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3 Tips To Handle Cravings And Hunger When Losing Weight

It’s inevitable, there will be some hunger and cravings when you’re trying to lose weight. For most people, feeling hungry is very uncomfortable which leads them to indulge and negate their weight loss efforts. What’s happening when you’re losing weight is that your body is trying to preserve its fat stores in case of a real famine. When you’re dieting, you have to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight so your body interprets this as if there is no more food available. The hunger hormone known as ghrelin increases and causes you to feel that grumbling tummy and seek out food in order to save your life. Unfortunately our bodies don’t realize we are really just trying to shed some pounds and no, we aren’t actually dying. The leaner you get though (think those last 10lbs), the more hunger you will feel. This hungry feeling is a survival mechanism so don’t worry, you’re not alone with this feeling. Here are some tips you can use to help you feel full and quell cravings even when you’re dieting.

Tip 1: Volume

Sometimes simply filling up your stomach with high volume foods does the trick. A volume food is something that is low in calories but is high in quantity/mass. A great example of a volume food is vegetables. Eating a large bowl of sliced cucumber or celery sticks will not derail your diet because they are so low in calories and are filling. You’d be amazed at how adding 4-5 servings of vegetables a day can do wonders for cravings and keep you feeling full. Here are some more examples of volume foods:

• spaghetti squash

• kelp or konjac noodles (low carbohydrate noodles)

• puffed rice, quinoa or millet

• pickles

• replacing oils with applesauce in baking recipes at a 1:1 ratio

Tip 2: Fluids

Try drinking water when you feel hungry. It is common to mistake hunger for thirst. When we fill our stomachs with water this can help keep that hunger feeling at bay. It’s also a tactic to keep us feeling full so we won’t eat more food than we should. Here are some more examples of fluids you can have to help with hunger and cravings:

• plain tea

• black coffee (try using a zero calorie sweetener such as stevia)

• any 0 calorie beverage such as natural sodas (Zevia) or natural sparkling fruit waters

Tip 3: Stay Busy

Have you ever had a long, busy day that you came home from and said, “Wow, I didn’t even eat today”? You were completely occupied that you didn’t have time to eat. This is a good strategy to implement to deal with cravings – keep yourself busy. Here are some things you can do to redirect your focus from cravings and the “dieting hunger”:

• get out of the kitchen or even out of the house

• go for a walk or bicycle ride

• exercise

• walk the dog

• visit or call a friend

• clean and/or organize your home

• do any activity that you love such as singing, dancing, painting, knitting, playing a game, or watching a movie

• work on a project you’ve been meaning to get to

Losing weight has pros and cons but keep in mind that losing weight is temporary, and when you’ve achieved your goals you can slightly increase calories again. Stay disciplined, focused and consistent and you will reach your goals.

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Planetary Aspects That Favour A Businessman – Career Horoscope And Astrology Predictions

A lot of people wish to become an entrepreneur but only those with appropriate planetary combinations in their birth-chart grow to be a thriving businessman. Let us recognize those planetary combinations which cause the individual to turn into an eminent and prosperous businessman.

Planetary Combinations in the Birth-chart

1. In the birth-chart the conjunction between the lords of the Trine house or Kendra or their aspect relationship gives rise to the Raj Yoga, which provides favorable results to the individual. Likewise, when the lord of the Trine or Kendra develops a relationship with the eleventh house or the second house, the potential to make money will be great. A powerful fortune and wealth are the crucial resources of a businessman. Raj Yoga builds the fortune and Dhan Yoga multiplies his earnings.

2. When Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction in the Kendra, the Yoga to make money is created in the birth-chart. Additionally, if Sun is situated in the eleventh house the individual will get high potential to earn money.

3. To be a flourishing businessman, the presence of favorable Panch Mahapurush Yoga and Rajyoga is obligatory in the birth-chart together with Dhan Yoga.

4. Mars should be the Ascendant lord in the birth-chart of Aries Ascendant and it should be exalted in the tenth house forming Kuldeepak Yoga and Ruchak Yoga, and Mercury should also be situated with Mars. Or Jupiter should aspect the ninth lord from the second house. Or Sun should be the fifth lord, Moon the fourth lord and Venus the seventh lord in conjunction in the eleventh house.

