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7 Tips for Better Organizational Behavior Methods

Organizational Behavior Revealed

What is organizational behavior? How does it affect the management and the personnel? In this day and age, changes are happening very rapidly. The technological advances exist so fast that we don’t even feel it. These changes are either a benefit to some or a disadvantage to others. Leaders and managers alike are working hand in hand, to improve the company and strengthen the strategies for development. For them, the crucial thing is the action taken should be rational enough to bring forth productive work and amplified profit. They are also aimed at finding ways to cut expenses and improving the organizational behavior of the management itself. The organization must build better connections and be able to attain the goals and objectives. Changes are inevitable that is why the organization must plan out and be able to adapt to these transforms.

There may be some difficulties in making the adjustments but, in due time, it will work well depending on the problems and method used. Each organization has its own size and scope of activities. Therefore, the organizational behavior also varies. The social system greatly affects the whole system that is why it should be strengthened in such a way that oppositions should be prevented. Some new strategies and modifications may not be agreeable to all the members of the organization.

First and foremost, the leaders should make a way to improve the organizational culture. What is organizational culture? It is actually the structure of norms, ideas and goals which orders the behavior of the people in the group. So how is this attained? By appropriate motivation and effective management, the employees will be cooperative enough in attaining these goals and objectives. Always remember that this will significantly affect in the decision-making process and the possible results. The leaders should conduct seminar workshops or training camps to enhance the relationship between the workers in the organization. This will optimize their strategy-formation as well as develop their skills as a team. When an organization undergoes changes, the result may vary.

If the modifications are appropriate and suitable enough, the employees will easily adapt to the new strategy. But if it does not connive with the members, the changes may be the prime cause of conflict. When you are organized enough, real power is attained and success is highly expected. When an organization fails to observe proper organizational behavior, chances are, the company might fail. But with proper consultancy from the experts and through proper planning, the organization may reach heights. Changes in technology or organizational culture may happen but there is always a way to make ends meet. Leaders should set an example and should work hand in hand with his employees because the organizational culture needs cooperation of both sides.

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Custody Agreements and Parenting Plans in Arkansas – The Arkansas Family Code

Parents in Arkansas who are involved in a custody situation should learn the laws about custody that will affect them. These laws are found in Title 9 of the Arkansas Family Code. Knowing these laws can be a great asset to parents, especially as they create a custody agreement and parenting plan. Following the laws when creating the plan can help a mother make the best possible plan for the child, help them work out the proper components, and get the plan accepted by the court. Here is a highlight of some of the laws that affect the agreement.

Chapter 13 Section 101 in Title 9 contains the laws about how the state awards custody. This is an important part of the parenting plan. The state gives no preference because of gender when awarding custody. This means that the father and mother have an equal chance of getting custody of the children, providing that they are both capable custodial parents. The standard for granting custody is what is best for the child. If the parents can work this out before going to court, the judge will respect their wishes. The mother and father figure out the custody arrangement that fulfills the needs of the child and put that in the agreement.

This section also contains a statute that when parents are making a plan, they should the child frequent and continuing contact with both parents. Because of this, the court may award a joint custody agreement when making an order for custody. This also means that when the court is making an order, it is more likely to award custody to the parent that encourages the child to have contact with the other parent.

In Sections 102 and 103, the law makes provisions for other family members to stay involved in a child’s life after the parents separate. Grandparents and siblings can be granted visitation rights to the child. This will happen if there is a close family member to the child, and it is in the child’s best interest to continue a relationship with the person. Parents should consider this as they make their parenting plan. They should make a plan that allows for the child to see and visit with other family members.

Once the court has made a custody order of the agreement, it is a legal document. The state takes custody orders very seriously, and there are consequences for the parent who disregards them. If parent wants to make a change to the plan, they should file a motion with the court and present the modification. The modification will be judged according to how it benefits the child.

