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Classical Conditioning: The Secret Behind Exercise Motivation

We all know how hard it can be sometimes to get off the couch and exercise.

Even the least creative of minds can come up with some excuse to avoid going for a run. Procrastination is a huge issue in fitness. But many people don’t realize how easy it can be to motivate yourself to go for a run.

What if you could trick your mind into thinking it actually wanted to exercise?

Using simple psychology, you can turn your mind into your very own personal trainer! For free.

Your mind used to be your biggest barrier to exercise – your body craved a run, but you talked yourself out of it. Now your mind can be your biggest motivator. How?

Classical conditioning.

Step one is to make a plan. Before you can even start to use psychological conditioning, you need to create a tangible workout schedule. Start with small, attainable goals – such as going for a run every other evening for a week.

You need to write your plan out as a list – and put it somewhere you’ll see every day. This constant reminder that you should be exercising is important to the concept of classical conditioning which we will try to implement into your exercise routine.

Next it’s time to apply the psychological phenomenon of classical conditioning.

Classical conditioning is a term given to the psychological effect of stimulus association. Perhaps you’ve heard of Pavlov’s dogs – who came to associate food with the sound of a bell, and eventually salivated merely at the bell. Classical conditioning requires a neutral stimulus to gradually become closely associated with a stimulus which causes some sort of reflex in the subject. Eventually the boundary between the stimuli will become blurred in the mind. The ultimate goal of classical conditioning is to transfer the reflex from the second stimulus to the first (previously neutral) stimulus.

So what’s the neutral stimulus in your exercise plan?

The act of going for a run.

In order to achieve effective motivation through classical conditioning, you need to find a stimulus – which already causes a reaction from you – and begin associating it with the act of exercise.

For example: your favourite song. Go cold turkey on listening to your favourite song – unless you are exercising. Make sure that you do not hear the song at any other time. Look forward to listening to it while you run!

After a while, the same feelings you get NOW when you hear your favourite song will be associated with the act of exercise.

To run will be a treat – whether or not you listen to the song.

Although the stimulus of music is ideal for this sort of conditioning – because it is easy to control, and easy to associate with physical activity – you CAN experiment with other types of stimuli as well!

Maybe you have a favourite shirt that would be appropriate to run in. Maybe you can drink your favourite energy drink on your run.

Keep in mind that stimuli which are associated with physical activity WHILE you are completing the activity are the most effective. The more intense the connection with the actual activity, the more effective the classical conditioning will be. And, ultimately, the more you will love exercising!

Finally, realize that lack of motivation to exercise is something that everyone experiences.

But now you’re one of the few who know the secret to overcoming exercise procrastination.

And you can beat this laziness!

Now get out there and go for a run!

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Shaving Your Head – Advice For the First-timer

Shaving your head is an art, one committed baldies perfect over years of figuring out what works for them. But for the first-time head shaver, a few simple guidelines will help your first head shave go smoothly.

Shaving your head bald, for some, is a scenario they’ve gone through mentally many times before actually taking a razor to their scalps. For others, their first head shave is an impulsive, spur-of-the-moment thing. I’d have to say my first head shave was a bit of both. I did have the benefit of some knowledge of head shaving technique, but I basically had to figure it out for myself. A good beginner’s guide to shaving your head sure would have been nice. In that spirit, here’s a fairly comprehensive outline of the basics, from somebody who has been bald by choice for 17 years.

Be careful

One of the mistakes people often make when shaving their heads for the first time is to forget that a previously unshaven scalp is very sensitive.

It’s understandable to want a perfectly smooth head right away. I know I did the first time. Bald means smooth, and you want to be bald. But this can lead the inexperienced head shaver to shave the same areas repeatedly from multiple angles, pressing too hard on the scalp and often continuing after the shaving cream has stopped offering any lubrication and started to get sticky. The result can be nicks, irritation and ingrown hairs marring your beautiful bald head the following day. Not good.

Clean your scalp, and lather well

The first thing to consider is a clean scalp, free of dirt, excess oil, etc. If you’re shaving your head for the first time and don’t happen to have a friend who is skilled with a straight razor, I’m assuming you’ve clipped your hair to the scalp and are now covered in hair clippings. Before you go any further, wash your head with soap and water. Better yet, take a shower. If this is not practical in your particular circumstances, at least wipe your head down with a warm wash cloth.

