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Fade Cream For Black Skin – Tips to Pick the Best Skin Fade Cream Revealed on the Tyra Banks Show!

Many women follow the Tyra Bank show in order to get some health & beauty tips. Recently she featured many African-American guests who shared their experiences of the skin whitening creams and bleaches. They also discussed many home remedies in this regard.

Here are some tips that would help you select the suitable fade creams for black skin.

The list also includes some effective home remedies:

* Basic Hygiene Tips

Usually the black skin is caused due to hyper pigmentation. Actually our skin naturally develops a component known as melanin. This forms the color of our skin. When this pigment is developed in excess the complexion gets disturbed and hence we have problems like dark patches, brown spots, etc. Taking good care of your hygiene really helps in lessening this problem.

· For this you may adapt to some simple changes in your daily routine like waxing regularly.

· Wash the black patches gently with soap & pumice stone (except the face).

· Apply sun tan lotions when ever you are out in the sun.

· Have lots of water, at least 10 glasses per day.

· Eat fiber rich food.

· Avoid unsaturated and trans-fats.

· Acne is mainly caused due to digestion issues. So, to cure that take up some natural superfoods like acai berry.


This is safe and effective remedy. But while doing it, the precautions that must be followed are given here:

· Do not apply the bleach on the private organs.

· Do not bleach when you have some problem on the skin like redness, acne, irritation, etc.

· You must do a patch test first.

· Always wipe off with cold water only.

· Prefer to use the natural and home made skin bleaches.

You must apply suitable fade creams for black skin. While choosing one for yourself check out the following:

· Make sure that all the ingredients are mentioned in proper details along with their ratio in the product.

· Also it must not have any chemicals, prefer to use the natural products only.

· Next, check that the product does not have hydroquinone at all or it should not be more than 2%.

· The product must suit your skin type, for instance oily, dry, etc.

· You may try using Meladerm. It is made of all natural ingredients that have no side effects.

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To Pop, or Not to Pop – Penis Pimples and Papules

At the first sight of bumps or sores on the penis, it is natural for all kinds of unpleasant thoughts to come to mind, as guys think back to their last sexual partner and wonder if they’ve picked up some kind of contagious social disease. The good news is that in many cases, there is a less worrying reason and the bad news is that if a guy has to worry about an STD it’s definitely time to start using protection.

Penis pimples (yes, acne affects the penis, too), bumps and pustules, which can be mistaken for genital warts and other more serious issues, have a benign cause in many cases and can be treated easily using over-the-counter lotions, cleansers and penis vitamins and minerals.

What causes blemishes and bumps on the penis skin?

· Penis Pimples – Just when guys think they’ve got a handle on the acne thing and have neutralized the blemishes that tend to appear on the face, chest and back, it turns out that pimples can occur on the penis, too. Penis acne generally consists of small, red or white bumps and most often appear around the base of the penis, although they can also show up on the head or shaft.

Like other types of acne, penis pimples are the result of bacteria in the follicles of the skin, causing inflammation and filling the follicles with a pus-like substance. Aside from being an unattractive feature, penis pimples are not actually dangerous and cannot be transmitted to a partner.

· Pearly Penile Papules – Penis bumps on the crown or under the foreskin. For uncircumcised men in particular it is not unusual to encounter small, firm, flesh-colored bumps on or around the glans and under the foreskin that may resemble a string of bubbles. These are naturally occurring and are generally nothing to worry about although they can be mistaken for genital warts. Men who are worried about a skin condition of the penis should seek medical advice without delay.

How to get rid of penis pimples

Like acne on other parts of the body, penis pimples can be stubborn but in general, over-the-counter remedies such as salicylic acid will eventually do the trick. In addition, because pimples are caused by bacteria, keeping the skin clean and dry is important. Nourishing the skin of the penis and genital area with skin-friendly vitamins and minerals can also boost the body’s natural immune function and may speed the healing process.

