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Permanent Hair Straightening – Brazilian vs Yuko vs Opti-Smooth

Okay, let’s talk straight. For decades, women of African descent the world over have relied on various tried-and-tested methods to “relax” their hair. Then, about a decade ago, the Yuko system made a big stink among people of all colors when it came over from Japan, followed by Opti-Smooth. Now a third contender is fighting to become top dog in the hair straightening stakes: the Brazilian.

Not what the name may imply, the Brazilian is a relatively new hair straightening system that has nothing to do with waxing away pubic hair. It is a semi-permanent way to straighten the hair on your head, which uses keratin – and sometimes formaldehyde – to tame even the curliest locks. But while it may be taking the world of hair by storm, even it has its drawbacks…

If you are considering straightening your hair for more than just an occasional night out, you may be thinking of a permanent hair straightening system. Here is the best – and the worst – of the most popular systems currently on offer. Remember, success will depend not only on your type of hair and how rigorously you adhere to its upkeep, but also on the skill of your stylist – as well as the products he or she chooses to use.

Brazilian Hair Straightening (aka Brazilian Blow-Out or Brazilian Keratin Treatment). The stylist applies active keratin, a protein found in the top layer of our skin which makes it both waterproof and tough, although sometimes this is used in conjunction with formaldehyde, which can be dangerous (see below). The formula is then sealed into the hair using a hot iron, taking away frizz, curls and unruly waves. Takes about two hours, more for longer or more unruly hair.

PROS: Will fade away gradually, meaning that it will eventually grow out and leave you with natural waves once more. Takes less salon time and generally costs less than the Yuko or Opti-Smooth system. Leaves the hair with more body than the Yuko System and can be used on dyed hair as well as virgin hair.

CONS: The effect doesn’t last as long as Yuko or Opti-Smooth – about three to four months. And if the product contains actual formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, – you will need to check with the salon first – this could reportedly be a health hazard, for both you and your stylist as well. Note that the FDA does not regulate the use of formaldehyde in cosmetics.

The Yuko System. Created in the 1990s, this can make any type of curly hair straight in about five hours – for about six months or so, depending on hair. After a consultation with your stylist, your hair will be washed and divided into segments, then the application will be put on for roughly 20 minutes, depending on hair length etc. It will then be flat-ironed and a neutralizer will be put on to reset the bonds of the hair. It will then be rinsed, followed by a blow-dry, style and perhaps a cut. The whole process takes roughly five hours in total.

PROS: Last forever. That means that you won’t see any curly hair until new hair grows in.

CONS: Last forever. That means that when new curly hair grows in, you will have a ring of frizz on the top followed by dead straight hair. The only way to look “normal” – with hair either entirely straight or entirely curly – is to have your hair redone, in about six months’ time, or to straighten the top bits with straightening irons. Also, repeated application of the Yuko system can cause extensive damage to hair – and not just the ends. Not recommended for use on color-treated hair as it will damage it too much.

Opti-Smooth. Similar to the Yuko System, but you will have a choice of results: cold-smoothing is for less frizz, progressive smoothing will leave you hair looking as if it’s just been freshly blow-dried, and heat-straightening will make it look iron-rod straight (that’s just so passe, darling!).

PROS: Lasts forever (see Yuko, above). If your hair is shorter or you choose cold-smoothing, the salon time will be considerably lessened.

CONS: Lasts forever (see Yuko, above). Unlike the Yuko system, however, Opti-Smooth claims to be kinder to hair long-term, with less damage and breakage. Not for dyed hair.

Other Ways To Straighten Hair

* Blow-Drying. Many people seek to blow-dry their hair to make it straight and sleek, although often only a salon blow-dry can have truly effective results. Can damage hair long-term.

* Hair Straighteners. A variety of flat irons or hair straighteners are on the market today – those with ceramic plates are usually considered the best as they work by gliding through the hair without it catching on the edges and splitting. It’s advised to use them sparingly with special products/gels that minimize heat damage to the hair.

* Home Relaxing Kits. Much like a do-it-yourself salon-style routine. Apply straightening cream, leave on, rinse away, straighten with straightening iron, neutralize, wash and blow dry. Takes about two hours in total, more for longer hair. Good luck!

* Ironing. Time was when many young girls had their hair ironed – with a clothes iron – to have straighter tresses. The process could take up to an hour and was often saved for special occasions. Required two people: one to lay her head on the ironing board while the other wielded the iron. Had to be a trusted friend – with excellent eyesight!

Hair straightening is just another way that us mortals deal with “the grass is greener” syndrome. In the 1970s and 1980s everyone was rushing to have a perm and make their straight hair curly, now the reverse is the talk of the town.

