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Important Things to Remember When Looking for Workout Gear

Choosing the right workout gear is very important. The clothes you need to wear should provide more comfort when doing your routine. This will help you enhance your performance when working out. The first thing you need to consider is getting the right size. Make sure the fit is not too tight or loose. Other than this, there are more things you need to consider. To give you more ideas, here are some guidelines when looking for workout gears.

The “breathable blends”

When looking for workout clothes, choose the materials that can wick or draw away moisture from your skin. This is very important especially for those moderate to advanced workouts where you sweat a lot, as evaporating sweat is what cools down your body. Most athletes prefer synthetic blends because of its ability to “breathe.” Avoid using clothes made of cotton. These can retain moisture against your body. Use clothes made from polyester, spandex, or nylon.

Choosing the right fit

The clothes you need to wear should allow a free range of motion. It should not “pinch” or overly restrictive. Avoid using clothes with too many straps or those that chafe under the armpits or inner thigh areas. These things can disrupt you when working out. For activities such as Pilates or yoga, stretchy, fitted fabrics that wick away sweat is your best choice.

Look good, feel good

Other than comfort and function, you should also consider style. You can always look good by choosing the right fitness accessories. Instead of wearing oversized clothes, look for simpler but stylish clothes. Most women today prefer wearing colorful transitional pieces, which they can wear in and outside the gym. Search online for more fitness accessories you can use. Some items you can find are hooded jackets, jogging pants, running skirts, flared pants, and air cool jerseys.

Choosing the right footwear

As in any other sports, you need to find the right shoes for your needs. Ask your instructor for some recommendations. Most athletes today prefer cross-training shoes when going to the gym. This is because they provide the best cushion and traction when working out or running on inclined planes. It is also advisable to choose the right size to prevent common injuries. This should also come with a comfortable pair of socks.

Considering your safety

Your safety should always come first. Anytime you run or bike outside, consider wearing bright, reflective clothing. Look for safety gears such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. You should also wear gym gloves when lifting dumbbells or doing your bench-press.

Workout clothes: Changing seasons

Hot season – During warm summer months, make sure to choose the fabrics, which allow your skin to breathe and wick sweat away. Wear clothes that are cool and comfortable, and allow you to move freely.

Cold season -You’ll need to dress warmly when it’s cold outside, but keep in mind that you’ll be working out. Dress in layers you can remove. Keep seat-wicking fabrics on your inner layer, and put an insulating layer on top. Always cover your head, ears, and hands to protect them from cold.

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8 Easy Yet Effective Tips For Beautiful & Healthy Skin

The time has come when the annoying fairness creams and powder commercials should be over and people should be concerned about glowing, beautiful and healthy skin. So, instead of running behind the fairness and white skin tone, let’s break the stereotype and find out how to get beautiful and healthy skin. A beautiful skin should be glowing, fresh, healthy and even-toned. Here are some easy ways and tips for beautiful skin.

Makeup and Bed

The first and the foremost thing you should always keep in mind is that never sleep with your makeup on. Makeup clogs the skin and makes it unable to breathe which leads to skin issues like acne, pimples, dark patches, uneven skin tone, etc. So, it is important to remove your makeup before getting into bed and try to use oils instead of makeup remover.

Sun Kiss

Sun Kiss sounds beautiful, but it is very harmful for your skin. Sun can damage your skin and make it unhealthy. So, it is very important to avoid stepping out during peak hours and if you can’t do this always wear your sunscreen with SPF 30 at least. If you have to be in the field, wear light clothes which cover maximum parts of your skin. Skin exposure leads to tanning, wrinkles, dark patches, age spots and other skin problem.

Eat healthy to look beautiful

Again one of the best tips for beautiful skin is to eat healthy. According to an old adage, it is said that you are what you eat. So, eat healthy and avoid junk foods. Food rich in vitamins, mineral and protein is good for skin while sugary, oily, fried, spicy and unhealthy ones lead to pimples, acne, and other skin problem.

Drink Water

The easiest and simplest way to get beautiful skin is to drink a lot of water. Water helps you to be healthy and makes your skin to look fresh, radiant and glowing as water flushes away all the toxins out of the body. You need to drink at least 8-12 glasses of water each day. Water based fruits and veggies also help you the same way.

