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Tips For Taking Maca If It Gives You Heartburn

I have gotten quite a few questions about how to deal with Maca powder and digestive issues such as light cramping or upset stomach. Generally this is attributable to the extra starch content found in Raw Maca products and the solution is often as simple as switching over to a cooked Maca powder called Gelatinized Maca.

Recently, however, I received a question about how to take Maca powder if it gives you heartburn. I’ve put together a list of my top tips to help you still get the benefits of Maca and avoid the discomfort of heartburn.

As a long time user of Maca Powder as well as a natural health consultant, I’ve seen that it’s really rare for people to have heartburn from Maca. But it does happen sometimes. I’m not 100% sure what causes it. But I have discovered a few things that can really help people overcome heartburn and other digestive issues when taking Maca products. Here is the list:

  1. For some people Raw Maca powder is too strong to digest due to its high concentration of starch. If you also get upset stomach on Maca as well as heartburn, then you really should try Gelatinized Maca. It’s had the starch content removed which makes it much easier to digest. Most people with sensitivity to Raw Maca powders report no troubles at all with Gelatinized Maca.
  2. Make sure you are getting high quality Certified Organic Maca and Fresh – that’s a really, really big help. Some Maca powders have chemical fertilizer residues and have sat around too long before being used. We certainly want to avoid this if at all possible.
  3. Try Red Maca since it’s the sweetest and most palatable. Some people who have had trouble with other Maca powders do just fine with Red Maca.
  4. Try taking Maca with yogurt, avocado or milk or another fatty food – this often helps ease the stomach.
  5. Make sure to keep your dosages small (less than a teaspoon at once) until you feel like you can increase the quantity.
  6. Avoid taking Maca with any kind of fruit – this makes the heartburn worse.
  7. If all else fails, try taking your Maca in combination with digestive enzymes. You can get them at your health food store. This has helped quite a few people, although quality enzymes tend to be expensive.

Also remember that Maca is part of the mustard family and is by nature a bit spicy. But if you’re using a good quality product with some fatty food, you should be able to get it down without having digestive issues. Really hope this helps and wish you a great day!

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3 Tips To Handle Cravings And Hunger When Losing Weight

It’s inevitable, there will be some hunger and cravings when you’re trying to lose weight. For most people, feeling hungry is very uncomfortable which leads them to indulge and negate their weight loss efforts. What’s happening when you’re losing weight is that your body is trying to preserve its fat stores in case of a real famine. When you’re dieting, you have to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight so your body interprets this as if there is no more food available. The hunger hormone known as ghrelin increases and causes you to feel that grumbling tummy and seek out food in order to save your life. Unfortunately our bodies don’t realize we are really just trying to shed some pounds and no, we aren’t actually dying. The leaner you get though (think those last 10lbs), the more hunger you will feel. This hungry feeling is a survival mechanism so don’t worry, you’re not alone with this feeling. Here are some tips you can use to help you feel full and quell cravings even when you’re dieting.

Tip 1: Volume

Sometimes simply filling up your stomach with high volume foods does the trick. A volume food is something that is low in calories but is high in quantity/mass. A great example of a volume food is vegetables. Eating a large bowl of sliced cucumber or celery sticks will not derail your diet because they are so low in calories and are filling. You’d be amazed at how adding 4-5 servings of vegetables a day can do wonders for cravings and keep you feeling full. Here are some more examples of volume foods:

• spaghetti squash

• kelp or konjac noodles (low carbohydrate noodles)

• puffed rice, quinoa or millet

• pickles

• replacing oils with applesauce in baking recipes at a 1:1 ratio

Tip 2: Fluids

Try drinking water when you feel hungry. It is common to mistake hunger for thirst. When we fill our stomachs with water this can help keep that hunger feeling at bay. It’s also a tactic to keep us feeling full so we won’t eat more food than we should. Here are some more examples of fluids you can have to help with hunger and cravings:

• plain tea

• black coffee (try using a zero calorie sweetener such as stevia)

• any 0 calorie beverage such as natural sodas (Zevia) or natural sparkling fruit waters

Tip 3: Stay Busy

Have you ever had a long, busy day that you came home from and said, “Wow, I didn’t even eat today”? You were completely occupied that you didn’t have time to eat. This is a good strategy to implement to deal with cravings – keep yourself busy. Here are some things you can do to redirect your focus from cravings and the “dieting hunger”:

• get out of the kitchen or even out of the house

• go for a walk or bicycle ride

• exercise

• walk the dog

• visit or call a friend

• clean and/or organize your home

• do any activity that you love such as singing, dancing, painting, knitting, playing a game, or watching a movie

• work on a project you’ve been meaning to get to

Losing weight has pros and cons but keep in mind that losing weight is temporary, and when you’ve achieved your goals you can slightly increase calories again. Stay disciplined, focused and consistent and you will reach your goals.