If you decide to go the permanently straight route, it’s important to find a salon you trust. Take heed if your hair is dyed, colored or even just highlighted, as this may affect the outcome of the straightening process – even if your stylist assures you this isn’t the case!

Remember, also, that all chemically straightened hair will require a good hair-care routine to keep it looking good. This means using a protein-rich shampoo, conditioner and other anti-frizz products, as locking in all the moisture possible will be crucial in maintaining that salon style.

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Persian Kitten Care – Tips and Helpful Information on Bringing Your New Baby Home

You’ve searched and searched through ALL of the Persian kittens for sale on the internet when you finally come across that special kitten that claims a little piece of your heart. And now the day has finally arrived – Your sweet and cuddly little Persian Kitten is coming home! Are you prepared for all the responsibilities owning a Persian Kitten brings? On this page you will find a list of supplies needed to take care of your furry bundle of love. You will also find helpful information that every new kitten owner needs to know.

Bringing Your New Kitten Home

When you first bring your kitten home you should put him in a small area until he is comfortable with his new surroundings. This can be your bedroom, bathroom or any other place that can be his very own for a few days. Immediately show him where the litter box is so he won’t have any accidents on the floor! During this transitioning period, be sure to spend lots of time with your new kitten giving him plenty of love and attention. This will show him that this is a good place to be and help to calm any fears he may have.

Most breeders offer a 3-5 business day period to get your kitten examined by a veterinarian. If you don’t get the exam, your health guarantee may be void so make sure you schedule a check-up in advance. For the safety of any other animals you may have, you should keep your kitten quarantined until after they have been vet checked and certified healthy.

Introducing Your Kitten to Other Pets

When you first introduce your kitten to your other pets, there will most likely be a little hissing and name calling going on! But don’t despair; it won’t be long before they will get along like 2 peas in a pod – or 3 or 4 peas depending on how many furry friends you have! Kittens are such funny creatures, but as long as they are not mistreated, they will get along with just about any animal. Just be sure to never leave your kitten alone with another animal until you are sure they are getting along ok.

Ideally, you should introduce your kitten to one animal at a time. Be sure during the time your kitten is adjusting to his new home that you give your other animals LOTS of extra love and attention. It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of a new pet, so you need to make sure to set aside some special one on one time with your other pets so they know they are still important to you too!

Grooming Your Persian Kitten

Persians and Himalayans have long beautiful hair that requires extra care and attention. You should groom your kitten or cat at least every other day, preferably more, to prevent matts and tangles. If your kitten does develop a matt don’t worry! Just make sure you take care of it immediately before it gets worse. Matts and tangles can cause your kitty to be in pain when they walk because their hair is getting pulled in all different directions! Ouch!

To remove a matt, gently loosen it with your fingers and try to brush it out. If that doesn’t work, you may need to cut down the middle of it with scissors. Be extra careful not to cut kitty’s skin! After you’ve cut it, try to loosen it again and then carefully brush it out. Remember to pay extra attention to the hair along your kitty’s underside. This likes to get tangled up quite frequently. On small kittens I sometimes trim the hair on their backside just to help keep them clean until they get old enough to do a good enough job on their own. Don’t forget to use your comb to remove all the loose hairs from their undercoat!

Litter Box Tips

Kittens are usually fully litter box trained by 5 weeks of age, but when they first get to their new home, they may not know the appropriate place for them to relieve themselves. To cut down on any confusion, follow the tips below:

o As soon as you get your kitten home, place them in the litter box. This way, they will know where it is at, and after such a long trip they surely need to use it!

o For very small kittens, make sure the litter box is close by at all times. If they start to have an accident, pick them up and put them in the litter box.

o Use the same litter that they are used to when you first bring them home. You can change it later if you need to.

o Always make sure you keep the litter box VERY clean! Your kitty will not use an overly dirty litter box. He will instead use your floor, bathtub, couch etc.

o Make sure the litter box is not too close to the kitten’s food or water. Cats do not like to eliminate next to where they eat!

o Make sure you have at least one litter box per cat, per level of your home. For small kittens you may want to have two or three litter boxes available until you are sure they have mastered their litter box habits.

o NEVER hit a kitten for having an accident. You will only teach them that relieving themselves is a bad thing which can cause many problems if your kitten becomes constipated. If your kitten is having accidents, you may need to make more litter boxes accessible to them. When they are small, they may not want to walk across the entire house to get to the litter pan and may find it more convenient to go where they are. So, if you have many litter boxes throughout your house, you will cut down on the chances of any accidents.