Rahu should be exalted in the Ascendant. Additionally, Saturn as the lord of the tenth house or eleventh house should be placed in the ninth house. Consequently, these Yogas will influence a person to be clever, ambitious and influential with strong determination and he will become a booming businessman and will develop his business more.

5. If the second lord and the fourth lord are situated in the Ascendant Saturn as a Yogakaarak planet in the eleventh house in the birth-chart of Taurus Ascendant, and Mars and Venus are in conjunction in the second house, Jupiter in the tenth house and Rahu in the seventh house then the individual will enlarge his business and achieve popularity, fame, money and wealth.

6. In the birth-chart of Cancer Ascendant, Jupiter and Venus are to be positioned in the Ascendant, Sun in the eleventh house, Mars which is the Yogakaarak of the tenth lord is to be sited in the third house, Moon which is the Ascendant lord is to be situated in the second house and Saturn as the seventh lord is to be found in the ninth house, Mercury should be in its own sign and located in the house of expenditure. Thus these yogas will provide wealth, fame, and make the individual brave and a triumphant businessman.

7. If Saturn is in its own sign and shares an aspect relationship with the tenth or eleventh house/lord and Rahu also affects the eleventh house and the Ascendant or the Ascendant lord is in relationship with the tenth house/lord or ninth lord or it influences the Ascendant house and together with this Mercury develops any kind of relationship with the eleventh lord or the second lord then the individual will become a winning businessman.

8. If Mercury is the Ascendant lord and exalted in the fourth house with the eleventh lord and the second lord is in the tenth house, and among the ninth lord, third, fifth or tenth lord any two are in conjunction in the eleventh house the individual will be very well-off and a victorious businessman.

9. If Mercury is exalted and placed in the second house with the Ascendant lord in the birth-chart and if the ninth lord is in conjunction with the third lord or the tenth lord is in the third house and influences the twelfth or tenth house and Rahu influences the eleventh house or the second house then the individual becomes a booming businessman.

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Advantages of Hair Restoration Via Hair Transplant Center Over Other Processes

Excessive hair loss is a very big issue for the individuals suffering from it. The pollution and contemporary lifestyle tend to hasten the process. The growth of hair is controlled by Androgen, and the hormone responsible for hair loss is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The balancing act between the hormones decides the density of hairs. Androgenic Alopecia is very common among the adult individuals. Sometimes, due to certain physiological conditions and heavy medications, the patients tend to lose a huge amount of hair in a very short span of time.

Benefits of a hair transplant

When the damage is permanent, the individuals try to find possible ways to recuperate from the loss. There are many medications available in the market in various brand names, but none of them can promise proper results of hair growth in the bald regions in the due course of time. The only way to restore your lost thick hair is via an elaborate hair restoration surgery in a Hair Transplant Center.

The benefits of the surgery outsmart any other proposed process.

  • Reversing baldness

The surgical methods to restore hair in the bald areas are the proven techniques that can regenerate luscious growth in the barren areas of the head. The best feature of the surgery is that it promotes natural growth of hairs without involving any artificial chemicals. It is the most efficient natural way to reverse baldness by transplanting hair.

The process does not involve any painful measures or harmful chemicals that might damage the health of the individual and the new-grown hair. In fact, the result will be so natural that after the completion of the process, it will be hard to tell and differentiate between the normal and transplanted region.

  • Bye Bye Baldness

The comprehensive process will aim the particular barren areas where the hairs are either absent or very less. After the completion of the process, a person will never be bald. All the issues related to your hair will be met with precise medical innovations. A successful surgery will eliminate the fear of receding hairline, barren spots, and less dense hair.

  • Improvement in looks

Once the process is complete, the hairs will grow in a natural way. The bald person will gain back his or her youthful looks again. The crowd will stop looking in a distorted manner, and you will regain your lost glory in your workplace. The entire outlook will change which will boost your confidence to a new level. No more low self-esteem. It is time for a strong payback with the refreshed looks you own.