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How To Lose Baby Fat – Lose The Weight And Get Your Body Back FAST

How to lose baby fat can be the most challenging aspect of being a new Mother, the trauma our bodies go through when carrying and giving birth to our babies can affect everything from our thyroid gland (regulates metabolism) to our diaphragm walls (stomach bulge).

Luckily Asian women have mastered how to lose weight quickly and stay lean even just after having a baby, and you can do the same things they do to get into shape and look fabulous in a hurry.

How To Lose Baby Fat – The Skinny Asian Way

The most important thing I tell students in my local weight-loss classes regarding how to lose baby fat is that our bodies are in a recovery state for much of the first six months after we give birth.

From massive hormone changes to stretching of various tissues in our body, pregnancy is a dramatic change that needs to be handled carefully as we get back to our old selves. Therefore it’s important that you not resort to dangerous diet pills, crazy supplements, or any other risky things as your body heals itself during this time.

And while you’re not going to learn ALL of the best ways how to lose baby fat that Asian women use after a pregnancy from just a single short article online, you CAN pick up some great tips that will get you started on the right road:

1. Reactivate your metabolism by doing this simple routine – Most new Moms are far too weak from a lack of sleep and the stress of handling a newborn to even think about working out or exercising. And this can last even longer if the baby was delivered by c-section (cesarian) as the recovery process is extended.

However, once you feel like you’re ready, begin by just walking 20-30 minutes around your neighborhood each day, preferably before breakfast as a great way how to lose baby fat.

You don’t have to walk for miles, and you don’t have to walk very fast, as pushing the baby stroller will add a ton of calorie-burning to the process on its own.

Also, walking is critical because you’re activating your abdominal walls, as well as your lower back muscles, with each step you take. This makes it far easier for your stomach area to snap-back to the shape you want it to be versus not doing anything.

Walking is the #1 way Asian women use as to how to lose baby fat, it’s very underrated in a world that tries to take money out of our purses with far more exotic diet product marketing. Stick to the basics and you’ll see progress quickly.

2. We’ve all heard this tip before but are you doing it correctly? – Breastfeeding will zap around 600 to 900 calories from your system per DAY that you do it due to the massive energy needed to produce and store milk in your system. It’s a fantastic way to drop baby fat right from the start and will definitely help you answer how to lose baby fat quickly.

The problem though is that once you STOP breastfeeding, if you don’t alter your food intake you will pack on the pounds like crazy, and this is common with first-time Moms.

Be sure to be aware of when you’re going to wean your baby off of breast milk, because your metabolism will fall right away. Counter this by eating food that boosts your metabolic rate, like lean chicken (skinless), spices such as tumeric and chile pepper, high-fiber natural foods like fruits and veggies, and 3-4 cups of green tea daily.

You’ll not only lose baby fat by eating more this base group of foods, you’ll also notice your health and immune systems will both recover much more quickly.

3. If you just can’t lose weight ever, try this secret tip – I know it can be depressing, but if you’re upset because nothing has worked you need to learn one of the most powerful secret free methods that Asian women do to force fat off of their belly and thighs in less than a month…WITHOUT starving or doing crazy workouts.

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What Are the BRAT and CRAM Gastrointestinal Upset Diets?

The BRAT and CRAM gastrointestinal diets are often recommended by physicians for gastroenteritis and/or severe diarrhea.

The BRAT Acronym stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast.

The CRAM Acronym stands for Cereals, Rice and Milk.

When a person is suffering from severe dehydration caused by diarrhea and/or vomiting, it is essential to replace the loss of body fluids. Years ago, doctor’s recommended the BRAT diet for several days until the gastroenteritis subsided, but now that diet has been replaced with the CRAM diet because it contains more protein and fat content than the BRAT diet.

Symptoms of dehydration include but are not limited to: dry mouth, lack of urination, dark urine, headache, rapid heart rate, dry skin, skin flushing, fatigue, fever, chills, extreme thirst and muscle spasms.

