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Hyper Attachment – A Symptom of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Hyper attachment in dogs is the most common problem amongst puppies and older dogs. This article describes the causes, symptoms, and solutions for hyper attached dogs.

What Causes Hyper Attachment in Dogs?

Dogs can develop hyper attachment issues for a number of reasons. Dogs that have deficiencies in their sensory perception such as sight and hearing are likely to develop hyper attachment. Attachment problems are also common in pups that have been adopted from a shelter. Such dogs become overly attached to their owner if the have been abandoned or traumatized prior to adoption. Thus, they often require greater care and sensitivity.

What are the Symptoms of Hyper Attachment?

Dogs that suffer from attachment issues are often called Velcro dogs, because they are always stuck to their owners sides. Hyper attached dogs show signs of nervousness and anxiousness when they are unable to be close to their owners. Dogs often become overly attached to one member of the household. You can test this by having all of the family members in a room, then observe the dogs behavior as each person leaves. If the dog gets up to follow, or is unsettled while a person is away, they are probably overly attached to that person. Hyper attached dogs often also suffer from dog separation anxiety. This behavior is a reliable indicator of separation anxiety because it can be seen while you are home, whereas something like barking while you are away, is more difficult to catch.

What can I do about Hyper Attachment?

Hyper Attachment in dogs can be treated with some specific training drills. These drills may include desensitization and counter-conditioning. One drill is the “Steps” drill. It is useful for puppies and older dogs. Start by getting your dog to sit. Then take a step away. Reward the dog for staying and for being calm. As your repeat the drill, keep taking steps away until you are out of sight. Stay out of sight for a few seconds, then come back and treat your dog. If your dog is nervous, wait for them to be calm before you give them a treat. Never reward anxious behavior. Gradually build up the time and distance so that you can put your dog in another room away from you without any change in its behavior.

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Dieting Tips – Learn How to Lose 9lbs in 11 Days!

Irregardless of the fact that losing weight is a simple process that anyone could go through without any complications met, most people agree that it is a vague and complex process. Many think that it should embrace special exercises, strange diets, or even pills that would work like magic. Nutritionist suggests that sticking with simple process as long as the person can faithfully follow the regimen is the right way to start. Are you aware that a dose of discipline will allow you to lose 9lbs in just a matter of 11 days?

Weight loss 4 idiots had become one of the most viewed site starting January of 2005 given that they aim to help individual curb their fat in just a matter of few days. The good thing is the person is allowed to consume foods as much as they want. But wait, you need not to drink diet pills since all it takes is for you to consume small dishes in one day. Yes you are reading it right since they would not ask you to binge over tasteless foods or skip meals just to have the right calorie amount that will suit your wanting-to-lose-weight attitude.

The problem with starving yourself to death is that it allows a person to lose the interest since they would have the insight that dieting is all about the sickening process of saying goodbye to rich and tasteful foods. Also, when limiting calorie, your body will of course opt for reserves in the body to burn fat which leads in losing weight. The setback is, when you begin to eat again, the body will save the needed calories which result for the digestive system to slow down. It will also store calorie in such a way that you are getting back what you had already lost.

In view of this, if you wish to lose 9lbs in 11 days then eat several small meals in a day. Doing this will trick the body to employ both the Fat Storage and Fat Burning Hormones thus you can say goodbye to unnecessary pounds faster and in a more convenient manner. Doing this will also benefit you in such a way that you are getting the privileged of eating foods that are really close to your heart thus you will enjoy what you are doing and you’ll never feel as if you are forced to eat tasteless something which they happen to still call as ‘foods’.

You’ll have a sure way of getting your dreaded body since there is a small chance that you’re going to cheat with your diet. Boredom is off the bay because there are various dishes offered during the day; in fact you can even enjoy what you are doing. Most of the foods advised are just available on the nearest grocery store thus this is really a hassle-free way of dieting! Many people are now convinced that they can really lose 9lbs in 11 days so who knows if the diet is just waiting for you so you too can benefit from it? Try it right now!

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The 7 Step Plan To Get Sexy Six Pack Abs In 21 Days

Trying to get those sexy six pack abs? In this article, I’m going to give you the 7 step plan to get sexy six pack abs in 21 days.

Step 1:

Are you ready? Are you willing to commit and never quit? If not, do not read on. In order to get six pack abs, a lean muscular body, and lose weight, you must be willing to commit…for life, not just a few days, weeks, or months. That is the first step to losing weight, improving your health and getting a great body. Ever so often do we all speak about something we want to accomplish, but never do what it takes to succeed.

Step 2:

Water. You have to drink plenty of water if you want to form your body into a lean, muscular, fat-less sculpture with ripped six pack abs. Your body needs water to build lean muscle and burn fat. Drink ice cold water as an added benefit since your body will burn fat to warm the water to body temperature.

Step 3:

Sleep. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY night is very important for not just burning off fat and losing weight, but also your overall health. I know most of us want to see that favorite TV show/movie, etc., which is more than likely the #1 reason people do not go to bed at a reasonable time, but you’re going to have to weigh your options here: watch The Late Night Show or Get a Sexy Beach Body??