While it can be tempting to try to pop blemishes on the penis, especially when they are red and inflamed, this is rarely a good idea. Pus can be expressed from pimples in this way, but this will not work on penile papules, and in any case, popping and pricking the blemishes can result in scarring and can cause further infection.

How to prevent unsightly penis blemishes

While not all breakouts can be prevented (hormones are a factor in the tendency to develop acne), guys can take measures to reduce the appearance of these unsightly penile zits. For instance, shaving the pubic area can cause ingrown hairs and irritation which may lead to a crop of acne. Instead try using a hair trimmer or scissors which may be easier on the skin. For guys who must shave, a new, sharp razor is the best bet.

Secondly, keeping the area clean and dry is necessary as bacteria tend to thrive in warm, moist areas. Treating the skin with natural anti-bacterial solutions such as vitamin A (or retinol, a common acne treatment and preventive) may help to keep acne away. Moisturizing the skin can prevent the drying which can cause irritation of the follicles, leading to inflammation and acne breakouts.

A specialized penis health crème (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) which is applied directly to the penis skin may help to provide the right combination of nutrients and moisturizers that are needed to keep the skin in balance, minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, and maintain clear, attractive skin.

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Does Your Natural Face Cream Have Kaolin?

If you are conscious about skin care, then you are most likely maintaining a natural face cream to keep it smooth, supple and healthy-looking. Let us find out about Kaolin, one special ingredient in facial masks that is ideal to have because of its tremendous skin care benefits.

A good natural face cream can go a long way in achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Not only is it important to have a good face cream, but it is ideal to also put on a face mask to give the skin the occasional rejuvenation it needs. These face masks allow your skin to recharge, rebuild, heal and get nourished in the best way possible. Today, let’s discuss about one of the most important skin care ingredients known to men – Kaolin. Kaolin is an ideal component in a face mask for several reasons – reasons which will be outlined later on.

What is Kaolin?

Kaolin is a mineral extract that is produced from a special kind of clay. Kaolin is sourced from clay found in New Zealand, along the foothills of Southern Alps. Kaolin has been used in native populations because of the many health benefits it provides. It has unique properties and is rich in nutrients and minerals, making it ideal not only for ceramics, but for gastro-intestinal health and for skin care applications as well.

Kaolin and the Skin

Kaolin is known to be the safest, most effective and most appropriate clay material for cleansing masks:

1. Kaolin removes oil and grime

Kaolin has the natural ability to absorb oil and lift out those unwanted grime off your skin.

2. Kaolin has mild disinfectant properties

This special ingredient is known to help heal blemishes, acne and skin irritation because of its disinfectant properties. It can also soothe inflammation while increasing circulation so you can have the radiant, glowing skin you want.

3. Kaolin is rich in minerals

Kaolin is also rich in natural minerals, and applying it onto the face can bring the skin nourishment it needs.

Not too Much Kaolin, Please

Although this clay has excellent properties for cleansing and skin care, it has been found to have mild drying properties. Although this can be ideal for those with oily skin, Kaolin is not meant to be used on a regular basis. Unlike natural face cream formulations which can be used daily, face masks with Kaolin must only be used twice or up to three times month. This means that in your skin care routine, go for cleansing everyday – but deep cleansing only once every two weeks. Over-cleansing (especially over deep cleansing) can lead to excessive dryness – which in turn cause wrinkles and aggravate skin problems.

Kaolin clay is a very important ingredient in face masks. Ideally, it complements the cleansing effect of natural face cream, and works in areas that regular creams can’t. For best results, Kaolin is usually added with other ingredients like bentone gel, which is known to synergistically work with Kaolin to enhance and enrich its cleansing effect.

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Ancient Beauty Secrets: The Beauty Staple of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy You Can Start Using Now

Apple cider vinegar was used by both Cleopatra and Helen of Troy as a facial toner. It is a skin renewal, acting as a natural exfoliate. It balances and restores the skins PH and is an antibacterial-which makes it a great acne inhibitor.