It is also important to start oral re-hydration therapy as soon as vomiting subsides and the patient can tolerate the intake of fluids. It is highly recommended that the patient start with caffeine-free soft drinks, low acidic juices and soup broths to help replace the fluid loss. These beverages are usually recommended for 24-48 hours.

Here is a suggested list of food and beverages to try:

plain oatmeal

rice cereals


cream of wheat


gelatins (jello)

chicken or beef broth


caffeine-free cola


Italian ice’s

popsicles (fruit juice or rootbeer flavors)


plain rice



If your symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or if they are accompanied by abdominal pain, blood in your emesis, blood in your stools or a fever over 101 degrees, it is time for you to call your Physician or visit your local hospital or health clinic.

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Top 10 Tips on How to Stay Motivated During A Juice Fast

1. Learn all about juice fasting for weight loss before anything else

Do some research about the diet before committing to anything. Try to understand its purpose, its benefits and how exactly it works in the body to know if this is something you’re ready for – physically and mentally. Don’t start a diet unless you intend to stick to it until the very end.

2. List all the reasons you have for going through a juice fast

Before you begin with the diet, take the time to sit down and make a list of your personal reasons for wanting to do a juice fast. When you find yourself wanting to stop in the middle of your diet, bring the list out to remind yourself of why you made the commitment in the first place.

3. Look for inspiration

One effective way to do this is to read blogs of people who have achieved their weight loss goals through juicing. Reading success stories of other people experienced what you’re going through right now will be of great help.

4. Stay positive

Surround yourself with people who are there to support your goals such as family and friends. Being in a positive environment will help you reach your goals easier.

5. Plan your “meals” ahead

Make sure you have a meal plan ready for each day of your juice fast. Following a meal plan, knowing what to juice and when to drink the juice will help you focus on your weight loss goals.

6. Listen to your body

While on a juice fast, your body is going through cleansing and detoxification which may cause your energy levels to drop at times. When you feel tired, rest or sleep. When you feel hungry, drink juice or water. Learning to listen to your body’s needs will help you feel more at ease while juice fasting.

7. Do fun and relaxing activities

Doing things that help you relax will increase your weight loss motivation and will help take your mind off of cravings. Creating art, learning a new hobby, reading a good book or watching your favorite movie are some of the things you can try.

8. Be creative with your juices

One reason why some people stop at the middle of a fast is because they get bored with the taste of juice. This doesn’t have to be the case for you – juice different types of fruits and vegetables so that you also consume different tastes. Be creative with your combinations!

9. Think of your health

If you’re juicing for weight loss and find yourself about to fall off the wagon, think about your health. If you stop now, you won’t only lose a chance in weight loss, but you are also losing a great chance to become healthier.

10. Picture the benefits you’ll get after the juice fast

One of the best ways to feel motivated about something is to think about the rewards. Remember, the harder the challenge, the better the rewards at the end of the line.

Follow these simple tips while juicing for weight loss and you’ll surely complete your fast with flying colors.

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Quick Guide to The Science of Losing Weight Naturally

Losing weight is no miracle. It takes months of effort, a good exercise plan and a diet program to get the right results. If you have been struggling with those extra pounds, there are a few things that you need to understand. In this post, we will try to understand the science and details of losing weight, without with unnatural and unhealthy diets, of course.

Don’t Believe Everything

We all want to lose as many pounds as possible at the earliest. Sadly, in the quest of dropping kilos, people end up following everything that they read or hear. No cabbage soup or alkaline diet can work for your body, unless you adopt certain essential lifestyle changes. The internet is full of hoax diets, tricks, supplements, and drugs, which promise to help without any consequences. Doctors and leading health experts always advise against such traps.

Understand The Two Components

There are two important factors for losing weight, and both are equally important – diet and exercise. Dieting doesn’t mean cutting down all the foods that you like, but it is more about eating a healthy and balanced diet. This includes the right balance between all the three macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates, and fats. If you are trying to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit diet in the first place, which will reduce the amount of carbohydrates you take each day. The next component is exercise. You cannot lose weight, unless you start exercising. You need at least one form of activity each day, which can be anything from extensive weight training to brisk walking. If you are out of shape and exercise, you can always start with light walking for an hour, which can be combined with cardio and other exercises.