Adequate Sleep

We all heard about the beauty sleep which is really effective and one of the best tips for having beautiful skin. Proper and sound sleep of 8 hours makes your skin healthy, glowing, reducing dark circles, eye puffiness and heals the damage skin cells. Also, indulge yourself into ‘before bed’ beauty regime of cleansing and moisturizing for healthy and beautiful skin.

Workout and Exercise

Workouts and exercises are not only good for body but also lead to beautiful and glowing skin. When we do workout we sweat, sweating helps in removing all the dirt, dust and toxins out of the skin and body which gives you radiant skin tone and glow. Workout, yoga, jogging or any other exercise also improves blood circulation and accelerate natural cleaning process of the body.

Tension, Stress are Enemies

Stress and tension are the worst enemies of beautiful skin. Stress leads to aging spots, break outs, wrinkles, eye puffiness, dark circles and dull skin. When the stress hormone cortisol increases, it makes skin oily. So, try to be happy and also practice yoga, breathing exercise and meditation to de-stress yourself.

Home Remedies

The tips for beautiful skin are incomplete without the best treatments which is in your kitchen which all the Indian ladies are using since ages. Milk, turmeric, sandal wood, honey, lemon, rose water, fuller’s earth, fruits, veggies, yogurt, etc. always help you to get beautiful skin. You need to make amazing cleansers, face packs, scrubs from of these ingredients for your skin and see the magic.

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Why Does Your Body Crave Exercise?

The modern world is where the human being has mastered one art above all others to perfection. Being sedentary, spending hours sitting, whether it be whilst driving, at work, watching television or eating meals.

Movement to our ancestors was a necessary part of survival, yet today it is optional or discarded totally. Due to this growing phenomenon the human body has to pay a price.

A global epidemic of gross obesity. Look around at the ‘flabby people’ with their bodies pushed and pulled in all directions. Sadly this includes children, yet they cannot be blamed, for in this case it is the sins of the fathers(and mothers) in feeding them the WRONG food. Do you feel guilty yet? You should!

Take a look at it from the muscular skeletal aspect. When muscles are not properly engaged in vigorous exercise, they become weaker. All of that affects the bodies capacity to work efficiently. In time this will translate to the bones too. Bones also need physical activity in order to keep them strong. If you choose to ignore this, it will lead to the strong possibility of osteoporosis in later life. Exercise is not just for the young, but for everyone. Daily exercise, as little as 30 minutes for the rest of ones life. The benefits are immense, allowing a better quality of life.

Today humans are full of excuses, why they cannot exercise. Not enough time. Too tired after work, etc, etc. Put aside those prejudices and take a fresh look at exercise. Make a commitment to a plan of action 5 days out of 7. Have you got what it takes? Then choose a programme that suits you. A good time to exercise is first thing in a morning, such a peaceful and delightful time. Get up an hour earlier than normal.

If you need company get others involved or join a gym, but only if you make a promise to yourself to keep it up.To learn more about the necessity of exercise visit “Nutrition and Diet Planner.”

The masses are suffering from inertia, a disposition to remain inactive or inert. What will it take I wonder to get adults and children motivated to move their bodies and bring them alert and in tune to the world around them?

Seriously, daily exercise will bring you alive, you will be full of energy, have vitality, and a lean body mass. Which by the way does not mean you have to kill yourself to get down to a 6,8 or 10, for quite simply we are not always meant to be that small. Exercise itself will take you to where your own body mass says it should be.

Don’t carry on seeing your legs getting more flabby, your stomach wobbling around as though it has a will of its own. Upper arms jiggle. Time for action.

Daily exercise prevents disease. Please understand that your body was born to move, it craves the exercise, which you are denying it. Have longevity, improve your appearance with fitness and good health.

Exercise or be in the front of the queue, when it comes to heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes. A much shorter lifespan. There are so many different types of exercise to choose from, there is one waiting for you, such as yoga, pilates, tai chi.

Aerobic exercise – for a healthy heart, this activity uses oxygen, raises heart rate and makes you slightly breathless. Combine this with healthy eating and you surely will be on the right track of sustained weightloss.

Strength (resistance) exercise, which includes strength training in your exercise programme, may help improve posture and give your body a more toned look. Muscle burns more calories than inactive tissue even when you are resting.

Flexibility exercise stretches the muscles, if you don’t do this on a regular basis, muscles are in danger of becoming shorter and less elastic. Should this occur it will reduce how much you can move your joints and will increase stiffness. Aim to do some flexibility exercises for a few minutes a day, this will stretch all the major muscles in your upper and lower body.