Feeding Your Kitten

Kittens should have access to their food and water 24 hours a day. They are growing so fast, they need as much nutrition as they can get! You should never feed your kitten adult cat food. It does not have all the nutrients that a growing kitten needs. Always feed them kitten food.

I recommend that you not change your kitten’s food until you have had them at least 2 weeks. It is stressful enough coming to a new place, there is no reason to give them an upset stomach and possibly diarrhea on top of everything else.

If you do change their food, you should do it slowly over a period of at least one week. Mix a little of the new food in with the old, and slowly increase the amount until it is 100% of the new food.

Never feed a kitten or cat a diet of wet food only. This will cause tarter build up on their teeth and will cause many problems in the future including loss of teeth. The chewing action and biting down on the dry food cleans their teeth. Wet food should only be given as treats. If you must feed it to your kitty as a meal, be sure to include at least one meal a day of dry food. You may also want to consider getting a toothbrush for your kitty to make sure it’s teeth stay clean!

Necessary Kitten Supplies

Litter Box- This is one of the most important things! If you would like, you can purchase one of the smaller litter boxes to start your kitten out with. As they grow you can move up to a bigger one. Littermaids are great if you don’t have a lot of time to scoop. They do the job for you! You just empty the collection tray when it’s full and put a new one in. A good rule of thumb is to have one litter box per cat that you own.

Clumping Litter – Tidy Cats Scoopable Litter works great for keeping litter box odors down and makes it very easy to scoop the litter. I have found it very useful to use the empty pails to put the dirty litter in. The lid snaps shut and keeps the smell out, and when you fill it up, you can just set it out with the trash! I also recommend Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizer. It works miracles! It really does keep the smell down if you use it correctly.

Food and Water Dishes – Any kind will do, but I prefer the Bistro Brand feeders and waters. You can fill them up and leave them out for 24 hour access to the food. Kittens need to eat as much as they want when they are growing to stay strong and healthy. And growing kittens eat a lot of food!

Kitten Food – It’s very important that you find a high quality kitten food for your new kitty. Adult cat food is not good for kittens since it does not provide all the nutrients they need. You can discuss with your veterinarian which brand of kitten food is right for your kitten. You should never suddenly change a kitten’s food. It can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. If you do want to change food, do it slowly over a period of at least a week. Mix a little of the new food in with the old, and slowly increase the amount until it is 100% of the new food.

Brush and Comb –These are absolutely essential when you own a Persian or Himalayan! I found a great brush at PetSmart that has an ergonomic handle that makes it a lot more comfortable to brush the kitties. You also need a good comb specifically designed for the undercoat to remove all loose hairs. This will really help cut down on shedding and help to prevent tangling or matting.

TOYS! – Every kitten needs a good supply of toys. It is so fun to watch your new little kitty running around, batting at a jingle ball, or doing acrobatics through the air trying to catch that little dangling thing on the end of their human’s fishing pole! Any kind of cat toys will do, just make sure to have a few on hand for your kitten’s entertainment.

Scratching Post – It’s a cat’s natural instinct to scratch, so you need to make sure you provide them with an appropriate surface to fulfill their needs. A sisal covered scratching post works wonderful and will save your furniture from kitty’s claws! Just make sure you show them the proper place to scratch when you first bring them into your home.

Shampoo – We all know kittens are great at making messes. You should find a quality kitten shampoo and keep some on hand for times you need to bathe your kitten. As cats get older they need baths less often, but it is always good to have some kitten or cat shampoo on hand just in case!

Cat Carrier – Cat carriers are needed for trips to the vet and groomer or any other outing you may need to take with your kitty. Make sure you pick out one that will provide plenty of room for your kitty to stand up and turn around if need be.

Flea/Parasite Control – Revolution works absolutely wonderful. It covers fleas, heart worms, hookworms, roundworms and ear mites. It’s a one tube does it all solution! I definitely recommend it if the need ever arises.

Veterinarian – Last but not least, you will need to find a good veterinarian. You will need someone to keep your kitty up to date on all vaccinations and fecal examinations, and also someone to call when your kitty is not feeling so good. A vet with 24 hour emergency care is a great plus. You never know when you’re going to need them!

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Steroid Treatments For Your Hair Loss Problems

Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women. The causes are varied but the number one reason is genetics. Hair loss, especially male pattern baldness is attributed to hereditary factors. Stress is also a great inducer of hair loss and so is malnutrition.

Medications containing amphetamines and lithium (used to treat bipolar disorder) can also be responsible for hair loss. Constant hairstyling and chemical treatment of your hair can result to brittle hair and eventual hair loss.