Seek Help

There are some fantastic services for people looking to lose weight, and some of these follow the actual science of art loss. These are not ‘one package fits all’ kind of programs. Instead, the experts will understand your personal issues and guide you through a metabolic weight loss program, which will include all the possible aspects, including your metabolism rate, health problems, and other concerns. You will also have a personal counselor, who will offer all kinds of assistance, so that you are motivated throughout the journey. Of course, these programs can be different from each other, so you need to choose something that’s more customized. The costs typically depend on the service, but in most custom programs, the package prices are determined by the kind of assistance you need.

With exercise and diet, you can lose weight faster than you think. This inevitably requires patience and determination. Since most people start losing steam midway, there are coaches who help in staying motivated. If you have never tried an active lifestyle, it’s time for a change. Don’t delay in seeking help, because there are no secrets out there. The sooner you start, the better benefits you will get in a shorter time. Allow your body to ease!

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Lose Weight Naturally – Herbal Supplements Amaze You With Their Weight Loss Capability

Obesity is a disease in itself, though many people do not recognize it. There are various health conditions that can occur from a person being obese. These include deadly diseases that are chronic like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and heart diseases. All these have a great link with obesity. It is very important for an obese person to lose weight as early as possible for the person to lead a healthy life, but the method that is used in the weight loss process is also very important. The reason for this is that unless the weight loss is natural and healthy, the person will suffer various side effects from the weight loss process itself.

The common method that is used to lose weight includes the use of various weight loss supplements. There are people who use only methods like exercise and also dieting to reduce their weight. Obesity is a condition that is very resilient and if you have used weight loss methods, you would have realized that the weight loss that occurs with dieting and exercise cannot be retained for a long time. There are many people who have lost a lot of weight through various means and have gained more weight than was lost in quick time.

Hoodia gordonii is one of the best methods that you can use to make sure that the weight decrease that you are able to achieve is lost forever. The reason for a person regaining the weight is that the human mind cannot be satisfied easily and your hunger overtakes you, and you eat a lot which makes you regain your weight. Hoodia gordonii helps you to have decreased hunger drive and this causes the person to progressively decrease the amount of food that is consumed.

Hoodia gordonii is one of the best herbal supplements that are available in the market. Though there are many other kinds of weight loss supplements that are available in the market, they cannot beat Hoodia gordonii. You will in fact be amazed by the results when you are able to have a massive reduction in your weight without the strenuous exercises and also the difficulty associated with going on a crash diet. The weight loss is also permanent making Hoodia gordonii to be the best option for you.

The lack of side effects present in this herbal supplement also makes it the best weight loss method that you can follow. Since it is an herbal product, there are only benefits that can be obtained from consuming this product. There are various antioxidant effects available in this product that prevents the person from various other chronic diseases. The antioxidants in this herbal product also help to neutralize all the free radicals from the body.

The amazing herbal supplement that you consume in the form of a small pill is also a very easy method of losing weight. There is no need to spend long hours thinking of when to do exercises and where to do them. All you have to do is to pop in a pill and you are on your way to have a massive weight reduction.

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Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly? Easy Ways to Lose Weight

If you are desperate to lose weight quickly, then you need to make sure that you are following safe and proven weight loss programs and tips that can give you effective and long lasting results.

Many people depend on fat loss pills and diet supplements as the fastest way to lose weight, which can ruin your health and offer you only temporary results. Intensive workouts may actually leave your body tired and devoid of any energy and is definitely not the right way towards quick weight loss. So what works? A slow and steady way of losing weight can give you better results in the long term and lead to definite weight loss.

You need to have a strong sense of determination and set your goals for slimming down accordingly. There is no short cut to successfully losing excess weight and you need to remember that a well shaped and toned body can be achieved using the right combination of exercises and planning a healthy diet.

Lots of people become victims to the false claims made by unethical manufacturers and end up buying different weight loss products. However, it is important to realize that these can prove disastrous to the health and cause various kinds of side effects.

Some smart tips for quick weight loss

If you are aiming at quick and safe weight loss, then you can follow some of the tips given here:

Switch to a low glycemic diet

It is important to eat foods which have a low glycemic index and contain less fat and at the same time contain essential nutrients that can keep your body healthy. You can include in your diet lots of grains – including breakfast cereals that contain oats, barley and whole grain breads, as well as eating different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Reduce your meal portions

One of the easy ways to lose some excess weight is to cut down the quantity of your meal portions to reduce food consumption. Make sure that you take small portions of food every time and increase the frequency of eating to about 5-6 times a day by including healthy servings of fruits and vegetables like salads. However, make sure to avoid salad dressings that are oily and fattening.