Note: Make sure you do your own research before you begin a daily exercise regime.

Nutrition and Diet Planner suggest that you start an exercise regime and continue five days out of seven for six months solid. We guarantee that you will never go back to being a sedentary big person ever again!

Benefits include improving stamina,strengthening and toning, enhanced flexibility and weight management.

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What is HITT Cardio Training?

HITT or high intensity interval training is an easy way to burn all those fat and calories in your body without exerting yourself much. This mode of interval training with much higher and intense cardio level has become a rage in bodybuilding industry, for its benefit of helping a body burn fat to a greater extent.

The major benefit of HITT or high intensity interval training is that it lets you lose all the fat. HITT is also known as conventional form cardio vascular exercise, with better and efficient outcome for every workout lover or bodybuilder.

The very old form of cardiovascular workouts talked about losing weight by exercising at low intensity or low interval for a longer period of time, but high intensity interval training is a modern form of cardio that depends on the technique of working out intensely at an interval ranging from light to moderate level.

This very fact that HITT works opposite to conventional cardiovascular technique, makes it as the upgraded version of the latter form of exercise.

Since, high intensity interval training technique is based on intense workouts with low and medium pace in alteration, rather than a continuous pace, therefore it also tends to burn more fat and that too in less time span.

The major benefit of HITT or high intensity interval training is the fact that on a normal exercise routine your body gets accustomed to the pace and exertion and thus does not lose the amount of calories you wished for.

Also by becoming accustomed to the intensity of normal cardio exercise your body also starts conserving some calories, as it goes in a steady or stable mode. So when working with alternate and intense level of exercise, your body is not able to go into a steady or stable state and thus keeps on losing or burning fat and calories without getting a chance to store them.

HITT also has its cons which makes it ‘not-suitable’ for a particular category of people involved in workouts or cardio trainings. The very reason is the level of intensity involved in it, which makes it risky for people having medical constraints like those having heart or cardiovascular difficulties.

Another reason that makes some people stay away from benefits of HITT is the fact that not every one is capable enough to workout at the requirement of this high intensity interval training program, for it requires a greater physical input.

This form of cardio may sound tough and little too unreasonable, but there are techniques to make yourself accustomed to the intensity and level of HITT. The trick here is to begin at a low pace for 5 to 6 minutes, increasing the pace to high speed and then again coming back to 4 to 6 minutes of low pace workout, finally moving on to 2 to 3 minutes of low pace along with high paced workout.

The basic idea behind the high intensity interval training is of doing a cardiovascular exercise (ranging from cycling, brisk walking, running, and treadmill walking or elliptical training) with alternate level of pace including a half or full minute interval or break before change of pace from low to high or high to low. All this is based on the aim of progressive fat burn result in much quicker and faster way, therefore for every bodybuilder HITT or high intensity interval training makes a sense when indulge in a strict fat burn or weight loss regime.

You can always reduce your gym time by introducing high intensity interval training in your weekly exercise routine, as with HITT you need not spend regular amount of hours you do on normal level of training, also with HITT you need to workout only 4 to 5 times a week or may be even 3 to 4 times depending upon the level of intensity you are involved in.

HITT is easily disguised with the amount of huffing and puffing it brings to a person, so if you are sweating and breathing good then you are burning all your fat with high intensity interval training version of modern exercise.

General HIIT Guidelines which everyone should follow as they start practicing the HIIT regime regularly:

Prior to starting with HIIT training, always make sure you have the potential to work out for at least 20 to 30 minutes at no less than 70-85% of your expected maximum heart rate, without draining yourself to a limit.

Also, it is very important to warm up and cool down for 5 minutes, every time, before and after each HIIT session.

While recovery intervals, if your heart rate does not go down back to nearly 70% of your maximum heart rate, it means that you need to cut down your intense work intervals and extend your recovery intervals.

Always keep in mind that HIIT is designed for people whose key interests are enhancing their cardiovascular fitness, stamina and fat loss, on the whole, without losing the muscle mass they already retain.

Since it is an intense mode of workout, you are required to give your complete effort and intense level of output before you switch your pace level from high to medium or low. In simple words, exercise as hard and as intensely as you can and then go back to a 2 or 3 minute of low pace workout to recover. This is the very reason that makes HITT a faster and quicker form of workout.