Other reasons are diseases such as trichotillomania, which is a psychological disorder compelling the person to nervously pull out his hair. Tinea capititis is a fungal infection that often results to scaling in the scalp and breakage of the hairs even before they grow out of the hair follicle.

Alopecia areata is another reason for hair loss, this is evident by the immediate loss of hair in patches in the scalp as well as the body and it can have a debilitating effect on your scalp. Although the hair follicles are not affected, it can take persons afflicted with this months or years before hair starts to grow.

Doctors recommend a lot of treatments for these diseases and one of the most effective is the use of steroids being injected directly to the scalp. However, they should only be in minimal dosages because there are known harmful side effects from going over the prescribed dose.

More importantly, this treatment is resorted only in cases of severe hair loss, such as in persons who suffer from alopecia areata, or for those who have lost approximately fifty percent of their hair.

Steroid injections are painful and since they can only be injected in small doses, they are required to be injected every four to six weeks. Oral steroids may also be taken, however they may offer a more prominent manifestation of side effects.

Topical steroids which can be massage into the scalp are also available. Steroid injections are also combined with other drugs such as minoxidil and anthralin to help speed up the hair growth process. Some of the side effects would include nausea, vomiting, headaches and scalp irritation.

If you are planning to use steroids to help treat hair loss, please consult your physician first if you qualify for such treatment. The injections would require a physician for administration and should not be experimented or done at home. Steroids are your last resort but you have to be well nourished as well and follow strict personal hygiene for you to have that thick and full hair again.

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Magnesium Stops Hair Loss – Why Aren’t You Rushing Out to Buy This Vitamin?

In tests conducted on laboratory rats, magnesium stops hair loss. When they were fed a diet that did not contain magnesium they lost large clumps of hair.

Once they were given foods that contained a good supply of magnesium, the hair returned. Therefore, it stands to reason that magnesium plays an important role in the growth of hair.

How do you know if magnesium will work to stop the loss of your hair? The only true way of finding out is to use it and see what it does for your hair loss.

Before you do, it may help you to understand a little about magnesium and hair loss and why your hair is thinning. Loss of hair varies from person to person.

Most of the time, hair loss is experienced by men, but there are women who lose their hair as well. Often the cause is a by-product of a hormone called testosterone.

When women or men age, testosterone multiplies causing a by-product called DHT. This hormone will attach itself to the hair follicle and literally smother it to death.

Vitamins containing magnesium are available by purchasing B vitamins. They also have biotin and folic acid, which are beneficial as well.

The natural treatments that are used to stop loss of hair can contain minerals, herbs and extracts from plants and vitamins. When magnesium is used in combination with all of these other ingredients, DHT is stopped.

Natural ingredients have long been a solution for many problems. Has your mother or grandmother ever told you about using herbs or other natural ingredients to cure certain conditions?

This is based on the same premise. Naturally found ingredients and vitamins that the body needs have long been used to take care of many problems.

Magnesium and hair loss have been studied for several years as have DHT blockers. The varied mixtures of ingredients used to block DHT have contained many things over the years.

However, they do contain some of the same things. Magnesium is one that is normally found in all of these because it is found in an important vitamin used for hair loss.

Vitamins have been found to be one of the best things to use to stop the loss of hair. One of these vitamins is Vitamin A, but this can also work in the opposite way as well.

Too much Vitamin A can actually cause loss of lot of hair. This is why you must know the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to take for the maximum benefits.

When checking into magnesium and hair loss and the vitamins needed to stop this from happening to you, a trustworthy company will need to be used. This is essential to ensure your hair actually makes a come back.

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The Cause Of Eyebrow Hair Loss: What Can Be Done?

About four million people a year will find themselves facing eyebrow hair loss. It is common to become quite concerned about this condition after all, it is a very noticeable area which makes it something many are self conscious about. Can you learn how to re-grow eyebrow hair? How do you find a solution to this very embarrassing problem?

Make It Come Back!

The fact is that there are many ways that you can try to get eyebrow hair growth, but it is unlikely that you will find a solution that will work fast or effectively. The problem is that for most people, the cause of eyebrow hair loss is that of an autoimmune disease. The condition is called Alopecia Areata and it can affect the eyebrow hair, the scalp hair or virtually any other location on your body that has hair.

Understanding Alopecia

The loss of eyebrow hair is something to be concerned about especially when coupled with other health issues. But, for most, the symptoms just won’t be there. The only thing you will notice is a loss of hair. If you have this happen on your scalp, it will likely form a circle the size of a nickel or quarter of baldness. The cause of eyebrow loss, eyelash loss or loss of hair on your scalp is not something to worry about if it is Alopecia Areata, though.