Your next concern is good lubrication. There are lots of good products out there, some specifically for shaving your head Some commercial shaving creams are better than others. I recommend if you’re going the canned shaving cream route to get a moisturizing shaving gel specifically for sensitive skin. I rather like Aveeno shave gel, with colloidal oatmeal.

Canned shaving cream should still be used with a shaving brush. Put a generous amount of gel on your head, wet your brush and work that shaving cream into your scalp with a firm circular motion, kind of like brushing your teeth. Work your way around your head, wetting the brush occasionally. Don’t be in too much of a hurry. Lathering up is an important step, and it can also be fun.

Myself, I haven’t used shaving cream in years. I find good bar soap (natural handmade soap, not your typical Irish Spring or Zest) does a great job. Some kinds of hand lotion are nice, as are sugar scrubs made with natural oils. I personally like to use a sugar scrub, which exfoliates and leaves a light coating of oil that I just lather right over top of. I’ll get into scrubs in more detail in a future post.

Use a good razor

Now that you are lathered up, get a razor with a brand new blade. Always use a new blade on virgin scalp. I can’t stress that enough. You’ll be experiencing a bald head for the first time, so don’t make it a sore, itchy, reddish one.

I’ve tried just about every popular razor, and the best one for shaving your head, in my opinion, is the Gillette Mach 3. There are cheaper razors, there are fancier ones, and there are ones made specifically for shaving your head, but of all the options, the Mach 3 is just about the best head shaving razor out there. Its design allows lather and hair to pass right through, so it requires less rinsing and unless the hair you’re shaving is longer than an eighth of an inch, it’s virtually clog-proof. And it also seems to give the greatest number of comfortable head shaves per blade than any razor I’ve tried. One blade can last me two or three weeks, and still give a good shave when its indicator strip has not only changed color, but just about worn away completely in the middle. But I’m a head shaver of almost 20 years. For a beginner, I’d recommend changing razor blades much more frequently. If the razor seems to pull or drag or feel at all uncomfortable on your scalp, change the blade. As your scalp gets tougher and you get more experience at shaving your head, you’ll figure out what works for you.

Direction of hair growth

There is some debate over shaving with the grain vs against the grain. If you want a smooth head, you have to shave against the grain. However, I don’t recommend shaving the back of your neck against the grain, at least not at first. Anything above the ears is generally fine, but being a little overzealous on the first shave can make a mess of your neck. It might not be obvious at first, but by the next day it’s going to look like a pepperoni pizza.

What I recommend for a first-time shaver is a simple front-to-back shaving motion. Start at the forehead, and shave toward the back of your neck in nice smooth strokes, trying not to go over the same spot more than a couple of times. You’ll get the top and sides nice and smooth. The back will feel rough if you stroke upward with your hand, but it will still be pretty smooth in the other direction. Do it this way for a week or two, and then you can try angling your strokes slightly across the grain. After a while, your scalp will get used to the shaving and you can go against the grain at the back.

Never forget that if your head starts to get dry or sticky while shaving, put some more lather on, or at least wet it a little, to keep that razor gliding smoothly. This is also a good time to wet a couple of fingers and move them in little circles on your scalp. You’ll feel any spot that you didn’t get smooth, and you’ll know which direction that hair is growing in. There will be areas that require shaving in more than one direction. The crown is particularly tricky, but you also have to be careful around the hairline, behind the ears, and where the sides meet the top of your head. Feel while you shave. It will make the job easier, and it will keep your lather from drying out. For the sake of neatness and maintaining moisture, you might want to try shaving your head in the shower.

Care and maintenance

As for caring for your shaved head, I’ve never been one for creams or lotions, but you will want to keep from getting a dry scalp. An oily scalp is more likely to be a concern, as your bald scalp continues to produce oil for a head of hair that isn’t there. An occasional wipe with a washcloth or a cleansing pad in addition to your daily shower is all you need.

Time of day makes a difference. The most convenient time to shave your head is most likely in the morning, but it does come at a small price. Your scalp swells ever so slighly while you sleep horizontally, and then shrinks again after you get up. That means your smooth morning head shave will not stay smooth for long. If you’re up for a little while before you shave, the swelling will have a chance to come down and you can get a closer shave. Evening is a great time to shave, as you get a very close shave, and it actually feels great to go to bed with a freshly shaved head. But evening is not usually the time for a daily shave, since it won’t be fresh for the following day.