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Why The Schwinn 213 Recumbent Exercise Bike Is The Best Buy

Recumbent exercise bikes are become increasingly popular due in no small part to their comfort. Schwinn makes various models to try and cater for a broad client base, however if you’re thinking of buying a Schwinn recumbent bike then I’d recommend the 213 model and here’s why.

Schwinn currently make 5 different models of recumbent bikes; the 203, 212, 213, 230 and 231. Each differs in price and features but each falls in to the mid-price category, so they appeal to both entry-level and serious cyclists. But, without doubt, the 213 (at around $450) is the best of what’s on offer. Let’s take a closer look and compare it to the other models.

The 213 has been on the market a while and it shows. The overall look of the machine is a little boxy with hard edges and a chunky frame. But appearances can be deceiving. This bike comes with magnetic resistance of 16 levels that can be easily changed while still cycling by simply pressing a button on the console. The console isn’t at all bad – it comes with a built-in fan – and is easy to read and use. You get lots of feedback such as Time, Interval Time, RPM, Watts, Distance, Pulse, Speed, Calories, Resistance and Alpha-numeric prompts. There’s a Bio-Fit Comfort Wide Seat with dual position lumbar support seat back and side bolsters, which is one of the most comfortable seats I’ve seen on a bike at this price.

However, it’s the workout programs that really impress. There are 23 in all, including 1 Manual, 2 Custom, 3 Heart rate, 10 Profile, Calorie Goal, BMI Measurement, Time trial w/ pacer, Recovery Test, Results Mode, Fitness Test, Quick Start. Unless you’re going and look at very expensive models, you aren’t going to find a machine with such a comprehensive set of workouts.

So, why is the 213 the best of the Schwinn recumbent bikes?

Well, you could go cheaper. The 212 retails for around $50 less but for the minimal drop in price you have to sacrifice on the preset workout programs. The choice on offer is limited when compared to the 213. Personally I’d rather pay the extra $50 and have that rich set of 23 workouts.

The cheapest model is the 203 and retails for around $350. Well, you really do loose everything when compared to the 213. If the 213 looks old fashioned, the 203 looks positively prehistoric. You don’t get the Bio-Fit Comfort Wide Seat, the console is pretty basic – no fan either, and the number of workout programs is 17. If you can’t afford $450 then the 203 is a pretty good compromise, but if you can afford it, then go for the 213.

Schwinn make two models above the 213. These are the 230 and 231 retailing at $450 and $550 resp. These are newer models and look it, with rounded edges, sleek looks and easy step-in design. But don’t be beguiled by exterior charms. The 230 costs the same as the 213 and comes with the Bio-Fit Comfort Wide Seat and nice console with built-in fan. So at first glance, the 230 looks the better bet. However, its workout programs can’t match those of the 213 and that’s the most important feature of any bike, so why compromise on this?

The only real contender to the 213 is the 231 in as much as it also has 23 preset workout programs. But I fail to see why this is a better piece of equipment. It looks prettier but I’d rather save myself $100; looks aren’t important but what is important is what features you get for your money.

The 213 recumbent bike represents the best value out of all of the models on offer by Schwinn.

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Building a High Intensity Training Workout Routine

As a high intensity training coach for strength athletes I often, and sometimes on a daily basis, get questions about how to build a workout routine, how to advance a workout routine or what the next step is in reaching individual potential. I always keep it simple stupid using the basic theory of HIT.

I wish I could say it is just experience that allows me to answer these questions but it is actually a combination of critical thinking, experience and an understanding of how people around us including athletes, differ… based on their genetic makeup. What I am saying is that although high intensity strength training is probably the most effective training ever, because of it’s efficiency and the way our bodies are designed, we still all have different genetic fingerprints and in applying the theory of high intensity training properly, is the key to the puzzle.