Bacteria Or Hair Follicle?

This condition is one that affects about four million people each year. The cause of this hair loss is actually a case of mistaken identity. Your body’s immune system mistakenly thinks that the hair follicle is bacteria and tries to protect the body from it by attacking it. Unfortunately, when this happens, you lose the hair. Scientists are still unsure of why this happens or even why it happens to one person and not to the next.

Fix It!

Eyebrow hair growth is not something that you can turn on and off, even if you want to. If you are experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia or for another medical condition, it will take time for your hair to re-grow and there is little that you can do to make it happen any faster.

The good news is that if you are suffering from Alopecia, the stem cells in your hair follicle are not affected by the white blood cells of your immune system attacking. Therefore, your hair should continue to grow once your new cells have been formed and grows a new hair.

If you are suffering from stress or a deficiency in your diet, this too can lead to eyebrow hair loss. If this is the case, the only way to fix it is to stop what is happening to you by eating a well balanced diet or by reducing your stress load. In any case, if you are facing eyebrow hair loss, it’s important to keep your doctor in the loop as it can be a sign of something more serious although in most cases it is nothing but your body fighting itself.

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3 Natural Methods to Thicken Fine Hair

For those of us who suffer from thin hair or fine strands, we’re constantly on the look-out for products to thicken our hair quickly and permanently. We become suckers for voluminous shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays: spending hundreds on products that don’t work.

Today, I have our solution. Three in fact. They’re natural products that will stimulate thicker, faster hair growth.

Lawsomia Inermis, aka: Henna

Henna is a magical hair product for so many reasons. Henna:

  • Conditions hair.
  • Makes hair heavier and fuller.
  • Creates movement and bounce.
  • Defines curl patterns

As a result, henna is a natural hair thickener that creates an overall health and shine you rarely find among name brand “hair thickeners”.

There is only one “real” henna, which is called lawsomia inermis, which is also called Red Henna. Anything else is fake and a waste of money, excluding Cassia (neutral henna) and indigofera tinctoria (black/indigo henna). Cassia and Indigo aren’t considered true henna (by everyone’s standards), but have the ability to thicken, shine and condition hair. Red Henna, however, is the most potent.

Note: The more you use henna, the better it works. Just keep in mind that it will dry out your hair, so always follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.

The Shea Butter Wash

I recently wrote an article called Thicker Hair with Organic Shea Butter Wash which is similar to an oil rinse, but with butter. You can apply raw shea butter with olive oil, or a mixture of shea butter and thickening oils. I use mine from Angies Heavenly Treats because the ingredients, combined with the shea butter, creates healthier and more voluminous hair.

The shea butter wash entails exactly what the name states: a wash with shea butter instead of shampoo. Leave the shea mix in for 5-10 minutes. After that, don’t follow up with a conditioner. This may reverse the effects.

My Results: After two weeks, my new growth was thicker and my hair was bouncier and fuller. With time, the hair will gradually improve.

Most people will see changes around two weeks, and very noticeable changes within one-two months. The trick here is consistency. I do the Shea butter wash once every week.

Castor Oil Rinse

Although there’s no scientific proof that castor oil thickens hair, many users swear by it. One user massaged castor oil to her balding edges every night for a month and watched as her edges grew in. The user then went on a hair care forum and called castor oil the “miracle oil”.

Her testimonial and that of other users may not be scientific, but it is proof that castor oil thickens hair. Angela Hood of Angie’s Heavenly Treats puts castor oil in all of her hair products. From her experience, castor oil does have thickening products. But castor oil has other benefits.

“Due to the castor oil in my products, it helps to coat and moisturize hair, giving it a shine,” Hood said.

So again, while there’s no scientific proof, there’s proof in the pudding. By coating your hair with warm castor oil once or twice a week, and then let it saturate into your strands with a shower cap, you’ll notice that your roots and the length of your hair will thicken over time.

Add These Methods into Your Hair Regimen

If you do all three of these natural hair thickening methods, then thin/fine hair will be a thing of the past.

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Tips For Getting Rid of Bald Spots – The Answers to Hair Loss

Whether you’re a man or a woman bald spots can affect the way you feel about yourself. Some people accept it for what it is and others do everything they can to stop it. Women tend to take the matter more seriously because a woman going bald is much more rare than a man. Just because your bald does not mean there is on treatment for it. The chemicals and hormones that comprise our bodies all respond different to the various treatments out there. Here are 3 great tips for getting rid of bald spots.