However, it is sometimes a good idea to have a second shave in the evening if you’re going out, just to freshen up your head and get rid of that five o’clock shadow.

As for how often to shave your head, that’s entirely up to you. Personally, I’m so accustomed to being bald, I don’t feel clean if I get any stubble up there, so I like to shave my head every day. Some people go a few days because their scalp gets irritated. I used to, but it’s been my experience that daily head shaving actually conditions the scalp better in the long run, and keeps it cleaner, thus avoiding break-outs. Skipping days actually seems to increase my chances of skin irritation, razor burn or acne.

Try it for a while

The other deciding factor for me is that I see myself as a bald man, and that’s how I want to be seen. To me, occasional stubble detracts from my baldness. It’s a reminder that there is still the potential for hair there.

In the end, you can ask ten head shavers for advice and get ten different answers. Shaving your head is a very personal thing, and if you’re committed to maintaining a bald head, you’ll do a fair bit of experimenting, which is really the only way to determine what works for you. But I hope I’ve given you a place to start.

And to stray for just a moment from the nuts and bolts of being bald by choice, there is a psychological and emotional aspect that should not be ignored. Emotionally, that first shave and the knowledge that you really are bald is an intense rush, but it can also be accompanied by initial doubt or regret, as well as a significant amount of self-consciousness. You might feel just fine, but you might also feel like everybody is staring at you. For the most part, they’re not, and that feeling will pass in time. If you do decide to shave your head, commit to keeping your head bald for at least a month. You’ll be much more comfortable with your baldness by that time, your scalp will be used to shaving, and that pale, never-shaved skin tone will have evened out to match your face. And although you might be tempted, do not cover your head up with hats unless you need protection from the sun (and you will). Constantly wearing hats will just trap dirt and oil next to the most acne-prone parts of your scalp. And besides, what’s the point of being bald if people can’t see your bald head?

By the way, after 17 years, baldness might feel more comfortable and natural to me, but reaching up at any hour of the day and feeling my smoothly shaved scalp is still a rush.

Happy head shaving.

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High Protein Diets For Bodybuilding: Learn To Eat The Right Amount

If you are working hard to build your muscles then, you should be aware of a healthy diet. You probably know that bodybuilder’s diet is high in protein. So, eating the right amount of protein is good for your muscles.

It is said that “Proteins are the machinery of living tissue that builds the structures and carries out the chemical reactions necessary for life”.

Therefore, your diet holds lots of importance in your life. So, you need to emphasize on diet as well as workout. If you want to build a good muscle mass you need to abide by the following equation:

70% Healthy Diet + 30% Workout = Healthy Body and Good Muscle Mass

To prove my above equation I will illustrate the high protein diets for weight loss.

You are just one step beyond the fitness. Stay with me and I will let you know the secrets behind bodybuilding and diets.

Let’s watch the whole show!

The Ultimate List Of The High-protein Diets For Bodybuilding

1. The Eggs: Are Always Best When Eaten Fresh

Protein Content: 6 g / 1 large egg

The eggs are the main attraction when you stroll at the grocery store.

These white spheres are close immaculate muscle nourishment. That is on the grounds that the natural esteem-a measure of how much protein from the nourishment can be consolidated into proteins in the body-of an egg is higher than almost whatever another thing in the supermarket.

The natural esteem is to a great extent directed by the measure of basic amino acids a nourishment has, and the modest egg possesses a great deal of these.

Keep an eye out for containers containing eggs with bulked up omega-3 levels to make your morning scramble work considerably harder for you.

So, if want increase protein content in your diet, choose the eggs.

2. Greek Yogurt: A Healthy Ingredient From The Milk Family

Protein Content: 23 g / 8 oz. serving

It’s a great ingredient from the milk family. It is actually yummy in taste. It’s a Greek style Yogurts and it contains the double quantity of protein as compared with the normal one.

The plain yogurt contains the less sugar than the flavored one. I want to let you know one secret. Yogurt is the richest source of calcium.

So, in toto, you get calcium in additional. So, I would suggest you have at least 1 bowl in a day.

3. Cottage Cheese: Milk’s Leap Towards Immortality

Protein Content: 14 g per 1/2 cup serving

The cottage cheese is blessed with the casein protein. This is a slow-digesting protein and it supplies the amino acids to the muscles. It’s beneficial to take this in the form of snack before the bedtime.