  • Cost-effective and low-maintenance

The proven techniques in the Hair Transplant Center are far more cost-effective than the less-promising medicinal processes. In fact, once the surgery is done, the cost of maintaining the new-grown hairs is less. There is no special shampoo or conditioner that you have to buy using your money to maintain the natural hairs.


The entire surgical process promotes natural growth of hair and does not involve any painful step. Once done, the baldness problem will disappear forever, and you will grow lush and dense hair back again.

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Hardgainer Workout – 3 Simple Tips to Crush Your Skinny Genes and Gain Massive Muscle

It is not very rare for ectomorpic individuals also known as “hardgainers” to get frustrated and discouraged when they begin trying to build muscle and gain weight. Having an ectomorphic body type means that our body requires a completely different set of rules and techniques when working out. The main reason for this is due to the fact that our muscles are much more sensitive to strain and tend to breakdown much more quickly, as well as taking an extended amount of time to heal.

In order for an ectomorphic workout to be effective, we need to take into consideration the way our body and muscles function and handle different types of strain and intensity. The following are 3 quick and easy tips to remember that will help you to start gaining the muscle mass you are working so hard for.

Rest more Lift Less

It is absolutely crucial that you spend more time out of the gym resting and recovering that time in the gym lifting weights. It has been shown in a number of studies that an ectomorph’s body responds better to workout sessions that last no longer than 1 hour, 3-5 times per week.

Compound Exercises are Key

This is another very important thing to keep in mind, since we only have about an hour to workout, it is crucial that we hit as many muscle fibers within the targeted muscle groups as possible. Remember that the more muscle fibers that are worked the better the results. Compound exercises are exercises that hit more than one muscle group at a time and therefore work the most muscle fibers in less time. It is for this reason that you need to stick with compound movement exercises such as:

-Bench Press


-Clean and Press

-Skull Crushers

-Barbell Curl

-Military Press



Longer Time under Tension = More Muscle Gains

With an ectomorphic body type, you should be focusing on lifting with a tempo that allows your muscles to be under tension for a longer period of time. Most people lift with a tempo of 2 seconds to lower 0 rest and then 1 second to push or pull the weight to the starting position. However studies have shown that increasing the time under tension especially in the isometric phase works more muscle fibers. So instead of a 1,0,2 ratio increasing it to a 1,0,4 ratio would work out way more muscle fibers which means more muscle growth. Other methods that would help would be to include things like:


-Half Reps

-Assisted Reps

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The Fine Line Between Anxiety and Anxiety Panic Disorder

Have you ever experienced a feeling of great anxiety manifested in a pounding heart? Ever felt the blood roaring in your ears and experienced the cliched butterflies in your stomach? When worry, fear and clamminess start to attack you, it is considered a full blown anxiety panic disorder.

Anxiety is not to be taken lightly! True enough, we all experience some form of anxiety as we go through life. Feelings of nervousness and apprehension are all too natural during our growing years. These feelings tend to follow us into adulthood as well, but they are a rare occurrence. Some amount of anxiety is good; it helps us stay alert to danger and to hopefully think before we jump into something.

When you are young, being ill prepared for an exam, meeting the person of your fantasies and being all alone at home, to quote some very basic examples, can all bring on feelings of panic. This panic soon dissipates; however, in anxiety disorders, the anxiety becomes overwhelming. It begins to interfere with your relationships and your daily activities. When this happens it is a clear sign that you have crossed over from normal anxiety to anxiety panic disorder.

How do you know whether you are experiencing an anxiety panic disorder? You can use the following questions as a guide to help you.

  • Do you feel that your anxiety is interfering with your daily activities?
  • Is your home and work life suffering due to the anxiety you feel?
  • Do you feel tense, on edge, apprehensive, or nervous most of the time?
  • Do irrational fears plague you? Are you aware that these fears are totally baseless, yet you feel helpless to rid your self of them?
  • Is your feeling one of danger at every turn?
  • Does your heart pound suddenly for no reason whatsoever?
  • Do you experience mind-numbing panic for no good reason?
  • Do you avoid people and situations because of your anxiety?

Anxiety panic disorders are manifested in emotional and physical symptoms.

