these trainings as “Personality Development”. Unfortunately

they are talking about only one side of the coin. No doubt that these traits are

important but they are just “external”. These programs miss the more important

factor – body and mind. There are hundreds of books available in the marked who

are supposed to tell you “how to win” or “how to be happy” but how many really

get benefited just by reading the books? Books will tell you to think positive

but the poor individuals do not know how. Just by thinking that “I will think

positive” you can not be positive. It requires practice and fine tuning of body

and mind. Unless you have proper foundation of body and mind you simply can not

build any superior personality infrastructure.

Do I need personality development?

Majority of people feel that they already have a developed personality and

they don’t need to enhance it further. After all they are working in

professional and personal sector for years! But let me tell you that if you are

thinking on the same lines then its time to introspect. The first step in

personality development is to acknowledge that you need to improve your


How do you know whether you need fine tuning of the personality? Just sit

peacefully and try to answer the following questions:

  • Do you feel that you work hard but still don’t get expected returns?
  • Do you often feel that you deserved a promotion but somebody else
    grabbed it instead?
  • Do you feel drained after your job hours?
  • Do you feel stressed – physically and mentally?
  • Does your job affect your health?
  • How are your interpersonal relationships?
  • Do you feel void ness in your life?
  • Do you often feel unhappy (many times not knowing why)?
  • Do you feel that you can not deliver 100% of your potential?

The answers to the above questions will tell you whether there is any

friction within yourself.

The yogic view of of personality

As per Yoga the human body consists of five sheaths or layers. They are:

  • Conscious physical sheath (Annayama Kosha
  • Subconscious physical sheath (Pranamaya Kosha)
  • Mental sheath (Manomaya Kosha)
  • Intellectual Sheath (Vigyanmaya Kosha)
  • Blissful sheath (Anandamaya Kosha)

The Annamaya Kosha is related to our conscious physical deeps including

walking, talking, viewing and other such functions. These are the functions that

we perform using our physical body deliberately.

The Pranamaya Kosha deals with physical activities that we do in subconscious

state. Digestion, movement of the heart and lungs fall in this category. We

never do any deliberate efforts for these actions; still the body knows how to

perform them.

The Maniomaya Kosha deals with mind, emotions and thoughts. All our gross

thinking and emotions fall in this category.

Intellect is that faculty that decides what is good and what is bad. It is

the ability for rational thought or inference or discrimination. The Vigyanmaya

Kosha helps us to identify true from false. We can choose the correct path in

this “maya” filled world with the help of nourished Vigyanmaya Kosha.

Anandamaya Kosha or bliss is a pure state of happiness and joy which is

beyond any material pleasure. Samadhi or deep meditation gives such a joy.

The Anandamaya Kosha is the innermost sheath wrapped by other sheaths in


If you observe carefully you will realize that each sheath affects certain

part of our personality. Accordingly we can classify our personality as follows:

  • Conscious physical personality
  • Subconscious physical personality
  • Mental personality
  • Intellectual personality
  • Spiritual personality

How Yoga can nourish these personalities?

The conscious as well as subconscious physical personality can be greatly

improved by Yoga postures. Yoga postures stretch your body and induce

relaxation. They affect the vital force or Prana and cause it to flow in

specific parts of the body. They are excellent remedy for back aches, digestion

problems and heart problems. The modern life forces us to sit at a place without

much physical activities. Yoga postures can strengthen the joints and various

parts of the body.

The mental personality is greatly affected through Pranayama and

concentration. Our mind remains focused at our work and in home enabling us to

do the things with full dedication and interest. In naturally results in better

personal and professional gains.

Meditation enriches the intellectual personality. Your mind becomes calm and

clear. You can think with more care and affection for others. Maya can not

delude you any more. Your decisions prove to be correct.

Finally, the deep meditation or Samadhi brings you the ultimate bliss. The

joy that is impossible to achieve through worldly enjoyments. This is the final

aim for any Yogi.

In summary practicing Yoga regularly nourishes all these five personalities

and makes your life joyous, happy and healthy.

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