The cottage cheese is enriched with sodium as well. But check the labels at the carton. Compare the nutrition labels of different brands.

Those who want to build the good muscle mass can take cottage cheese. Don’t go for artificial supplements. They can harm your body.

4. Swiss Cheese: The Love Of Bodybuilders

Protein Content: 8 g per 1 oz. serving

Swiss cheese is a great option for those who are vegetarians. It provides more protein than the other ingredients. This one is a muscle-friendly option for your sandwich and burger recipes.

You can add this to your evening snacks list or can have the same after the workout when you feel exhausted.

Must try this one!! A love of every bodybuilder.

5. Milk, 2%

Protein Content: 8 g per 1 cup serving

Some people make weird faces when I ask them to have milk. But, milk is a good option. Why choose the flavorless skimmed milk when you have the option for you? You can enjoy your glass of milk and need not break the fat.

Don’t worry! If you have extra fat then, it will be absorbed as fat-soluble nutrients. For example the Vitamin-D.

So have milk and enjoy your work out. Need not worry about!

6. Ground Beef

Protein Content: 18 g / 3 oz. serving

This much amount of ground beef gives you the absolute amount of fat. The beef or you can say the red meat gives you creatine as well. So, you have a buy one get one free deal here.

Isn’t it?

Give a second thought upon it. If you are looking for high protein diets for bodybuilding. Then, add beef in your platter for sure.

7. Chicken Breast: Good For Your Tastebuds

Protein Content: 24 g / 3 oz. serving

Choose the chicken breast but that to be boneless and skinless. Chicken breast offers you lots of proteins and of course good for your taste buds as well.

You can have the chicken breast by tempering it with ginger, garlic, and lemon. This gives the taste as well as the nutrition.

Have it today only!

8. The Protein Bars

Protein Content: 25 g / 100 gms

The chocolates are considered mood swingers. They change the bad mood in the good one. I know your mouth is already watering, even though mine!

I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

Let’s not leave the path. I was talking about protein bars. So, you can have the protein bars after doing the workout. This will give an energy to your exhausted body and in turn, is going to twist your mood.

That is, You will be happy.

Check out the protein content before you buy the protein bar.

Well, It’s Time To Say Good Bye!

Well! Well! Well!

I have given you the list of high protein diets for bodybuilding. So, you can add them to your platter. I always support the natural diet for the body building.

The above-listed products actually hold the high amount of protein and as I have explained you at the beginning that exercise and diet both are the important aspects of bodybuilding.

But diet always holds 70 percent credit. Therefore, your focus should be on diet. You can take reference of your diet counselor for adding these ingredients into your meal platter.

Tell us, if you have any questions for us or if you want to add something to our knowledge. We would love to help you and any sharing of yours is welcomed.

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Healthy Living – Four Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Body Weight

Looking to maintain a healthy body weight? Whether you have been dieting in the last little while and have finally reached your goal weight or you simply are looking to ensure you do not gain weight going forward, there are a few tips that can assist in ensuring you stay on track.

Let us look at four different strategies you can use to keep your weight in check. Four strategies not requiring intricate calorie counting…

1. Add More Protein. If you hate counting calories but want to do your best to prevent weight gain, consider adding more protein to your diet plan. Protein is the nutrient tending to be the most satisfying, so is what you are least likely to overeat.

As a result, you will feel more satisfied after every meal. Thus your chances of eating more than you should go down. Aim to take in at least 15 grams of protein with each snack and 20 to 30 grams with each meal to achieve this effect.

2. Sip Water Throughout The Day. Dehydration can cause food cravings in many people, leading you to eat when you just needed to have a drink. To avoid this, sip water throughout the day. Carry a jug of water with you wherever you go and make a concentrated effort to drink it between meals.

It can help to get a gallon jug of water and fill it up once in the morning and then make sure by dinner time you have drunk it all. A gallon jug of water will provide a little extra over what you need but will be beneficial if you are also leading an active lifestyle.

3. Set Fitness Focused Goals. Do not fall into the trap of thinking once you have reached your body weight goal that is it. Set a new goal. Focus on something fitness related. Train for a 10km race or focus on adding 20 pounds to your squat or bench press exercise.

By having a new goal to work towards, you will help sustain better overall focus on your fitness plan, and this can lead to healthier eating efforts as well.