The emotional anxiety symptoms include: the irrational fear and apprehension you feel, feelings of dread, irritability, restlessness, poor concentration power, always expecting danger to jump out at you, constantly anticipating the worst, a sudden blankness of mind and feeling tense, jumpy and on edge.

Since anxiety is more than simple feelings, it involves a range of physical symptoms which are a result of the body’s fight or flight response. Due to the veritable range of symptoms that are physical in nature, it is easy for people to assume that their problems stem from medical illnesses. Some of the more common physical symptoms of anxiety include: pounding heart, tremors and twitching, sweating, insomnia, breathlessness, tummy upsets, dizziness, headaches and muscular tension.

Anyone experiencing some or all of these symptoms should consult a physician without delay. There are however a number of genuine products available online, which can help you deal with your anxiety panic disorder. You just need to invest some time and effort to find the right one.

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Physiological and Psychological Effects of Cancer

Cancer is, as we know, a life changing experience for both the cancer sufferer, their friends and families. Cancer and cancer treatment both have rather drastic psychological and physiological effects on the sufferer. Knowing of these effects before treatment may give you a head-start and a chance to mentally prepare yourself, just a little, for what is to come. This information may also help you weigh up the odds, on whether you want to go through with treatment or not.

Physiological Effects of Cancer.

Sexual Dysfunction: Some cancer patients and survivors, may experience a level of sexual dysfunction. This can happen to both males and females and there are ways around it.

Chronic Pain: The cancer patient may experience consistent, chronic pain after prolonged cancer treatment.

Infertility: Both male and female patients and survivors may experience infertility.

Constant Fatigue: Patients and survivors may feel like they are constantly tired and do not have the motivation or energy to complete simple, everyday tasks.

Numbness: Numbness is caused by a condition called ‘Neuropathy’. The numbness is most common in the patients hands and feet.

Osteoporosis: Is a condition which causes your bones to become very fragile and weak. Making the cancer patient more susceptible to broken bones and fractures.

Incontinence: Uncontrollable urination is an effect some patients may experience.

Multiple Cancers: It is possible to get a second cancer, other then the one diagnosed for. It is best to find this out through your doctor, as soon as possible.

Hair Loss: Hair loss is common during the treatment of cancer. If this is a problem, consult with your doctor on ways to deal with the hair loss.

Ostomies: An Ostomy is a surgical opening, with a tube connecting to a bag on the outside of the body.

Psychological Effects of Cancer.

Stress: A high level of stress is often attributed to cancer and can be a common side effect.

Low Confidence: Due to the physical and mental changes cancer and cancer treatment can have on the patients, it can often result in low self esteem and confidence.

Depression: Depression is commonly found in cancer patients and survivors. This could be attributed to

the physical effects of the cancer treatment.

If you see any of these side effects in either yourself or a loved one, after surgery, please alert your doctor so that they can give advice on what steps to take next.If you have found out that you have cancer, or someone you know is diagnosed with cancer, try to help them understand fully what they are up against before they have any treatment. Get your doctor to explain everything in detail, the pros and cons and everything in-between so that you can be mentally prepared for what is ahead.

It’s very important for the cancer patient to have a strong network of friends and relatives, to help them to get through the problems that arise with having cancer and chemotherapy.

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How To Lose Baby Fat – Lose The Weight And Get Your Body Back FAST

How to lose baby fat can be the most challenging aspect of being a new Mother, the trauma our bodies go through when carrying and giving birth to our babies can affect everything from our thyroid gland (regulates metabolism) to our diaphragm walls (stomach bulge).

Luckily Asian women have mastered how to lose weight quickly and stay lean even just after having a baby, and you can do the same things they do to get into shape and look fabulous in a hurry.

How To Lose Baby Fat – The Skinny Asian Way

The most important thing I tell students in my local weight-loss classes regarding how to lose baby fat is that our bodies are in a recovery state for much of the first six months after we give birth.

From massive hormone changes to stretching of various tissues in our body, pregnancy is a dramatic change that needs to be handled carefully as we get back to our old selves. Therefore it’s important that you not resort to dangerous diet pills, crazy supplements, or any other risky things as your body heals itself during this time.