1. Get A New Shampoo

The first tip for getting rid of bald spots is getting a new shampoo. This is the easiest tip for getting rid of bald spots and combating hair loss. There are many shampoos for both men and women, some work good while others are not quite up to par. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of anti-hair loss shampoos that are available. Anti Hair Loss shampoos are the most budget friendly out of all of the tips for getting rid of bald spots. If your shampoo has too much “lather” you should get rid of it. This lather has nothing to do with cleaning our hair and usually very harsh. Great hair loss shampoos include but are not limited to Baumes Hair Plus, Revita, Nioxin, Thymuskin, and Nano. Try experimenting with different ones to see what works best for you, and avoid over the counter hair thickening shampoo. These are usually very low quality and have poor results.

2. Diet Change

The second tip for getting rid of bald spots is changing your diet. A poor diet will leave you malnourished and will not give your hair the the proper nutrients necessary to grow. Plants need water to grow, if you gave them soda they would die eventually. If you don’t eat a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients you will only go bald faster. Cells reproduce if they have enough fuel to do so. So diets rich in Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin B, protein, and zinc will help hair cells reproduce so new hair growth can begin. Exercise is good so your blood circulation is higher and the nutrients get there faster. Our body delivers nutrients through our blood, so if circulation is poor you will likely make matters worse.

3. Test Out Various Hair Loss Treatments

The final tip for stopping hair loss and getting rid of bald spots is finding a hair loss treatment. Don’t worry there are many good products that will not cost you the price of a car. The average cost for hair transplantation is $12,000, which is for if your hair loss is sever. If your just trying to get rid of bald spots than it’s not to late to start some new hair growth. DHT is a chemical that is produced inside our bodies that shrinks hair follicles and makes it difficult for new hair to push through. What does this mean? This means that your hair cannot regrow as long as this chemical is overproduced. The cells cannot divide and produce new cells because the hair folicles are weakened and eventually they cannot regrow when old hair dies out. Most hair loss products stop DHT from producing so much, this way hair can regrow again and you can get rid of bald spots. The Art Of Healthy Living Health site recommends Provillus, Advecia, Nanogen and Folligen. In addition to those you can try Minoxidil or Viviscal. Most of these can be found at OnlyHairLoss.

These are the very best tips for getting rid of bald spots and if you follow them you can stop the bald spot before it stops you. If you don’t take care of the problem while it’s still developing you could be risking losing all your hair to the point where only hair transplantation will work. Having bald spots is not something you have to accept it is that can be avoided and you can start growing hair today if you just take the time to follow these simple tips for getting rid of bald spots.

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Treatment For Thinning Hair (Minoxidil 5% And Aminexil Sp94 Retinol) Hair Loss Male And Female

Contains 5% Minoxidil and Aminexil SP94

1. Uses tiny micro spheres called nanosomes that are used to encapsulate the active ingredients in a lotion compound

2. Works faster and better than medications containing only Minoxidil with similar tolerability and side effects

3. Allows patients to re-grow normally thick and healthy hair

4. May work for patients who previously did not respond to Minoxidil treatment

5. Intended for both the crown of the scalp and frontal baldness (receding hairline)


MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL is the world’s most effective topical hair loss treatment designed for androgenic alopecia and other types of hair loss in men. Clinically proven to help re-grow hair, it is also significantly more effective then Rogaine® or any other topical hair loss treatment currently available.

Through extensive research and testing, dermatologists found that coupling retinol (a vitamin-A derived substance) with Minoxidil produced dramatically better results than just using Minoxidil alone. Retinol helps control the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands produce sebum on the scalp. Sebum contains DHT (DHT which is produced from testosterone is the androgen thought to be most responsible for male pattern baldness), which is then reabsorbed into the hair follicles to do further damage. Proper moderation of the sebaceous glands and their production of sebum can help control skin scalp DHT levels and when combined with Minoxidil further helps prevent androgen related hair loss.

The Vitamin Complex is rich in Biotin and Mineral Salts and provides energy and accelerates the metabolism of the hair follicle. Physical and emotional stresses contribute to hair loss by causing hormonal disturbances as well as a lack of vitamins and mineral salts. In this state, the entire metabolism speeds up, activating the production of hormones, which stimulate the sebaceous glands, causing a build up of grease on the scalp, which “suffocates” the roots, weakening the hair and causing it to fall out. These factors can be the cause of hair loss and can significantly accelerate hereditary hair loss. MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL targets this problem with a unique vitamin complex from the finest raw ingredients. Ivy, Hops and Capsicum Herbal Extracts penetrate deep into the scalp next to the roots, speeding up the circulation and the nutrition of the affected tissues, recovering the weakened hair strands.