4. Allow For Indulgence. Finally, do not be too strict on yourself. Make sure you are allowing for overeating every so often. Remember your diet should make room for fun foods as well. Otherwise, it is not a diet you will want to be on for the long-term.

If you keep these tips in mind, you should have no problem sustaining a healthy body weight well into the months ahead.

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Cat Health Whiskers Care and Uses

Cats have whiskers for many different reasons. One reason a cat has whiskers is to judge the area of a space it may want to get into. If the whisker fit through comfortably, then the cat’s body will also fit through as well. A cat normally has twelve whiskers on each side of the face. Cat health whiskers and their care are not very hard.

The cat also uses the whiskers as radar detectors. The cat that chases prey in the dark relies on the whiskers to feel the movement of the air as their prey runs from them. These whiskers have referred to as feelers for cats. The uses help the cat with so many different things. If you play with a cat’s whisker, they may full away as they feel this sensation as the whiskers are deep rooted.

Cat health whiskers and the cat care require keeping the whiskers intact. Never cut the whiskers, as this will not benefit the cat. The cat needs these whiskers and can be stuck somewhere if the whiskers have any type of damage. Newborn kittens are born with whiskers even though they cannot see; the whiskers help them to find the nipple of the mother in order to nurse. As they grow older, they learn to use their whiskers for other methods of protection and for finding food.

Cat health whiskers care allows for judging the mood of the cat. If a cat is happy and content, the whiskers outward and slightly down. If the cat feels threatened, the whiskers will outward and up. An angry cat will have whiskers back and flat to the face. Some common diseases of the cat health whiskers are burns, trauma, hair follicle dysphasia, demodectic mange and hair follicle pyoderma.

If the cat develops any of these conditions, the ability to judge distance, and track prey will become limited. For a cat in the wild, this may result in death because they cannot track their prey and may not hear cars coming or they can be stuck somewhere. Caring for the whiskers really are not an owner’s job, since you really have no way of knowing how the cat feels.

Whiskers above the eyes, protect the eyes from debris. Cats have no eyebrows only the defense of the eye whiskers. If one falls out, it will grow back soon. People have been known to trim these whiskers down, but the eye of the cat then becomes vulnerable to debris and infections. If you notice a problem with the whiskers, you may want to contact the vet to see if it may be a disease or just normal looking whiskers. Different types of cats have different looking whiskers making it hard for people to know a healthy whisker and an unhealthy whisker.

If you see signs of problems in kitten’s whiskers, a vet should be informed, as an underlying health problem may exist. Sometimes the hair and skin are affected by a whisker infection or disease.

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Wake Up! You’re Living in a Trance! How to Break Out and Live!

Wake up! We are all living in a trance, or multiple situation-specific trances, all of our lives. Many of these trances aren’t beneficial in our lives. They hold us back, keep us stuck in little worlds of our own creation. Yes, you are living your life in a trance. How can I make this statement?

Easy. We are born into this world with a personality, yes, but without beliefs. A belief is “the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true,” or “Mental acceptance of a claim as truth; Something believed,” (definitions from The psychological state in which mental acceptance happens is the state of trance, or hypnosis. In trance or hypnosis, the critical factor of the mind is bypassed, or pushed aside, so that the information or message units presented to the mind are accepted. During the childhood years, the critical factor of the mind is undeveloped and therefore a great majority of your beliefs are formed during childhood. The values and behaviors that you see around you, or are told about by parents, siblings, teachers and peers are accepted much more easily and rapidly. The mind abhors a vacuum, and as the young mind encounters new situations, it requires a belief to be in place in order to know how to function within that situation, so it quickly accepts the dominant belief in its environment.

So, your beliefs were formed in trance, and because they anchor your thoughts and emotional states to that time when they were formed, you operate in a level of trance every time you function within that belief, or set of beliefs.

An example is a person who grows up in a household where money is tight. All around her, she is receiving messages of lack, of how difficult money is to obtain, how important it is to choose security over risk, of how inherently dangerous the world is because of how difficult it is to accumulate wealth. When that child becomes an adult, she may desire to be wealthy, but every time she considers taking an action to bring more wealth into her life, actions that often involve risk, her beliefs about money will come into effect, taking her back into the trance state that was in effect when those beliefs were formed, and she will find herself having all manner of troublesome feelings such as self doubt, depression, remorse about decisions involving risk, and she will consistently sabotage her desired success by not following through with actions to create wealth, pulling up short, continually returning to her comfort zone which says that security, even a security with a small amount of money, is preferable to taking risk. The beliefs in play may be stated as, “risk is bad,” “it’s better to be secure,” “money is hard to come by.”