For those involved in a routine high intensity interval training program, it is advised that do not ignore the importance of taking a minute or 30 second interval when changing the pace. Also, stop and calm down when feeling chest pain or having trouble in breathing. This is also why even those who are new to the muscle building routine tend to ignore HITT. Thus, the intense level of program in HITT is not recommended for any person who comes in the category of either having a health problem or being a newcomer, unless the physician or the doctor has given them a go for performing such level of cardiovascular activities.

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Kettlebell Leg Workout Using the Tabata Technique

Tabata training is one of the most brutal training techniques out there. It consists of performing an exercise for 20 seconds straight, followed by 10 seconds rest. This is repeated for another 7 times, or 8 total rounds for a total of 4 minutes of extreme training.

You can perform Tabata with cardio, bodyweight, dumbbells, or barbells. But when you do them with Kettlebells, it completely changes the game. Kettlebells are tough as it is, but when you combine them with a high intensity technique such as Tabata, you can create truly mind blowing, scary intense, puke in your shoes workouts.

The following is a really intense Leg Workout using the Tabata Technique:

Complete 8 Tabata Intervals for each exercise:

  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Kettlebell Front Squat

That’s it. You’ll only need two exercises to completely destroy your legs. The key to developing a proper Kettlebell Lower Body Tabata workout is to combine one hamstring dominant exercise with a quadricep dominant exercise.

Hamstring Dominant Exercises:

  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Kettlebell Clean
  • Kettlebell Snatch

Quadricep Dominant Exercises:

  • Kettlebell Front Squat
  • Kettlebell Overhead Squat
  • Kettlebell Squat Jump

You can also combine exercises. Try performing a Kettlebell Clean + Front Squat, or a Kettlebell Snatch + Overhead Squat. When you combine exercises in this manner, they are known as hybrids. You can literally train both aspects of your lower body at the same time.

Don’t just stop there. Use the same techniques to train your upper body. Here’s a bonus Upper Body Tabata workout Using a Kettlebell:

Complete 8 Tabata Intervals for each exercise:

  • Kettlebell Push Press
  • Kettlebell Bent Over Row

You probably won’t be able to create a hybrid with Push Press and Bent Over Row. However, there is an exercise called the Renegade Row, but you need two Kettlebells to perform this exercise. I will talk about this exercise in a different article. For now, just try out these two Tabata Kettlebell workouts, and let me know how it goes for you.

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How to Get a Big Chest – 3 Skinny Guy Tips For Big Pecs

If you are of a naturally skinny build, chances are you know all about how hard it is to build up your pectorals. No matter how hard you may try, you never seem to get away from the “rib cage showing” pigeon-chested look that you hate so much. Scratching your head? Losing your mind wondering how to get a big chest to impress people?

When you are looking to build a big chest, remember that a skinny guy needs to do things in a slightly different way than a person who is naturally bulky. After all, your metabolisms are different, and you are genetically different too, in the manner in which you put on weight or muscles. So, there are some tricks that a skinny guy needs to keep in mind when exercising to get a big chest, things he has to do differently.

How To Get A Big Chest – Tip #1

For one thing, a skinny guy who wants to know how to get a big chest must focus on compound exercises. Don’t just concentrate on one group of muscles at a time, as most exercise regimens suggest! Try weight training or other workouts that work on more than one muscle group at once. In the case of trying to build up a big chest, don’t just work on the pectorals. Use bench press, push-ups, and other exercises which will not only build your chest muscles, but will give you a much better overall developed look.   That’s how to get a big chest.

How To Get A Big Chest – Tip #2

In the same spirit, mix up your workout; vary the routine as much as you can. It’s only common sense that the system gets used to something that becomes routine. Over time it stops having an effect. Once you fall into a groove, your muscles become used to the workout they are getting, and the regimen stops having the desired effect! Keep changing the drill, so that the system never has time to fall into the groove. Vary things around and watch your muscles grow! Change angles, incline the bench press, change grips, add or remove elements like yoga balls, just to keep things exciting and demanding!

How To Get A Big Chest – Tip #3

For the same reason, choose free weights more often than you use machines, although you shouldn’t eliminate them from your routine. Machines sometimes work your muscles in one particular way, one angle, one axis. This can limit the development of your chest or any other muscle, for that matter. When discovering how to get big pecs, you’ll find it is much better to use free weights which give you much more freedom, like barbells which force your muscles to hold and stabilize the entire weight. This also gives you a much larger range of options of movement, so that you can work on more muscles at a time.