And while you’re not going to learn ALL of the best ways how to lose baby fat that Asian women use after a pregnancy from just a single short article online, you CAN pick up some great tips that will get you started on the right road:

1. Reactivate your metabolism by doing this simple routine – Most new Moms are far too weak from a lack of sleep and the stress of handling a newborn to even think about working out or exercising. And this can last even longer if the baby was delivered by c-section (cesarian) as the recovery process is extended.

However, once you feel like you’re ready, begin by just walking 20-30 minutes around your neighborhood each day, preferably before breakfast as a great way how to lose baby fat.

You don’t have to walk for miles, and you don’t have to walk very fast, as pushing the baby stroller will add a ton of calorie-burning to the process on its own.

Also, walking is critical because you’re activating your abdominal walls, as well as your lower back muscles, with each step you take. This makes it far easier for your stomach area to snap-back to the shape you want it to be versus not doing anything.

Walking is the #1 way Asian women use as to how to lose baby fat, it’s very underrated in a world that tries to take money out of our purses with far more exotic diet product marketing. Stick to the basics and you’ll see progress quickly.

2. We’ve all heard this tip before but are you doing it correctly? – Breastfeeding will zap around 600 to 900 calories from your system per DAY that you do it due to the massive energy needed to produce and store milk in your system. It’s a fantastic way to drop baby fat right from the start and will definitely help you answer how to lose baby fat quickly.

The problem though is that once you STOP breastfeeding, if you don’t alter your food intake you will pack on the pounds like crazy, and this is common with first-time Moms.

Be sure to be aware of when you’re going to wean your baby off of breast milk, because your metabolism will fall right away. Counter this by eating food that boosts your metabolic rate, like lean chicken (skinless), spices such as tumeric and chile pepper, high-fiber natural foods like fruits and veggies, and 3-4 cups of green tea daily.

You’ll not only lose baby fat by eating more this base group of foods, you’ll also notice your health and immune systems will both recover much more quickly.

3. If you just can’t lose weight ever, try this secret tip – I know it can be depressing, but if you’re upset because nothing has worked you need to learn one of the most powerful secret free methods that Asian women do to force fat off of their belly and thighs in less than a month…WITHOUT starving or doing crazy workouts.

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Why Do Men Suffer From Silent Emasculation Syndrome?

13.8 million men in America below the age of 45 suffer from a problem which is identified as silent emasculation syndrome. This figure does not include men in the age groups of 50, 60 and 70. The combined figure of all men suffering from this problem is definitely much higher. What are the reasons behind this problem and how can it be rectified?

The problem that is associated with this condition has been identified with testosterone levels in the body. In such conditions, men begin to feel fatigued, agitated, tired and exhibit loss of libido along with energy. Perhaps the one factor which affects them most is the inability to perform well in bed. Let us look at the reasons why men suffer from such problems.

The lack of a nutritious diet is perhaps one of the reasons why men come across this problem from an early age. They forget to include nutritious food in their regular diet and depend upon junk food, which proves harmful. This is a practice which must be avoided. Men must be looking forward to including white meat, colorful vegetables and grass fed red meat along with their diet. This will help stop the reduction of testosterone within the body.

Avoiding exercise is another factor which is also responsible for this condition. Every human needs at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Exercise of this kind can improve the strength and help them perform better.

Using dietary supplements made of deer antler velvet can also boost testosterone levels and help men to remain energetic. These are supplements made from 100% natural ingredients that have no side-effects. Men can easily overcome the problem with silent emasculation syndrome by including the tips mentioned above along with their regular habits.

Loss of testosterone can easily be treated even by prescription grade medications. Physicians normally recommend testosterone replacement therapy, which is also referred to as TRT. Men who decide to use such therapies will definitely find themselves feeling better soon. However, TRT does not help the body remain energetic or recover fast. It only improves the levels of testosterone allowing men to perform better in bed. Moreover, TRT can leave behind side-effects which can prove harmful in the long run. It must be understood that this problem is not just related to the factor of ageing. If 13.8 million men in America below the age of 45 suffer from this problem, it can be conclusively stated that the problem has much more to it than just ageing. Rather, it is related to the kind of life which people lead that makes them victims of this issue.