Contrast this person to someone who is raised in an affluent family, and grows up familiar with entrepreneurialism in an environment comfortable with risk. She may grow up accumulating beliefs such as “every risk you take brings you more success,” “when things don’t work out as planned, you learn something valuable that gets you even further,” and “there is always more than enough money.” This woman will feel completely secure in leveraging her money and taking risks, fully expecting that every experience will bring more benefit and wealth into her life.

These two women could even be twins raised in different families, because while some elements of temperament are heritable, beliefs are not. Beliefs are a result of your environment. And both of these women are behaving in accordance with their beliefs, therefore they are both operating in trance. The problem is not beliefs, the problem is not the trance that they were formed in and anchored to. The problem is that we don’t get the chance to opt-in. We don’t get to choose and select the beliefs that will help us to live up to our potential and have the most amazing lives we can.

And while trances and beliefs (often called self-limiting beliefs) about money and abundance are much discussed, beliefs can be beneficial or detrimental in any area of your life, from your ability to learn, to your ability to form and keep good relationships, or to be fit and healthy, and on and on.

Is there an area in your life where your actual results are falling short of what you’d like to see? If so, then that is probably an area where you are carrying limiting beliefs, e.g., operating in a trance, that is not effective or beneficial to you. The way out of this situation is the same way that you got in. The mechanism that formed these beliefs is what you should use to create new beliefs to replace them, and that mechanism is hypnosis. Your actions will always be congruent with your beliefs, so use hypnosis to create beliefs that will enable you to have the life you have.

The method I suggest for this is a system, which starts by choosing an area of your life to improve, a specific goal. Then you enter the process by focusing on the success you already have in your life, which increases your self esteem and confidence to reach further. Then, address the specific fears you have that have blocked you from taking action toward your goals, and increase your motivation to reach those goals. After accomplishing these steps, your subconscious mind will be more ready to release the old, self limiting beliefs. You can’t just do that first, you have to lay the groundwork, the foundation, that makes releasing and replacing the old belief desirable to your subconscious. The final steps are to choose new beliefs that support your goals and to use holographic visualization to create the context for the new beliefs–basically recreating the process that created the released beliefs, but this time you select your beliefs.

Following these steps is a process, and should be done over a period of time that feels right, but not so slowly that homeostatic resistance has a chance to un-do any gains. I suggest a system of mental reprogramming over the course of a month to six weeks as ideal for most. As with any change, this system relies on a combination of conscious action paired with subconscious messages, and reinforcement through repetition over time, for its success.

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Slim Body, Round Booty – How to Achieve This Body Aesthetic Through Workouts

If you are like most women, you probably wish you had a nice, slim body with a tight rounded booty. Often times when working out to lose weight and achieve a slim body, we end up losing all over and developing flat butt syndrome. Below I am going to describe some of the exercises that I use and you can use also to ensure that you’re burning fat while maintaining a beautiful booty!

1) My favorite workout that I have been performing for the past three years is stair-running. Since I started utilizing this workout my backside has never looked better! In order to do this workout first you need to find a staircase, I use one in my nearby college. Some other good places to find stairs include, office buildings, train stations, hotels or you can always use bleachers. To complete this workout run up the stairs alternating between running every step and every other step. For example the first time I run up I would hit every step, the second time up I’ll skip a step hitting only every other step. This will help achieve maximum booty lift. You can jog or walk on the way down for recovery. Do this workout for 20-30 minutes and you have yourself an amazing fat burning, butt shaping workout!

2) My favorite exercise that will sculpt your booty and torch calories is jumping lunges. Jumping lunges are great because you are getting a cardiovascular workout while at the same time you are doing resistance training. In order to perform jumping lunges, start in lunge position then jump up and switch legs landing back in lunge position with your opposite foot forward. Try for twenty repetitions at a time, then rest and repeat up to 10 times. You can also increase the difficulty and butt shaping potential by holding a weighted medicine ball above your head during this exercise.