It is no secret that we are all genetically different, from our fingerprints to the individual differences that make us up. If you look at color we have albinos at one end of the spectrum and Negros at the other. This difference also is directly related to tolerance to sun light where an albino can tolerate very little volume of sunlight where as a Negro can tolerate much more. These are genetics! Same applies to muscles, height, IQ and a list of others.

Same can be said for tolerance to exercise, although we are physiologically the same we are genetically different. This is the reason when I build an exercise routine I customize it to the individual using it. There is no One Size Fits All totally!

In saying there is no one size fits all, there are exercises that are very effective which turn on the growth mechanism of the entire body. These exercises are what I call the big exercises such as deadlifts, squats, rows, high pulls, dips, bench presses and their alternatives. When building any workout, I use a cross hatch of these exercises, based on the person’s goals and augment these exercises with other effective but less stressful exercises. By using the thermometer of volume and frequency to adhere with brief and infrequent workouts, I ask a number of questions to get a read of what their genetic makeup might be. This might include:

o What they feel their weaknesses are

o What their rate of progress has been for the past 3 months

o What their energy levels are at the moment

o What their current workout frequency is

o What level of intensity are they applying

o What their diet is like and what do they tend to eat

o What is their body fat percentage at the moment

o How long have they been training

o What training have they been initiating; high volume or high intensity

o Do they include aerobics or cardio training and why

These are just a few. In asking these questions I am painting a picture of who they are genetically, and the road they have traveled, to get to the point of where they are presently. If they are searching out a workout routine and find me, in most cases, the way they have approached their goals has been unsuccessful. What I find in many cases is that they are floundering. They have gone months and years without meaningful progress due to two things.

1- Not cooperating with their genetics

2- Not applying properly, the Theory of High Intensity Training, which stated simply is that exercise must be intense, brief and infrequent.

It is no secret that you can train either hard or long but you can’t train hard and long. The theory of HIT indicates quite simply this…

1- You must stimulate muscular growth with an intense contraction i.e. going to failure or beyond…

2- Your training must be brief as to

3- Allow the body to not only compensate but overcompensate or adapt to that stimulation.

Did you know that you can increase your strength beyond 300% however your ability to recover may increase on 50%?

The body only requires you to stimulate an adaptive response once, not over and over again and because any more than is minimally required takes away from the growth and recovery process and since the body systemically recovers, then whatever is left over goes into overcompensation, laying down muscle… then your training must be brief and infrequent. And all this hinges on one thing… genetics!

I find…

A properly designed program, including one for bodybuilders is really a strength program because muscle and strength are relative.

This means that it is necessary to do only what is minimally required to stimulate an increase. Any more than what is minimally required is overtraining! This means only one set per exercise… remember, you do not have to stimulate a response over and over again. Your goal is not to do more work, leave that to the distance runners!

There is also no reason to do a number of sets and alter rep range, every rep up until the last almost impossible rep performed that turns on the growth mechanism of the body is nothing more than a warm up.

The higher the rep range, the less stressful due to the weight being employed.

Big basic exercises, as previously mentioned, should be the core of your workout routine augmented with smaller exercises like curls, laterals, pull downs, triceps extension etc if necessary.

All big basic exercises do not have to be done in each workout, rather, performing just one or sometimes two per workout is plenty along with one or two smaller exercises.

In a split routine you can have up to 4 or more split workouts with rest days between each while experiencing amazing progress. You will not loose size but gain!

Rest days in general range most effectively between 4 days all the way to 14 days, based on genetics and the level of the trainee. A very advanced trainee who can generate very intense contractions thus strength may need 7+ days of rest as would a less experienced trainee who has a low tolerance to intense exercise. Both will advance, yet at different rates.

Advanced athletes require more intense contractions to advance, along with longer rest times. Higher stress intensity techniques are required and work very well in all exercises if managed properly.

Both beginners and advanced athletes require big core basic exercises to turn on the systemic growth process of the body.

Tracking progress means tracking your strength gains. You will either gain reps or strength or both which will result at a future point as a muscular bodyweight gain.