PH balanced skin makes a huge difference in the health of your skin. When your skin is PH balanced, bacteria, acne and clogged pores simply cannot occur. The malic acid in Apple cider vinegar smooths out the skin and also helps to reduce wrinkles.

HOW: To get the benefits of this ancient beauty regimen try your hand at an apple cider vinegar based facial toner. If you don’t want to purchase a beauty enhanced facial toner you can simply make your own basic toner by diluting quality apple cider vinegar with water.

To make a basic apple cider based facial toner take: 1 part raw organic apple cider vinegar to 2.5-3 parts distilled water (not spring), depending on your preference and simply dab or spay on your face after washing daily. Let it dry and then apply your moisturizer as usual. Shake well before each use and store in a dark cool place. This should last up to one month.

TIP: Apple cider vinegar has been toted as an effective acne treatment for some time. It is even known to reduce or even eliminate the exasperation and formation of acne within a few days.

Natural plant-based body care vs. traditional chemical-laden products:

Natural body care is a powerful tool if you choose to use it. Sometimes, the most simple plant-based ingredients are all we need to resolve many of the skin issues we incur.

Plant-based ingredients contain antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that make them a powerful non-toxic way to obtain and maintain healthy, beautiful skin and have been used by ancient cultures for thousands of years-because they work.

Why are so many body care products plagued by un-natural chemicals?

The cosmetics industry as a whole has very little regulation. This means, they can use almost any chemical, toxic or not, just as long as they are not in large amounts and will purposely harm consumers after a few uses-this is why the long-term use of these products is a concern for many people. These chemicals-such as sulfates and parabens-preserve the product and create the lather, consistency, coloring and fragrance that consumers have come to expect-they’re also cheaper than plant- based alternatives.

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How To Get Rid Of Pimples On The Genitals, The Magic Formula

Are nights endlessly becoming miserable for you? Do malicious bumps make you despondent in bed? Do you feel weighed down by shame? It is time now to ask the question “how to get rid of pimples on the genitals”? Have a look downward; it will enlighten you about the nature of your crisis and will ease out your problem in no time.

What Are Genital Pimples?

Actually there exists no such thing as ‘genital acne’. It is in fact, a condition called “Hidradenitis Suppurativa”. In this case, sweat glands around the genital skin get blocked causing infections. The infection comes out in small pimple like lesions.

The genital area of the body suffers more heat, sweat and bacteria growths than the other parts making it more vulnerable to skin infections. Genital skin has more nerve endings than rest of your body skin. Excessive use of oil and lubricants can also cause pimples in your private part. Usually you keep your genitals covered most of the time, which is another catalyst to pimples.

Remember, that pimples can invade the genitals of any person. Man, woman, black or white whatever you are, you are not immune to pubic pimples.

Causes Of Disgrace

It is essential to know the causes of pubic pimples before entering the path of treatment. Generally there is not any single cause you can pinpoint. The causes vary but the usual causes are:

1. Harsh detergents, abrasive soaps and over washing

2. Stress

3. Unhealthy diet

4. Poor maintenance of personal hygiene

5. Hormonal changes in teenagers

6. Diseases instigating hormonal changes

7. Changes in hormones in case of women during menstruation and pregnancy

8. If pimples occur after the intake of a particular drug switch off to an alternative

9. Polluted and dirty environment also cause pimples.

Remedies For The Embarrassment

Years of research have shown that natural remedies are the best for treating acne. The steps to a beautiful bedtime are as follows:

First you have to gently cleanse the affected area a number of times throughout the day. It is essential that you use the right cleanser. Research has shown that the best cleanser should contain the following ingredients:

Arctium Lappa – A naturopathic ingredient to treat chronic skin infections

Bulbine Frutescence – It soothes and heals the affected area protecting it from the bacteria

Lavendar Essential Oil – It is a stimulant and antiseptic that prevents scars

Azadirachta Indica – It contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties

Melaleuca Alternifolia or Tea Tree Oil – This exceptional oil heals the skin without causing irritation and dryness. It has antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties

In the next step you have to apply the pimple cure recipes on your genitals several times a day.