3) Another great fat burning, backside building workout I would recommend is incline running. The best way to do this is to set a treadmill to 12-15% incline and alternate between running and walking. I prefer to do 1 minute of walking alternating with 1 minute of running for 20 minutes. If you have hills nearby you could also get the same benefits by performing hill repeats. Pick the steepest (with in reason) hill and sprint/run up then walk back down for recovery.

If you include these three workouts into your exercise routine you are on your way to burning fat and building a shapely backside!

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Why Should You Use An Unscented Deodorant?

For most people, the reason they use a deodorant is to eliminate body odor. Many deodorants will contain a scent to help mask the smell. For some people, this scent will clash with their cologne or perfume, so an unscented deodorant will be preferred.

Most, but not all, brands will provide the consumer with a choice for scents. Some advertise a “Fresh Mountain Scent” or “Rugged Masculine Scent” or “Sweat Feminine Scent” or some such advertising slogan. It just means that the deodorant has had a scent inserted during the manufacturing process. All deodorants start as an unscented product, the scent is added to help cover the body odor.

If the only scent you wear, is the scent that comes from your deodorant, then using one that leaves a faint scent may be acceptable. But if you like to wear cologne or perfume, you may inadvertently overdo the level or clash. If you work in a closed environment or crowded office, having perfume and a scented deodorant may overwhelm your coworkers.

So more and more people are switching to an unscented deodorant, because it will not clash with the cologne that you are wearing. They go by the slogan that less is more.

If you are an active hunter, you probably realize that eliminating the human smell will help you get closer to the wild game; so many hunters are also switching to an unscented deodorant to eliminate their personal scent.

When hunting members of the opposite sex, many people are now going with the theory that natural bodily scents are attractive, so they will use an unscented deodorant to eliminate the harsh, excessive smell, but still have a natural scent emitting from their body.

It comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer their deodorant not to smell, others like the scent. Either one works, so just pick your favorite.

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The Most Effective of All Natural Anxiety Cures is Acceptance

Living through an anxiety disorder can be horrifying! Anxiety, complete with its panic attacks, can be so overwhelming the sufferer doesn’t know where to turn because he or she thinks no one can possibly understand what he or she is going through. The sufferer even feels the family doctor would not understand.

Most people will try to hide their case of anxiety disorder from everyone they know. This happens because people don’t realize they are experiencing a disorder that is relatively common. Therefore, they think nobody will understand their anxiety and may actually believe they are somehow weak because their nerves have gotten the better of them.

Anxiety Can and Has Been Overcome Many Times

It is important the anxiety sufferer understand anxiety disorder, with its awful spells of panic is not an unusual disease. Many people have experienced it and in every case, it is considered a condition that can be beaten.

In winning the battle with anxiety disorder the first step requires resisting the temptation to fight the feelings it brings on. Fighting only intensifies anxiety and panic. While fighting makes anxiety worse, giving in to it to helps keep it under control. This is because adrenaline pumps through an anxiety sufferer’s bloodstream and this adrenaline brings about uncomfortable feelings. When we fight these unwanted feelings we cause more adrenaline to enter our bloodstream, and so a fear – adrenaline – fear cycle ensues.

The counterpart to fighting anxiety is running away from it. This doesn’t work either. Trying to ignore your symptoms or pretend they are not there is akin to running away from them. Trying to fight anxiety or running away from it will make more adrenaline flow and therefore cause more and more of these disquieting feelings.

Acceptance is The Key

Not running away or fighting the symptoms of anxiety means you are fulling realizing these symptoms are occurring. So, to realize they are happening, studying the feelings anxiety and panic brings on is helpful because this is the opposite of fighting or running away. When we don’t fight anxiety and we don’t run away from it, we will not be adding any adrenaline to our bloodstreams. Therefore, we will not be manufacturing more frightful feelings anxiety is known for bringing on.

Just make sure you know you are dealing with anxiety disorder. In other words, if a symptom such as chest pains is what you are experiencing, go to a medical facility to make sure it is an anxiety problem and not a heart problem you are having. Once assured your heart is good, you can go ahead and deal with the anxiety disorder.

Letting Anxiety Die

In conclusion, when an panic suffer learns how to prevent making the panic more intense, he or she is in recovery. The recovery won’t come overnight. However, the anxiety and panic will quickly lessen in severity because without additional fear of anxiety’s symptoms, adrenaline flow will be dying down instead of flaring up.