Diet plays a major role in performance, progress and recovery. There must be quality cement in place to build the house. Macro-nutrient manipulation in many cases is very beneficial, allowing the bodies natural systems to be used most efficiently. Processed anything should be limited.

Remember, you grow outside the gym not in it! It is an ends to a means. Use these factors when building your H I T workout routine and watch your progress speed along to reaching your genetic potential.

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Learn How to Dunk or 10 Ways to Improve Your Vertical Jump

Let’s be blunt about it: if you play basketball, there’s two leagues of people – those who can dunk, and those who cannot. Although you might think it’s just a question of height, this is not at all the case. Of course, being tall helps, but even average height people – 5ft 9 or 5ft 10 – can learn to perform amazing dunks. How? It’s obvious – by improving their vertical jump. Now, there is a lot of ways to skin the jumping cat, but not all are equally effective (and some can actually be rather dangerous). I’ve put together a collection of tips and tricks that helped me improve my vertical jump from near nothing (after knee surgery on my jump leg and rehabilitation) to over 30 inches within 9 months.

Tip 10) Always warm up before exercise. Trying to push your muscles to the max without warming up appropriately before (with light exercises such as running up or down stairs, or jumping with a jumprope) is a bad idea and can easily lead to strains and other problems.

Tip 9) A basic jumping exercise is the squat with weight. While standing, slowly bend your knees with your back straight. Go down pretty low (you shouldn’t feel any pain or be uncomfortable), then slowly go back up. Doing this slow is key for building up quad muscle volume and power. Start without weights and increase difficulty by gradually raising the number of repetitions. People with major jumping power can easily do 100+ such squats. If you hold a weight such a dumbbell or barbell, hold it behind your head,

in one vertical line with your spine.

Tip 8) Separate weight training days from speed/plyometric days. Medical studies have shown that mixing these different types of exercises is actually bad for the results.

Tip 7) Use jumping rope. Although sometimes shunned as “uncool”, it is the basic plyometric exercise and one of the best ways to improve the explosiveness and power of your legs.

Tip 6) Never relax and let go during your waking time. During my rehab, I was hell-bent on getting my leg back to the same power level as before, and beyond that. I didn’t just exercise every day – I did it nearly

permanently. Of course, you can’t do heavy squats or plyometrics all the time because your legs can just do so much until they tire. However, even little things like walking toe-heel style instead of flat-footed, standing on half-bent legs while doing household stuff, or playing with your quads and calves while

sitting, are very effective when done regularly over a long period of time.

Tip 5) Calf exercise. It’s not only the big upper leg muscle groups that determine your total jump height. Powerful calves can easily add another couple of inches that you may be missing for a resounding dunk. The basic calf exercise is toe raises: stand upright, raise on your toes, go down, and repeat it 50-100 times. When your calves feel hot and burning, it’s time to make a break. A somewhat better variation is: stand on some stable horizontal ledge only with your toes and front part of the foot. Hold yourself at something with your hand. Go down with your heels about 30-45 degrees below the ledge, then push up until you are on your toes. Repeat as many times as you need to tire your calves. Again, key is slow and steady. Don’t pump up and down. It may be easier, but the effect is nowhere near the same.

Tip 4) Don’t overwork your leg muscles. Our muscles grow best when subjected to a cycle-wise load: a heavy workout, then a day of rest or just light exercise. To push your maximum jumping ability, you need

the large leg muscles to perform at their peak (and beyond). When overworked, they are unable to deliver that performance, and your jump does not improve despite exercising. A sign of overworking is when your leg muscles ache or burn.

Tip 3) Don’t just jump mindlessly. Focus on jumping completely. With every jump, aim to leap as high as you can. Scientific tests have shown that persistent focus on a physical activity improves the results by 10-20% on average.