The best recipe to control pubic pimples must contain:

Oleum Melaleuca – It acts on the root cause of the pimples, the microorganisms

Oleum Lavendula – It has tremendous healing and soothing properties, which heals skin infections gently.

Calendula Officinalis – This herb holds anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic properties to cure pimples soothingly.

Symphitium – This ingredient is traditionally used to heal infections and to promote cell renewal process. It is a wonderful antidote, which prevents skin marks and zits.

This treatment will ensure that the gnawing problem of pimples on your genitals will vanish in no days. But if the problem persists please visit a Dermatologist.

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How to Use Bamboo Salt

In the history of Oriental medicine, Korean has developed many kinds of excellent traditional medical treatments. Many natural ingredients has been utilized and transform into traditional medicine that can help in relief illness.

Bamboo was used by Korean as an important medical material. It has many different medical efficacy varies from its stub, roots, and leaves. About 1000 years ago, some Korean medicine doctors and monks started to make traditional medicine by inserting sea salt in a thick bamboo stub and baking them together with pine tree firewood. It was baked only twice or trice. They used it as special medicine for treatments and relief of certain sickness such as diarrhea. Finally they found out that it could have its complete medical efficacy if baked over 9 times repeatedly. And they also noticed that if it is completely melted, the toxic characteristic disappeared.

Now bamboo salt is well known as one of the most famous traditional medical treatments, not only in Korea, but also in many Asia countries. Many pharmaceutical scientists all around the world are researching on the special therapeutics like anti-cancer effect and anti-virus effect. It can be used for the following applications:


Bamboo salt has been added as an ingredient to make face cream as it is very good for skin. It is also used to make tooth-pastes because it will help in teeth related illness very quickly. Experience shows that it stops bleeding gums with just a few uses.


Bamboo salt has mysterious beauty-skin effect, taking a bath or washing up with the water with it; you will be surprised by the skin-softening effect. You may also wet your skin, and then apply it onto your body. Slowly massage rub the salt on your skin gently, it will give you extra cleaning effect. Applying it at your tummy may help you burn extra fat. It can help to increase your metabolism rate in the process.

Acne is caused by bacteria on your face; using bamboo salt water to wash your face can effectively kill the bacteria. Remember to avoid let the water get into your eyes, as you may feel very painful, just like sea water getting into your eyes.


Use it to replace your table salt for cooking your dish. Recently the excessive intake of salt causes fatness and other serious health problems. Thus proper diet including salt ingestion is very important to keep healthy. Bamboo salt do not cause these adult-diseases as it contains various kind of minerals that is beneficial to our body. Our body needs mineral such as potassium,sodium, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Cleaning power

Use bamboo salt to wash your hair. Firstly wet your hair with water, then pour some onto your hand, slowly apply on your hair. Massage gently so that it can clean the scalp thoroughly. After a few minutes, rinse your hair with water. You will find the extra clean hair wash.

Antibacterial activity

Research on anti-inflammatory activity of bamboo salt suggests that it importantly contributes to the prevention or treatment of inflammatory diseases. So it is very useful to certain treatment, for example bacteria infection on foot.

Bamboo salt is special for it has gone through extra processes in making. It can help us in the skin care, anti-bacteria and use it as source of healthier food. As more people are more health conscious nowadays, it is definitely one of the good choices.

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10 Skin Care Tips For Women Over 50

Taking care of your skin is a must at any age. But once you cross 40, you need to kick it up a notch with a few extra steps. Age really takes a toll on your skin. It weakens the collagen structures impacting the texture and tone of your skin. The result, you are left to grapple with ugly wrinkles and blotchy sagging skin.

While you simply can’t turn the clock back on life, you can at least age gracefully. And, here are 10 beauty and skin care tips to do so.