The bottom line is, the key to recovering from anxiety using natural means is learning how to accept the strange and unwanted; even sometimes tormenting feelings anxiety brings about.. The importance of not fighting or running away from panic and anxiety cannot be overstated. This acceptance is a necessary part of beating an anxiety disorder. Then, you must also let occasional attacks come back as they will and receive them as passively as you can. Realize you cannot control these symptoms and the anxiety disorder will die of natural causes.

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How to Plan a Barn Dance

Barn dances have become very popular for all kinds of events from wedding receptions through to corporate events, birthday parties and village fetes – even prom nights!. I believe their popularity is due to the fact that people of all ages enjoy these events equally. Here is my guide to planning and running a successful event.

The Venue

Barn dances rarely take place in barns, so there is no overpowering need to go and find a friendly farmer and get him to lend you his barn. In fact barns can make very poor venues (unless specifically prepared or designed for such events) as there are often no amenities such as toilets etc. They can also have a tenancy to get a little cold and they can be quite dusty when the dancers start to kick up the dust from the floor unless the barn has been meticulously swept and cleaned beforehand. It is sometimes better to pick a venue such as a village hall, school hall or a large hotel. If the barn dance is for a wedding then a room in the hotel where the wedding reception is being held is usually the norm. The band will also need room to set up their equipment. Ask them how much equipment they have and how much room they will need. You wouldn’t be able to get say a five piece band with a drum-kit onto a stage that is only designed for a duo. Always make sure that there is ample room for the dancers to dance. A barn dance will need a bigger dance floor than a disco. Ask the venue how large the dancing area is.

Choosing a band

Most barn dance bands have a website these days where you can hear snippets of their music or see videos of their live performances. Choose your band to suit the occasion and the likely taste of your guests. Remember that a barn dance band also has to be listened to as well as danced to.

Barn dance bands come in an array of different forms from the traditional accordion, guitar and fiddle arrangement to the more rock and roll type electric barn dance bands. Most bands will sing a song between the dances so that there is always some entertainment throughout the dance. The more rock and roll end of the bands will usually have a few rock and roll numbers for the end of the night and be able to “mix things up” a little to suit everyone.

When choosing a band it is true to say that you get what you pay for. Do not choose on cost alone. It may be better to pay more than you expected to get an evening that everyone remembers for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones. Nearly all barn dance bands come complete with a caller, but always remember to ask if this is the case. Make sure your bands equipment is PAT tested and the band has Public Liability Insurance. This is becoming obligatory in many venues and all barn dance bands should carry such insurance.


Most dances have some form of food for the guests. It can be a simple buffet, a hotpot or even a hog-roast at a larger event. The food break is usually planned to be about halfway in the proceedings. So if the dance started at 8pm then the buffet would start to be served around 9.30pm. Some venues insist you use their own caterers. Check on this beforehand.

You will also need a bar at your event. There are exceptions such as church socials etc where this is deemed inappropriate. Ask if the venue has a bar or whether you will have to bring one in to cover your event.

What happens during a barn dance?

The band will arrive in ample time to set up their equipment for the barn dance and do a preliminary sound check to make sure all is well. Although the dance may have been designated to commence at a certain time a band cannot perform if not enough people are there on time. This is something that always needs to be taken into consideration.

Before the evenings entertainment commences, the Caller will contact the organiser to do a final check on the start time, and the timing of any breaks etc. It is usual for the band to perform two separate period with a break in the middle.

During the dance your guests will be requiring a few rests between the dances.Most bands entertain with songs between the dance numbers to ensure that there are never any awkward silences. During the interval, between their first time of performance and the next, the band usually provides background music on their sound system. If not, then the venue can usually provide this for you.

If a buffet or hot food is to be served during the night, the interval is usually the best time for the refreshments. This is also often the time organisers to make any speeches or give any gifts or prizes.

Make sure your bands equipment is PAT tested and the band has Public Liability Insurance. This is becoming obligatory in many venues and all barn dance bands should carry such insurance.

When the performance commences, the Caller will invite the guests on to the dance floor and will “walk through” all the barn dance moves before the actual dance begins. Following commencement of the dance, the Caller will continue to call out the moves throughout the dance (so no one needs to have a good memory). And remember, mistakes only add to the fun and jollity!

Barn dances can be great fun for all ages. Enjoy planning your event!

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