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The Importance of Boot Camp Fitness Program

Boot camp fitness programs are scientifically designed workouts to suit a wide range of people who value physical fitness and are serious about remaining physically agile and trim. The fitness programs may vary in style, rigor and intensity to meet individual needs. Boot camp techniques and exercises can burn the extra fat and calories and also initiate you into a different lifestyle.

Losing weight and getting into shape seems nearly impossible for a lot of people and the only way to achieve results is through enforcing discipline and the fitness boot camps just do that. Understanding what needs to be done to make you physically fit and trim is winning half the battle and fitness boot camp trainers know what you need to do.

Boot camp fitness participants are made to perform a wide assortment of strengthening, stretching, and cardiovascular drills, so the entire spectrum of bodily fitness – anaerobic, aerobic, and mobility – is trained with every session.

Not long ago, boot camp fitness programs were terribly excruciating and you almost killed yourself with workouts that largely resembled the rigorous military training imparted to soldiers. Things have changed a lot and in a fitness boot camp, you need no longer train like a soldier to lose weight and get into proper physical shape. But still boot camp fitness programs are challenging and you need a lot of self-discipline.

Boot camp workouts are productive because you work your entire body-nerves, tissues and muscles-through successive exercises one after the other with no respite in between. The workouts involve jumping jacks, crunches, body-weight squats, push-up with rotation, single-leg straddle, step jumps, explosive push-up, running, bicycling and lot more.

In boot camp, the challenge is to test your physical endurance and to take your body to its farthest limits. They are are aimed at:

• Effectively burn out a lot of unwanted calories leading to shedding of excess fat

• Making you work your entire body within in a short span of time and increase your powers of endurance and enhanced muscle strength

• Having each exercise differently so that you are not bored and remain enthusiastic

• Keep you motivated as you will do the workouts in the company of peers

• Easy to perform exercises that you can do anywhere with little equipment

• Boosting your levels of self-confidence and achieving overall body fitness

Some select fitness programs for free fitness assessments to determine the type of workout you will require and also supply participants with nutrition booklet including guidelines & tips to speed up results.

Each person’s program is individualized to make it result-oriented – from the type of food and nutrition and the physical workout program design and behavioral education and changing of lifestyle. Before enrolling in fitness programs, please verify if they are reliable and whether they have qualified nutritionist, therapist, trainers and other health care professionals.

Make sure the trainers at these fitness camps also undertake to build a program for you to pursue even after the session is over so that you sustain the levels of physical fitness you attained at the camp. This is critically important if attending a fitness camp is to guarantee long-term benefits and you get your money’s worth.

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Aerobic Exercise

Regular exercise not only provides a healthy life but also keeps an individual from various ailments. Aerobatic exercise is a type of exercise which helps an individual to rejuvenate and energize his/her body for a long time. Here are the benefits provided by aerobic exercise:

The literary meaning of aerobic is “with oxygen”. This type of exercise provides an efficient and effective and steady flow of blood within the cellular system containing a high percentage of fresh oxygen with in it. When someone is taking aerobic exercise the heart rate and breathing rate increases. The muscle cells require a steady and smooth flow of oxygen which is very much required for converting fats into energy. Although protein and glucose are treated as the main source of energy in our body combustion of fat can also provide energy with the help of adequate oxygen. We always try to loose fat from our body.

Some of the important aerobic exercises are:



Rowing machine


One common thing between these exercises is that it requires the movement of large muscles i.e. arms, legs, hips in our body. Such exercises help to breathe properly and deeply. As the bit rate of heart increases the requirement of excess oxygen is necessary. All blood vessels related to the respiratory system gets widen so that they deliver more and more oxygen to the particular muscles. At the same time waste materials i.e. carbon did oxide, lactic acid from muscles needs to be removed. Such exercises also increase the secretion of endorphins which acts as a natural pain killer.

Now days the doctors puts stress on aerobic exercises rather than traditional medicines. Some life threatening diseases like heart problem, diabetes, cancer can be cured up to some extent with the help of these exercises. There are lot more advantages of adopting aerobic exercise. These exercises are also helpful for the reduction of diseases related to coronary artery. Heart disease is responsible for most of the people. But aerobic exercises reduces the chance of heart attack, chances of stroke and tendency of high blood pressure Loosing weight is one of the better solutions of preventing type 2 diabetes. Aerobic exercises are very much helpful for the same.