Eat more protein-based foods

Eat more protein-based foods which can help in increasing your metabolism and burn fat more easily. A protein rich diet helps you to preserve your lean muscle and gives you good energy after a workout. Make sure that the protein foods that you choose are low in fat to get the best results.

Combine cardio exercises along with weight training

Do cardio workouts along with a weight-training program that can speed up the process of burning fat and build muscle for a well-toned body. Also, remember that a shorter workout can produce better results than longer workouts done at a moderate pace.

Use effective weight loss programs and tips if you really want to slim down, tone up and look fantastic!

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Weight Loss – Could Your Belly Fat Be Smoker’s Belly?

If you smoke and carry weight around your middle, that belly fat could be smoker’s belly! Most people have never heard of ‘smoker’s belly’ but studies have been done in the past more than once that explain why you’re on the thin side (or fat side) and have a protruding stomach.

Smokers usually weigh less than nonsmokers but not all smokers are slim either. And even though smokers weigh less than nonsmokers they tend to have more belly fat. One of the studies that was done in England of 21,800 British men and women reported that even though smokers have a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) they have more belly fat.

And compared to people who have never smoked, smokers had the smallest waist to hip ratio than current smokers. And the more cigarettes that are smoked the larger the belly. So if you start smoking even more cigarettes it means you will continue to increase the size of your belly. When current smokers were compared to former smokers or people who have never smoked, the smokers had bigger waist measurements and smaller hip measurements.

This research suggests that smoking may lead to belly fat if you don’t have any now and lead to more belly fat if you do have it now and also a reduction of lean muscle mass.

Even though smokers usually weigh less than nonsmokers do, not all smokers are slim, of course. When smokers start putting on the weight or fat they are more likely than nonsmokers to deposit it around the belly and this is verified in another study.

It’s still not known why smokers tend to accumulate more belly fat than nonsmokers do. But some researchers make a guess that smokers might be more likely to eat foods that are high in saturated fat than non-smokers but this has not been proven. Why the body tends to distribute the weight to the mid-section is yet to be discovered. Perhaps the chemicals in the cigarettes or tobacco influence the hormone levels.

What can you do about it if you have a fat belly? Quitting smoking is the first thing you want to do. When you quit smoking the body will adjust and slowly you’ll lose the belly fat provided you’re not taking in extra calories. Combine this with a weight loss program or weight loss plan or diet that you devise and you will lose weight and get rid of belly fat fast. You waist line will shrink and you will lose inches that have been around for a long time.

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Ginger and Weight Loss – Does Ginger and Garlic Really Burn Fat & Make You Lose Weight?

Becoming slim & fit is the agenda for every third person you meet. There are innumerable tips and weight loss diets available online. Along with the chemical diet supplements you also hear about the natural fruits & herbs that help you lose those love handles. But have you ever heard of ginger and garlic helping in weight loss? Yes, they are quite beneficial in helping you lose the extra body fat. They are surely a wise choice over the artificial diets.

Ginger and Weight Loss

· Ginger is recognized for its excellent medicinal properties for a long time. It is best to help the digestive system. Ginger contains shogoals & gingerols. These help calm the stomach acid. It further helps in toning the muscles of digestive tract.

· Ginger root is beneficial in medicinal uses. It lowers the cholesterol level which in turn helps in weight loss.

· Ginger root aids the metabolism.

· It improves the gastric mobility. This helps in reducing the bloating by the moving food and aids digestion.

· There are a number of ginger root weight loss supplements available online.

· This also makes the digestion process work properly.

Garlic and Weight Loss

· Garlic is the other miracle food that makes you fit & healthy. It contains a compound called allicin that has anti bacterial effects. It helps in reducing the unhealthy fat & cholesterol.

· Garlic helps in weight loss as it contains antioxidants. These antioxidants also help reducing the risk of cancer.

· For losing weight with garlic include it in your day to day diet.

· It increases your metabolism by removing the toxins and improving the circulation.

· It does not have any side effects.

· Garlic gives you excellent result when accompanied with a balanced diet and regular exercises.

So, it is now clear that with the use of ginger and garlic, weight loss is no longer a painful affair.

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