Tip 2) Don’t expect results too soon, and never give up. I know several guys who bought expensive plyometric programs or jumpsoles expecting some kind of miracle within a few days. There’s no such thing

though, so once they didn’t see the quick results, their determination sizzled away and their jumpsoles would sit gathering dust. Although there are good programs around, there’s no miracles. The only thing that will radically improve your vertical is tenacity. Exercise a lot. Regularly. Make it your habit. Do it for months. Then – and only then – the really impressive results will come.

Tip 1) Plyometric exercise. You may have heard the word. Basically it stands for making a muscle contract immediately following relaxation, and repeating it many times. Applied to jumping in a basic case, it means that you jump, go down in the knees when you land relaxing your muscles, and immediately jump up again from the crouched position. This is tiring as hell, and for a reason – it puts the maximum stress on the

large leg muscles. If you are not used to it, your legs will probably ache after a few dozen repetitions. However, nothing beats this kind of exercise if you want to improve your jump quickly.

These tips should already get you underway, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a bunch of other highly effective, yet not so widely known techniques on quickly improving your vertical. Check out for a lot more effective, hands-on info on learning to dunk.

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The 7 Step Plan To Get Sexy Six Pack Abs In 21 Days

Trying to get those sexy six pack abs? In this article, I’m going to give you the 7 step plan to get sexy six pack abs in 21 days.

Step 1:

Are you ready? Are you willing to commit and never quit? If not, do not read on. In order to get six pack abs, a lean muscular body, and lose weight, you must be willing to commit…for life, not just a few days, weeks, or months. That is the first step to losing weight, improving your health and getting a great body. Ever so often do we all speak about something we want to accomplish, but never do what it takes to succeed.

Step 2:

Water. You have to drink plenty of water if you want to form your body into a lean, muscular, fat-less sculpture with ripped six pack abs. Your body needs water to build lean muscle and burn fat. Drink ice cold water as an added benefit since your body will burn fat to warm the water to body temperature.

Step 3:

Sleep. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY night is very important for not just burning off fat and losing weight, but also your overall health. I know most of us want to see that favorite TV show/movie, etc., which is more than likely the #1 reason people do not go to bed at a reasonable time, but you’re going to have to weigh your options here: watch The Late Night Show or Get a Sexy Beach Body??

Step 4:

Weight Training. Cardio alone is not going to do it. You can not burn fat, lose weight, and sculpt a lean body by simply just doing cardio. You have to do some form of weight training. Building muscle will give your metabolism a rocket boost. Make sure that within 15 – 30 minutes after your workout, you have some form of protein to help in restoring your worked muscles.

Step 5:

Rest. I’m not talking about sleep here. I’m talking about resting your body after weight training. Over working your muscles will do more damage than good. The way I workout is that I work a specific body part on each day, therefore giving that particular muscle a full 7 days rest. For example: On Mondays, I work my legs, on Tuesday, I work my shoulders, on Wednesday, I work my back, on Thursday, I work my arms, and on Friday, I work my chest.

Step 6:

Eat a lot. Did I catch you off guard? What I mean is to eat several small meals through out the day instead of the usual 3 course. Doing this will increase your metabolism, which will ultimately lead to burning off a lot of fat, and ultimately sculpt those sexy six pack abs you want. Make sure that the foods you eat are nutrient rich, high in fiber, and high in protein.

Step 7:

The obvious and most popular step – do ab exercises. Although this is the most popular step, it’s also the most mis-understood. Why? Well, most think that by simply just doing this step will burn off belly fat and get you those killer abs. Sorry. You must do the previous steps along with step 7 in order to really reap the reward…sexy six pack abs. There are billions of different machines, etc. out there promising hot six pack abs. Doing traditional exercises, from my own and other peoples research, will sculpt six pack abs faster than any device. It’s simple. Crunches, side crunches, leg raises….it doesn’t get any more simple than that. However, the one misconception, which ultimately leads to lack of results, is quantity. Just by doing a lot of crunches doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get killer abs. The way you will sculpt abs quickly is by doing slow concentrated (squeeze your abdominal muscles at the positive point of the repetition – which is when you lift up) repetitions (reps).