Not only these benefits but also these exercises increase the stamina, stress management ability and improvement in sexual performance.

So finally it can be concluded that if you want to stay happy, healthy for long take aerobic exercise daily.

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Total Gym Workouts – A 4 Phase Workout To Build You Up Fast

Total gym workouts are exactly what you need if you are looking to build your whole body and get yourself in shape as a whole. Too many people focus on just one area of their body, but if you’d like to get into shape all over, check out this total gym workout.

Phase 1

The first part of any total gym workout should be some cardio work. You want to get the blood pumping and get yourself all stretched and warm and ready to lift hard. Not only will it warm you up, but it will help you minimize your bodyfat. Most people run on a treadmill, but if you’re real hardcore you may want to try skipping. It’s a real killer!

Phase 2

You’ll find that many total gym workouts start with your arms or legs, but this is a mistake. They should be last, because if you tire them out right at the start, A, your arms won’t be able to pull their weight during other exercises, and B, your legs still have to carry you around the gym for the remaining workout time. Instead go for your chest and your back first.. Get some dumbell bench presses going for your chest, and also if you can use a pec deck, go for it. Your back can be a little harder to work, but get into some lat pull downs and some deadlifts and you’ll be seeing gains in no time.

Phase 3

OK now it’s time for arms. This is the favorite part of many people’s total gym workout, as the arms are where most people notice their gains the most. It’s important not to forget there are 3 sets of muscles in the arm, so you want to get some dumbell curls going to build the biceps, some triceps pulldowns for the triceps (tough!), and both forearms curls and reverse forearm curls for your forearms. Now you are glad you didn’t do this to start!

Phase 4

Now comes the legs. During most total gym workouts, unless people are looking to compete, the legs are mostly neglected. Thankfully though, they have to carry you around all day and so respond quite well to any stimulation.. You can do some squats to build your thighs, and you’ll find some single footed heel raises will build your calves like you wouldn’t believe. Lastly, it’s your hamstrings, and they’ll build naturally from all the running, but you can also do some basic leg curls to really get them pumping.

Now you’ve seen that total workouts don’t have to be hugely time consuming or complicated. Click the links before for some great advice on your workouts.

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The Great Gama Workout – These 2 Magical Exercises Made the Great Gama Undefeated

The Great Gama never lost a match and he competed in about 5000 wrestling matches. To this day he is considered by many as the “GREATEST” wrestler in the history.

What’s even more amazing is the Great Gama workout.

Before I break it down for you let me give you a quick idea of his physical prowess.

The Great Gama strength was noticed at an early age. By the time he was only 10 years old he had already competed in a national (India) strength and fitness competition. At this young age he was already capable of performing 500 bethaks and 500 dands. (a type of push up exercise for upper body strength)

He would also wrestle every day, even though he did not compete until he was 15.

What are these exercises you might ask?

Well a bethak is similar to a full squat. You do a bethak from a standing position… your feet in 45 degree angles. While squatting down you roll onto the ball of your feet lifting your heels off the floor. This is not an easy movement but is a great leg builder/conditioner. You should do about 60 or 80 bethaks.

In the Great Gama’s day well-known champions would do between two and three thousand bethaks a day.

Wrestlers would often perform as many as 1000 bethaks. At the very least a wrestler would do between five and eight hundred per day. (This is a great workout and it requires no equipment just your own bodyweight.)

As he got older, the Great Gama’s workout would increase to wrestling 40 wrestlers, 5000 bethaks and 3000 dands. All this was done on a daily basis.

It’s easy to see why the Great Gama was seen as being unbeatable this is a very exhausting workout. These incredible training exercises were the foundations of all the great Indian wrestlers and as the writer, Percy Longhurst wrote… “The Indian system of training has results beyond the development of great strength; it creates most remarkable powers of endurance while at the same time increasing agility.”

Finally in 1909 the Great Gama won the championship wrestling title of India in 1909.

He then traveled throughout Europe with a circus of Indian wrestlers, taking on all comers. As a result the Great Gama went on to defeat some of the most best know wrestlers of that time.

He laid down challenges to many of the greats and was willing to give up his title if defeated. Some of these great champions were the Japanese Judo champion Taro Miyake, Georges Hackenschmidt of Russia and Frank Gotch of the United States.

All of them declined the Great Gama challenge. Are you ready to tackle the Great Gama Workout?

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