1. Go easy on the makeup

Women over 50 should opt for light, more natural looking makeup. Make sure you are using the right makeup. The makeup items should be of good quality. It should also be designed for your skin type.

2. Don’t step out without sunscreen

The sun causes more damage to your skin than anything else. It is the culprit for wrinkles and brown spots. Build your skin’s defense by applying a sunscreen every day. Slather it generously on your face, neck and hands. Don’t settle for any sunscreen less than 30 SPF. Carry a travel size sunscreen in your handbag so that you can reapply it whenever necessary.

You can also reduce exposure to the sun by wearing long sleeved shirts, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

3. Soothe dry skin

A common complaint in women over 50 is that their skin appears parched and listless. It tends to get flaky at times. This is because of its low moisture content caused by frequent sun exposure. Also, with age, the body’s natural ability to produce moisturizing oils is reduced.

One way to restore skin moisture is to use a moisturizer. You must moisturize the skin after a bath or a wash. You can lose lotions as well as essential oils such as almond oil. Vitamin E is an important compound in any skin product.

Don’t use cleansers that dry out the skin further. Test the product before you go all out and apply it. Opt for a creamy cleanser that leaves your face soft and supple after every wash. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. In addition to that, you must also eat a healthy diet.

4. Avoid very hot water

Your bathing water should not be too hot. It robs the skin of its natural oils making it look dry. Let the water be lukewarm. If your skin is excessively dry, avoid washing your skin too often.

5. Exfoliate on a weekly basis

Your skin repairs itself on a daily basis. The dead cells accumulate on the top layer of the skin. It is this layer of dead skin that gives you a tired look. Hence, exfoliation on a weekly basis is a must. You must exfoliate your face as well as the body. The dry brush exfoliation technique before a bath really works wonders for your skin. It not only gets rid of dead cells but also improves blood circulation helping conditions such as varicose veins.

You can use some of the readymade facial masks and body scrubs. However, if you are only about using natural ingredients on your skin, you can make your own body scrubs.

6. Give up smoking

Smoking causes premature skin aging. So, stop smoking.

7. Anti-aging creams

While most people disclaim the need for anti-aging creams, you can use them to supply your skin with a little more collagen. Collagen is the structural protein that holds your skin together. There is a lesser amount of collagen produced as your grow older. Also, the fibers become weaker resulting in saggy, droopy skin.

Anti-aging creams help boost the natural production of collagen in the body; thus, they play a crucial role in skin repair and rejuvenation. They make the skin firmer. However, do review the products well before you buy and use them. Vitamin A products are great at improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Most of them are only available as prescription products.

8. Get enough sleep

It’s not called beauty sleep for no reason. The skin repairs and regenerates itself while you sleep. Getting 6 – 8 hours of deep sleep will conveniently take care of skin issues such as dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines around the mouth.

9. Exercise to the rescue

Exercise can also change the way your skin looks as it improves blood circulation. It also regulates other body functions ensuring the nutrients are properly distributed across the body.

10. Check your skin

You should inspect your skin regularly. Sudden changes in the texture or tone must be brought to the notice of your doctor.

When dealing with aging skin, there’s one thing you need to remember. You might not be able to look younger than you really are. But you can definitely look good for your age and comfortable in your own skin!

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How to Get Rid of a Zit Overnight: The Easiest Way!

This question, like your zit, could be clogging in your mind right now. While there are incredibly lucky people who never experienced even a single pimple break out, there are equal numbers of chosen people destined to deal with acne breakouts almost their entire lives. More often than not, these people just lose patience and get used to live with it.

But before you turn your back to the world and hibernate in your bed tucked in your blanket, rummage through tips and medical advices on how to a get rid of a zit overnight as they might be your source of hope when your zit seems to appear hopeless.

Yes, no matter how huge and dramatically swelling it is, there are still solutions which are normally easy to follow and guarantees fast elimination of pimples. So do not lose hope on how to get rid of zit overnight. In fact, your persistence should outweigh the persistence of your growing acne.