This formula promotes better circulation to the scalp, addresses damaging free radicals with potent antioxidants, helps to block DHT and fights harmful bacteria. This dramatically boosts the effectiveness of Minoxidil and Aminexil SP94 and promotes hair that is healthy and strong. DS Laboratories proprietary nanosomes act as the carrier enhancement agent. These nanosomes are about 10 times smaller then cells and penetrate deep into the epidermis and continuously release the active herbal extracts over a 12-hour period. This allows penetration deeper into the hair follicle then other carrier agent including Tretinoin or Azelaic Acid and further enhances the performance of all the ingredients in MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL.

What does MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL do ?

Like any other topical hair loss treatment such as Rogaine or Aminexil, MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL will be most effective in early stages of hair loss. However, many users who did not respond to the Rogaine or Aminexil treatment may see results with MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL including users with advanced stages of hair loss. You can also expect more pronounced and faster results (thicker fuller hair with result after just 3 months of use) then with either Rogaine or Aminexil alone.

If your hair loss is caused by hereditary factors then continued use will be required to maintain new hair growth. If you discontinue use of MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL then hair that grew under the treatment will begin to fall out over a period of 2 – 3 months. There is no “cure” for hair loss; MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL simply allows you to control hair loss.

If the cause of hair loss is related to other factors such as diet, emotional or physical stress, and hormonal changes then it is possible to completely discontinue the use of MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL and retain the newly grown hair.

What are the Active Ingredients in MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL ?

Minoxidil 5%: Clinically proven to help re-grow hair; approved by the FDA in treating male-pattern hair loss for more then 15 years.

Aminexil SP94: Clinically proven to help re-grow hair; Aminexil is a patented molecule that is the result of over 10 years of research at L’Oreal laboratories. Research has indicated that hair loss is linked to the stiffening of the hair roots and Aminexil has been specifically developed to prevent the stiffening and premature aging of the roots.)

Retinol: Has been shown to improve the absorption and effectiveness of Minoxidil; Minoxidil and Retinol is often prescribed together by dermatologists

Vitamin Complex: Accelerates the metabolism of the hair follicle.

Herbal Extracts: Provides circulation and nutrition to the affected tissues).

Nanosomes: Microscopic capsules deliver active ingredients deeper into the tissue.

Adenosinez: Powerful hair regrowth agent, similar action to Minoxidil with no side effects.

Procyanidin B-2 and C-1: Hair regrowth agent with no side effects, exceptional results when combined with minoxidil.

The addition of Adenosince and Procyanidin B-2 and C-1 is a recent innovation that further boosts the performance of MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL. Both compounds are encapsulated in our proprietary nanosomes. MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL is the only formulation in the world that delivers Adenosine and Procyanidin B-2 and C-1 in a nanosomal carrier agent. MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL works by combining the effectiveness of each of the active ingredients and simultaneously combating various causes of hair loss. This formula also enhances the action of each ingredient to grow normally strong and healthy hair which is not possible to achieve with any of the active ingredients alone. MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL produces more rapid results then Rogaine and produces effective results in users who previously did not respond to the Rogaine treatment. MINOXIDIL 5% and AMINEXIL SP94 / RETINOL can also treat hair loss on the entire scalp including the frontal areas, while Rogaine® (pure Minoxidil) has only been shown effective on the crown of the scalp.

Minoxidil has been tested in hundreds of clinical studies on thousands of volunteers and has been shown effective in the treatment of hair loss particularly on the vertex of the head. Minoxidil has been approved for use in treating male-pattern hair loss for more than 15 years. Clinical studies of the effects of 5% Minoxidil in treating male-pattern hair loss report that a majority of patients found: Very effective to effective results in promoting new hair growth over the period of treatment. Decreased hair loss. Minimal side effects. Results of the studies were evaluated by both patients and physicians; in one of the studies, physicians with male-pattern hair loss were included in the study population.

Aminexil is the only other clinically proven medication that has been shown to be effective in the treatment of hair loss. Research at L’Oreal laboratories has discovered that hair loss in men and women is linked to the accelerated ageing of the roots characterized by the stiffening of hair roots. This causes the roots to become rigid and compresses the blood vessels that nourish and stimulate them. The roots weaken, and the hair falls out prematurely (alopecia). In men, the stiffening of roots gradually spreads; the roots produce hair that is increasingly fine and has an ever shorter life span. Aminexil is a genuine anti-hair loss innovation and fights against the stiffening of hair roots, closely linked to their premature ageing. Thus, Aminexil preserves the vital functions of the roots and helps to reduce hair loss. Aminexil is protected by an international patent and guarantees effectiveness verified by dermatologists.