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Your Guide To Horse Betting Etiquette

Is there such a thing as horse betting etiquette? Yes there most definitely is. While you may see chaos at the betting windows with 2 minutes to post time, there is a dynamic at work.

Here are 5 important items you need to know when you are betting horses at the racetrack:

1.) Always know what you are going to bet BEFORE you get to the teller. The absolute worst thing you can do is handicap at the window with little time to post and hemming and hawing while people behind you get shut out of their wagers.

2.) Know what the bets are called BEFORE you get to the window. They have programs at the racetrack specifically designed to tell you what bets are, how to call them out, and how much they cost. Don’t waste the teller’s time – they are there to collect wagers, not go over the history of racing with you. That’s how their performance is judged. While they may smile on the outside, they are definitely not smiling inside.

3.) NEVER go to the window with little time to post to cash a ticket. Wait until after the gate bell rings and people place their bets. Getting someone shut out of a wager while you have no intent on betting the upcoming race is a BIG no-no. This is a recipe for getting a knuckle sandwich.

4.) Have your money ready. Don’t be like the elderly lady at the grocery check out and start counting out change with 1 minute to post time while you have a line of people behind you.

Be aware of others.

5.) Never be intimidated by the guy behind you huffing and puffing and mumbling nasty things while you are trying to get your bets in. This only applies if you are not doing any of the above no-no’s, too bad for him. Maintain your cool and get your wagers in.

So there you have it. This is a brief but important lesson in racetrack horse betting etiquette that will make everyone’s day at the races a much more pleasant experience. Win. Or lose.

Oh, these rules apply to off-track betting, satellite betting and wherever you are waiting in line to get your bets down. The bottom line is, be civilized and remember the golden rule.

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Hardgainer Workout – 3 Simple Tips to Crush Your Skinny Genes and Gain Massive Muscle

It is not very rare for ectomorpic individuals also known as “hardgainers” to get frustrated and discouraged when they begin trying to build muscle and gain weight. Having an ectomorphic body type means that our body requires a completely different set of rules and techniques when working out. The main reason for this is due to the fact that our muscles are much more sensitive to strain and tend to breakdown much more quickly, as well as taking an extended amount of time to heal.

In order for an ectomorphic workout to be effective, we need to take into consideration the way our body and muscles function and handle different types of strain and intensity. The following are 3 quick and easy tips to remember that will help you to start gaining the muscle mass you are working so hard for.

Rest more Lift Less

It is absolutely crucial that you spend more time out of the gym resting and recovering that time in the gym lifting weights. It has been shown in a number of studies that an ectomorph’s body responds better to workout sessions that last no longer than 1 hour, 3-5 times per week.

Compound Exercises are Key

This is another very important thing to keep in mind, since we only have about an hour to workout, it is crucial that we hit as many muscle fibers within the targeted muscle groups as possible. Remember that the more muscle fibers that are worked the better the results. Compound exercises are exercises that hit more than one muscle group at a time and therefore work the most muscle fibers in less time. It is for this reason that you need to stick with compound movement exercises such as:

-Bench Press


-Clean and Press

-Skull Crushers

-Barbell Curl

-Military Press



Longer Time under Tension = More Muscle Gains

With an ectomorphic body type, you should be focusing on lifting with a tempo that allows your muscles to be under tension for a longer period of time. Most people lift with a tempo of 2 seconds to lower 0 rest and then 1 second to push or pull the weight to the starting position. However studies have shown that increasing the time under tension especially in the isometric phase works more muscle fibers. So instead of a 1,0,2 ratio increasing it to a 1,0,4 ratio would work out way more muscle fibers which means more muscle growth. Other methods that would help would be to include things like:


-Half Reps

-Assisted Reps

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Male Orgasm Tips – How to Make Your Penis Bigger and Intensify Orgasm at Any Age!