How to Get Rid of a Zit Overnight: Avoiding the Underlying Factors

To avoid pimple-causing factors is a shortcut to get rid of zit fast and easy. More often, zit development starts not from one’s poor hygiene but more of a hormonal activity. While the latter seems to be inevitable, the first one can help kill dead cells formations which are more likely to result in zit. After all, a proper hygiene means prevention.

To start off, always wash your face with soap that works best according to your skin type. It could either be oily, dry or just normal. Choosing the right soap for your skin is important on how to get rid of a zit overnight as this helps in alleviating or aggravating your acne condition. In addition to, washing with warm water will not only calm the skin but will also open the pores causing dirt to be removed.

Apply moisturizer whenever necessary.

Sharing towels means sharing bacteria. This is a big No. Sharing personal stuff like towels is one of the major underlying factors that spread zit all over your face. Avoiding this is a must.

Your hair has oils that can signal acne-causing bacteria to party all over your face. So do wash your hair regularly as hair gets scrub on your face. Remember that anything that gets in contact with your face is a carrier of bacteria that can be trapped in your pores. See those pillow cases? Yes, they require washing too.

Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday for your skin to keep hydrated. This will make your skin glowing and supple. Give attention to the food you bring to your mouth as some foods which are salty and greasy gives green lights for a pimple break out. It would be best to always keep your diet healthy.

How to Get Rid of a Zit Overnight: The Proper Medication

Use sandalwood paste as a facemask to alleviate pimples by leaving it on overnight for a guaranteed best result. Sandalwood paste, although not commonly heard, is a mixture of Melalueca Oil and Rose water. The Melalueca oil is taken from Melalueca leaves which can be found in Australia. The combination of both is greatly known to heal serious swelling.

Unlike the sandalwood paste, Apple cider vinegar is commonly known for its significant contribution in regard to skin protection. 2tbsp of it mixed with enough water can be applied on the zit while leaving it unwashed overnight. Apple cider vinegar works well with healing dead skin cells and bacteria making it a better way on how to get rid of a zit overnight.

For too much redness, eye drops used to relieve redness can be applied to your zit as well.

Acne creams are widely marketed anywhere in the world. Grab any of those but take time to read the label as effective acne creams should contain benzoyl peroxide which directly addresses dead and dry skins.

Vicks Vaporub also helps on the process of how to get rid of a zit overnight. As you know, zits sometimes grow large enough for the whole world to see and that makes it entirely embarrassing. Vicks Vaporub can be applied on your zit overnight and you will see how it greatly reduces or flattens your pimple.

Unfortunately, acnes are not only red and swelling. Sometimes they are painful too. Yes, that is how distressing they are. But worry not as painful acne can be relieved by applying hot compress and holding it on to your pimple. The hot compress temperature will make a speedy maturity for a pimple to somewhat disappear or become less visible.

Orange peel mixed with water is one of the easiest steps to follow on how to get rid of a zit overnight. Simply apply it on your affected skin and let it stay overnight. You will be surprised as how it can easily reduce acne swelling.

Berry juice and Green tea are a great source of antioxidants that block bacteria which can cause acne. So aside from loading up with sufficient glasses of water, a great tea drink will help too in your acne treatment.

How to get rid of a zit overnight using turmeric and sesame oil?

Turmeric and sesame oil are a great combination because of their power to healthy skin care. Turmeric is a product of ginger plants which helps clean bacteria in your pores while the latter acts as a moisturizer.

Baking soda and water can be combined substitutes as they produce similar effects that turmeric and sesame oil have. Essential oils like eucalyptus, primrose and lavender oil give best effects to the improvement of the acne condition when applied overnight.

Grated cucumber can also be rubbed on your face for 15-20minutes before washing it off. Cucumber is said to have similar skin hydrogen level. Cucumber application will make our skin moisturized; glowing and smooth which will eventually avoid pimple break out.