Product Ingredients:

Minoxidil 5% (Meets Ep And Usp Specifications), Aminexil Sp94, Retinol, Nanosomes, Copper Peptides, Vitamin & Mineral Complex.

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Hair Loss: What Really Works Against DHT-Related Hair Loss in Men and Women

If you suffer from the most common form of hair loss, which is connected to excess DHT in your scalp and causes the common baldness in man and hair thinning in women, you will have probably tried countless over the counter treatments as well as natural alternatives. You may have even visited private hair clinics which, I think, are often providing disappointing hair loss treatments: you may feel disheartened and may have spent a fortune on trying to slow down or stop your hair loss.

There are going to be real cures in the near future, since there is increasing evidence of radical, new cures which will not only stop hair loss but stimulate total hair re-growth. Clinical trials have to go through the long and winding road of FDA approvals, so we won’t be able to buy these new cures for a while.

Meantime, there are real treatments which will at the very least significantly slow down your hair loss.

1 – If you suffer from advanced hair loss (if you are already going bald) you will need a combination of treatments in order to quickly stop hair thinning but also stimulate hair re-growth. Anti-DHT topical solutions, combined with a good DHT-blocking shampoo, will be essential. You can also combine the DHT blocking topical solutions with a hair growth stimulant. When you do your research, make sure that the hair loss products you are considering clearly state that their action is one of the above stated and, most importantly, that these products are recommended by viable sources or independent sources. Only the very best of medical products contain the appropriate active ingredients in the right compound. Some of the best products are available over the counter; if you are unsure, consult a good dermatologist and ask him/her which brands he/she recommends. Then, when you have a list of potential products from a variety of sources, decide what’s best for you (and your pocket).

Alternative, natural treatments. There are some natural hair loss treatments which contain natural active ingredients with the properties indicated above (DHT-blocking topical lotions and shampoos and hair growth stimulators). Only a minority of these products, especially the ones you find advertised everywhere, are actually effective. I would stay away from ‘combinations’ because they seem to be less effective than 3 separate active ingredients. All in all, if you are considering topical, natural lotions to apply to your scalp, my experience tells me it is not going to be as effective as the ‘chemical’ ones. You can, of course, take natural hair health supplements as an overall skin and hair booster. However, by themselves they will not be enough.

If you suffer from mild hair thinning (still DHT-related), using a DHT-blocking and inflammation-reducing shampoo may well be enough. There are only 2 or 3 shampoos with these properties that you can either buy over the counter or order from a country where these shampoos are available. All of those shampoos with DHT-reducing properties also fight a scalp fungal infection and eliminate scalp inflammation. These shampoos do not have, at present, a viable natural alternative: you will need to buy the ‘chemical-based’ ones. However, they are very effective.

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Use Eyebrow Makeup to Cover Up Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow hair loss is a major problem nowadays among many men and women. The good news is that there are various ways that you can use to get back the same eyebrow hair. However, there are no quick ways to get the eyebrow hair back. The tattoo treatment would be an exception here since it does not involve the use of hair at all. The fact regarding the disease is that for many people the major reason is autoimmune disease. The condition is known as Alopecia Areata, which affects the scalp hair, eyebrow hair or any other hairy area of the body.

You can use eyebrow makeup to cover the hair loss. It is simple and you won’t even want to take help from someone else. All you need is your eyebrow makeup kit and eyebrow stencil. When you go shopping for eyebrow stencils, make sure that you purchase the one that suits the shape of your eyebrows.

First, put the stencil over your eyebrows and draw a line towards the inner side. When you have drawn the line, use a dark pencil to redefine it so it does not fade off easily. The color of the pencil should be that of your eyebrow hair color. Now take a colored eye shadow that goes well with the hair color of your eyebrow.

People usually have black, dark brown or light grey eye brow hair colors, depending on age and the natural hair color. Start filling the outline with the brush with the color. Make lighter strokes and use color in lesser quantity so it does not look fake. Fill in the color in between the eyebrow hair as well so it looks natural. When you are done with it, brush off the extra powder on both the eyebrows, pat them with a smudge brush so the color blends in equally.

Now smudge and blend the outline towards the inner side of your eyebrows so it evens out. The look will be more pleasant and bright. If you have very light eyebrows and you wish to have a dramatic look, you can use a bolder shade of the eye pencil.

However, make sure that the eyebrow color does not look like a patch on the eyebrow. It should look absolutely natural and well kept. Also, when you use dark makeup for your eyebrows, make sure that you use a bold black shade of mascara for your eyelashes. Doing so will give a softer and natural look to your eyebrow makeup.

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