Therefore, it is strongly suggested that men who face problems like these can begin to use deer antler velvet supplements to benefit from the properties it has. Not only will they find themselves energetic during work but will also be happy for being able to remain energetic in bed.

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Male Orgasm Tips – How to Make Your Penis Bigger and Intensify Orgasm at Any Age!

It’s not fair. Whenever there’s a sex advice from experts, the spotlight is on women’s pleasure and how to drive them wild in sex. What about us men? Listen, it’s time to be selfish and concentrate on your needs. In this article, I am going to reveal how you can enhance the big “O” and make your penis bigger.

#1. Kegel exercise: Kegel exercise is designed to improve sexual stamina and delay ejaculation. It is a series of exercise consist of contracting and relaxing your PC muscle. To begin with, locate your PC muscle by controlling urination. Next, squeeze your PC muscle for 5 seconds, then release slowly. Do 25 repetitions, 2 times a day.

#2. Proper diet: Believe it or not, diet plays important role in the quality of your erection and orgasm. When you are sexually aroused, there will be surge in blood flowing to penis chamber to create erection. The intensity of orgasm and erection size depends on how much blood your penis can “capture”. Thus, to ensure maximum sexual pleasure, your blood vessel and arteries have to be as “unclogged” as possible to ensure smooth blood flow to penis. It’s precisely why most overweight men have difficulties to have erection. On the other hand, if you keep a healthy lifestyle consists of fat-free diet and consistent workouts; it will dramatically enhance your sexual pleasure.

#3. Prostate massage: prostate is also known as male’s G-spot. When prostate is stimulated, it will trigger explosive multiple orgasms. You can conduct prostate massage alone of with helps from your partner. Here’s how: slowly slide finger inside rectum to locate prostate gland. Prostate gland is a walnut like lump located near base of penis. Once prostate gland is located, gently press against it in consistent motion and tempo until you ejaculate.

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How Much Hair Is Needed For a Full Sew-In Install With Virgin Human Hair Weave Extensions?

Virgin hair is sold by the weight to determine the price. Generally, hair that weighs more will cost more. Virgin hair is 100% human hair, which also adds to the quality and price of the hair. Many hair extension buyers are accustomed to purchasing by the pack. How many bundles of Virgin hair makes hair look full with body? This is a very common question amongst women new to wearing hair by the ounce or gram. Virgin human hair is donated and sold to trading merchants worldwide. Virgin Hair is mainly donated from South Asian countries such as India. Wholesalers will then resell exclusively to beauty retailers and salons.

Most hair is imported from India, which uses the metric system of grams to ship the hair by weight. The United States uses the imperial system (i.e.; inch, ounce, yard). Virgin human hair in the U.S. is measured by the ounce. One bundle can weigh between 95 to 113 grams, or the equivalent of 3.5 to 4 ounces.

How many ounces or grams will I need for a full install?

The weight of each bundle can vary by the length of the hair. Generally, the length of the hair determines the width of the weft. Wefts are also referred to as tracks. Longer length hair will have shorter wefts. Hair is measured by weight, and then sewn on to the weft. On average 16 inch, 14 inch, 12 inch, 10 inch, and shorter inches will need 8 ounces/ 230 grams for a full sew-in install. 12 ounces/ 250 grams will be needed to install hair that is longer in length such as 18 inches up to 32 inches.

How many bundles will I need for a full install?

The total weight of the bundles will correlate with the number of bundles you will need. Since 16 inches and shorter will need 8 ounces/ 230 grams, you will need at least 2 bundles. Each bundle weight should equal at least 3.5 to 4 ounces. Most Virgin hair retailers offer 3.5 to 4 ounces bundles, it is always important to know the weight of your bundles. Below is a simple way to remember how many bundles you will need?

Quick Virgin Hair Guide

Lengths: 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, and 16 inch = 2 bundles

Lengths: 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inch = 3 bundles

Lengths: 26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch, and 32 inch = 4 to 5 bundles

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