The make up that we use does more than beautify our face, sometimes it contributes more in causing bacteria clogged in our pores thereby causing zit break out. To avoid this, buy make up or foundation that is non-comedogenic and oil free.

And of course, in the event that zit becomes visibly larger that what we imagine, never prick as pricking often becomes the culprit behind dark spots and scars once it clears up.

Avoiding zit can be stressful at times especially if we need it removed as soon as possible. There are over the counter medications and creams that we can buy which are all created to directly solve common acne problems of people. There is no harm in trying as sometimes you will be caught surprise as to how effective they are. See a dermatologist when you can for better treatment too.

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. It would be great to learn to avoid them rather than wait for it to happen and drive yourself dead to make them all disappear. Our lifestyle is, in fact, one of the most vital underlying factors which are often neglected. Drinking too much alcohol and excessive smoking are culprits that need to be avoided right away. These two cause dull skin and countless bacteria. Modify your lifestyle by doing regular exercise and reducing stress. Nothing beats a healthy life pattern when it comes to the best advice on how to get rid of a zit overnight.

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Causes, Symptoms, Types and Treatment of Freckles

Freckles vary in color from red, light-brown, brown, tan, yellow or black. They are more prominent in summer and among lighter-skinned people or those with light or red hair. Women and men get freckles at a comparable rate.

  1. Causes – the main cause of the development of freckles is the skins exposure to the sun. Often freckles will fade when exposure to the skin is reduced or eliminated. Melanin is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in the skin. The accumulating of melanin in one place usually results in a freckle. Addition, genetic factors and hormone abnormalities can cause freckles.
  2. Symptoms and Signs – freckles are irregular solitary spots that sometimes may be grouped together. This makes the freckles appear larger and cover a bigger portion of the skin. Commonality is found between freckles, age spots and pregnancy mask that are formed in sun exposed areas of the face, hands, chest and back. The accumulation of skin pigment melanin produce these welcome brown patches.
  3. Types – there are two types of freckles:
  • Ephelides – is a term that refers to flat spots that are red or light-brown, appear during the summer months and fade in the winter.
  • Lentigines – these are usually developed by children with the start of a small, tan, brown or black spot that tends to be darker than an ephelis-type freckle and typically does not fade in the winter.
  1. Treatment – there are several effective treatments for freckles:
  • Bleaching Creams – the most beneficial treatment for lightning freckles is consistently applying hydroquinone and kojic acid over a period of time. Vitamin A when applied over a period of time will make freckles lighter.
  • Chemical Peels – these are used to remove age spots, freckles, discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles by making the skin smooth and firm thus gradually curing freckles.
  • Cryosurgery – is a light freeze using liquid nitrogen.
  • Laser Removal -the laser projects an intense light on the affected area causing the light to be absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin and melanin, destroying the darker cells, leaving the healthy cells intact. This is the most effective method to remove freckles. A newer form of facial revitalization is Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL). IPL delivers intensity to the superficial (epidermis) and deep (dermis) layers of the skin. Therefore the epidermis is denied damage and there is virtually no recovery time.

Knowing the facts about freckles, what causes them, the types and the various treatments available is for informational purposes. Consult a medical professional before starting any treatment plan or if you develop any unusual skin irritations.

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Top 7 Tips To Avoid Mistakes While Buying A Pergola

Pergolas have been redefined for the modern era. With so many options available, you can buy a pergola that will add value, beauty, and enjoyment to open spaces of all sizes and shapes. For example, the open air feeling of an arched pergola can transform a nice deck into your favorite hangout spot. Pergola choices are almost endless and buyers often tend to make some common mistakes that may be stressful in future. Having a checklist to shop for a pergola helps buyers avoid typical costly mistakes. Here are some tips that a pergola shopping checklist should include.

i) Choose the right material

ii) Go for thicker structures

iii) Notching and Hardware

iv) Do not ignore your local weather

v) Get details of manufacturer’s warranty

vi) Reduce sizing errors to zero

vii) Amount of Assembly Required

Right Material: Ensure that you have chosen a pergola that will continue to look beautiful for ten years or more. The right choice of material is a key point. Most arched pergolas are built from Wood, Steel/Aluminum, Concrete, or PVC/Vinyl. Among them, wood is the most reliable and popular material. However, given a vast array of wood types which include California Redwood, Teak, Cedar, and Imported Hardwoods among others, buyers easily can get confused as to which of them would be best for their situation. Your wood choice is one of the primary factors in determining the longevity of your pergola.