It’s not fair. Whenever there’s a sex advice from experts, the spotlight is on women’s pleasure and how to drive them wild in sex. What about us men? Listen, it’s time to be selfish and concentrate on your needs. In this article, I am going to reveal how you can enhance the big “O” and make your penis bigger.

#1. Kegel exercise: Kegel exercise is designed to improve sexual stamina and delay ejaculation. It is a series of exercise consist of contracting and relaxing your PC muscle. To begin with, locate your PC muscle by controlling urination. Next, squeeze your PC muscle for 5 seconds, then release slowly. Do 25 repetitions, 2 times a day.

#2. Proper diet: Believe it or not, diet plays important role in the quality of your erection and orgasm. When you are sexually aroused, there will be surge in blood flowing to penis chamber to create erection. The intensity of orgasm and erection size depends on how much blood your penis can “capture”. Thus, to ensure maximum sexual pleasure, your blood vessel and arteries have to be as “unclogged” as possible to ensure smooth blood flow to penis. It’s precisely why most overweight men have difficulties to have erection. On the other hand, if you keep a healthy lifestyle consists of fat-free diet and consistent workouts; it will dramatically enhance your sexual pleasure.

#3. Prostate massage: prostate is also known as male’s G-spot. When prostate is stimulated, it will trigger explosive multiple orgasms. You can conduct prostate massage alone of with helps from your partner. Here’s how: slowly slide finger inside rectum to locate prostate gland. Prostate gland is a walnut like lump located near base of penis. Once prostate gland is located, gently press against it in consistent motion and tempo until you ejaculate.

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A Fun Running Workout? Try The Photo Scavenger Hunt – As an Individual Or With a Running Group!

What exactly is, “The Photo Scavenger Hunt?” Well, simply put, you run around your town finding different things to take pictures of. You set a specific amount of time to run, and take as many pictures you can find on your scavenger hunt list.

I am a cross country and track coach. Every season we do this workout as an easy run. We break the team up into groups of five to eight runners. Each group gets a disposable camera. The group then gets a list of items that they need to take a picture of. The only catch with taking a photo is your entire group, minus the camera person, must be in the photo. That way we know that every runner from each group was at each location.

This workout works for individuals too. Just grab the camera, get a list of things to take photos of, and head on out the door. Make sure you set a specific time limit, so you don’t waste time searching for one thing too long. The idea is to get as many things as possible in a short amount of time. It is almost like running a bunch of mixed distance intervals with short recovery.

Here is an example list of items that we used for the past seasons cross country photo scavenger hunt. They were given 45 minutes to try and get as many pictures of these items. Now some things are picked specifically for the distance they need to run to get them. Smarter groups will plan their route so they can cover the least amount of ground and maximize the number of pictures taken.

1. By a restaurant.

2. With a stranger.

3. By some water.

4. In the woods.

5. Help pump some gas.

6. By a church.

7. On some swings.

8. Doing your favorite stretch.

9. By the water tower.

10. By your favorite car.

11. Doing yard work.

12. Helping a citizen cross the road.

13. By the railroad tracks.

14. On the football field.

15. By an ugly car.

Now, some of these locations are more than one mile from where we start. If our runners planned ahead, they could make a complete loop of five miles and cover each item on the list. This makes for a nine minute mile pace. Now add in the fact that you have to stop for the picture. You end up with a fun, yet somewhat challenging workout.

I never saw a group of kids get so excited to run before I did this. They asked to do it every week. I told them that it is quite expensive for the whole team to do this. Our bill was just under $100 for eight disposable cameras and then development of the pictures.

So there you have it. A true “fun” run. I am going to develop one on my own for training this summer. The world seems a lot brighter and more exciting when you have to look for certain things. It makes running fun and fresh, even for an old running veteran like me. Try it out. I bet you’ll like it.

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