Thicker Structures: Thicker wood pergola structures tend to last longer. Make sure you have compared wood thickness and the quality before buying. Check the amount and quality of fasteners your set includes. An easy way to compare 2 similarly sized Pergolas is to compare shipping weight. Shipping weight is an authentic indicator of the heft of competing products.

Notching: Another important point to consider is notching. Notched pergolas last for longer times and have greater wind resistance capacity. So, while buying wooden pergolas, ask their manufacturers if they are partially notched or fully notched. Buyers should be aware that notching creates interlocking joints and this fortifies the structure. Also notching insures that all your timbers stay straight and true over the decades because they cannot move. Most manufacturers skimp on notching partially or completely to reduce their construction costs and will tell you that hardware will take care of the issue. It does not. If just one of your Pergola’s timbers has hidden stresses in it (quite common), as it weathers over the years, it will turn, twist or sag. This will cause your beautiful Pergola’s lines to be ruined.

Moisture Issue: Less expensive materials often last longer in dry climates, while they may weaken gradually in the moist and harsh climates. Consider the amount of moisture in your local weather and long-term decay issue. Drier gentle climate areas are easy on pergolas, but the quality of wood becomes an issue whenever there is significant moisture or weather extremes.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Before buying an arched pergola, make sure that you can get replacement parts in future years even though your pergola is custom-designed. Look for pergola manufacturers that have been in the business for at least five years. The advantage of choosing such a manufacturer is that they can be more reliable in terms of fulfilling their product warranty or helping you with replacement parts at any time.

Avoid Sizing Errors: Since most Pergola buyers are one time buyers, many sizing errors are common. For example, a common mistake is to assume the positioning of the 4 corner posts is the size of the pergola being offered. For instance, if the four corner posts of a pergola are expected to sit on the corner of your brand new concrete pad that is 10′ x 12′, and purchase a 10′ x 12′ pergola, you will discover on receiving your pergola kit that the posts are set at 8′ x 10′ to the outside corners. The reason is pergolas are always sized based on their roof size. And, in most cases, pergolas are recessed back from the roof edge anywhere from 8 inches to a couple of feet depending on the design (commonly 12″). Custom design or sizing can be a good idea to get a suitable pergola for your place. Look for manufacturers that insist on shop drawings prior to building and take the time to check everything repeatedly and make sure that all measurement and details are agreed to in writing ahead of delivery time.

Assembly required/Assembly Instructions: Make sure you have collected assembly instructions from the manufacturers. Usually you can ask for and receive them via email prior to purchasing to see how much work you are in for. Most pergola kits are single day installs. If they are fully erected in the shop prior to shipping out, you should be confident to install them properly. Insist on assembly instructions prior to buying and ask if there is any carpentry work you must do on your end or not. The best kits are just like giant Lego sets that you just have to re-erect: no sanding, sealing, cutting, or drilling needed.

Pergolas made of quality timber tend to be a bit costlier than those made from less decay resistant woods. Your first real decision is how long you’d like the structure to last. Once you determine this, see if the manufacturer has warranties that match your requirements. If so, then you can move on to thinking about size and design and the orientation of your pergola. Most reputable pergola manufacturers will allow you to send in pictures of your backyard. They will also allow you to ask any questions regarding the product and its installation procedures. A good percentage of pergola installation requires some customization. Take the time to make your investment in an arched pergola fruitful by taking a few minutes to make sure the dimensions and the positioning is thought out.

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