Step 4:

Weight Training. Cardio alone is not going to do it. You can not burn fat, lose weight, and sculpt a lean body by simply just doing cardio. You have to do some form of weight training. Building muscle will give your metabolism a rocket boost. Make sure that within 15 – 30 minutes after your workout, you have some form of protein to help in restoring your worked muscles.

Step 5:

Rest. I’m not talking about sleep here. I’m talking about resting your body after weight training. Over working your muscles will do more damage than good. The way I workout is that I work a specific body part on each day, therefore giving that particular muscle a full 7 days rest. For example: On Mondays, I work my legs, on Tuesday, I work my shoulders, on Wednesday, I work my back, on Thursday, I work my arms, and on Friday, I work my chest.

Step 6:

Eat a lot. Did I catch you off guard? What I mean is to eat several small meals through out the day instead of the usual 3 course. Doing this will increase your metabolism, which will ultimately lead to burning off a lot of fat, and ultimately sculpt those sexy six pack abs you want. Make sure that the foods you eat are nutrient rich, high in fiber, and high in protein.

Step 7:

The obvious and most popular step – do ab exercises. Although this is the most popular step, it’s also the most mis-understood. Why? Well, most think that by simply just doing this step will burn off belly fat and get you those killer abs. Sorry. You must do the previous steps along with step 7 in order to really reap the reward…sexy six pack abs. There are billions of different machines, etc. out there promising hot six pack abs. Doing traditional exercises, from my own and other peoples research, will sculpt six pack abs faster than any device. It’s simple. Crunches, side crunches, leg raises….it doesn’t get any more simple than that. However, the one misconception, which ultimately leads to lack of results, is quantity. Just by doing a lot of crunches doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get killer abs. The way you will sculpt abs quickly is by doing slow concentrated (squeeze your abdominal muscles at the positive point of the repetition – which is when you lift up) repetitions (reps).

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What Causes Wrinkles After Putting on Foundation?

Nearly every woman will have experienced the effect of foundation causing wrinkles to appear, seemingly out of nowhere, on their skin. Obviously, this is something we all want to avoid – and don’t worry! We’ve identified what causes it. Plus, we’ve got a simple guide for you to follow so it’ll never happen again.

So, you’ve applied a smooth layer of foundation on your face and you’re ready to begin applying the rest of your makeup when out of the corner of your eye, you see it: a wrinkle. A tiny little crease on your forehead, cheek or chin that sticks out like a sore thumb on your face. So now you’ve got to remove your makeup and reapply and hope the wrinkle doesn’t pop up again.

Good news – you can eliminate this problem completely!

Post-foundation wrinkles

The most common cause of wrinkles appearing after applying foundation is applying a thick layer of it. With foundation, the general rule of thumb is: the thinner the better.

Of course, not all of us are blessed with nearly flawless skin and a slightly thicker layer of foundation is necessary to hide all the blemishes, aging spots and what have you. If this is the case, start out with a teeny bit of foundation (half a pea on your forehead, cheeks, and chin as well as the top of your nose), blend it in, and then layer more over it. This will greatly reduce any wrinkles or creases.

Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply and blend your foundation! Using your fingers can lead the makeup to look obvious and splotchy, plus, it’s much easier to get an even blend with a sponge or brush. Make sure your makeup tools are clean and dry before you use them, though, and be sure to clean them thoroughly after each use.

Another common foundation-related mistake is using a foundation that has gray or yellow tones, or a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone. These can look extremely “fake” as if you’re wearing a caked-on mask, when what you want is a more natural look.

Foundation-induced wrinkles

Sometimes, you may notice a wrinkle appearing after you’ve wiped all your makeup off. This is probably due to aging or drying chemicals in your foundation. Let’s take a look at the most notorious ones.

  1. Powders – Not only do powders dry your skin out and create wrinkles, they emphasize upon wrinkles that are already there. Try to avoid foundations that have powders in them, especially if you have mature skin.
  2. Alcohol – Yep, alcohol is used in foundations (as well as many other skincare products)! This chemical is extremely drying and just plain not good for your skin. It can create wrinkles in your skin as well as cause pimples, dryness, and other skin issues.
  3. Parabens – Parabens are used as preservatives to increase the shelf life of your foundation, however, they are extremely toxic to your skin. They have been proven to react with UV rays (specifically, UVB rays) to cause irreparable skin damage by permanently damaging your DNA. They will thus make your skin age faster, as well as promote dryness and dullness.

Foundation-related skin care tips:

Even the most organic, natural foundations out there will still have negative effects on your skin if you do not follow a proper skincare regimen. Your skin needs nutrients to be healthy and youthful, and the most important nutrient it needs is oxygen. Foundation blocks oxygen from reaching your skin cells, so you will need to nourish your skin daily to counteract its negative effects.

Remove your foundation every single night. No matter how tired you are, no matter how appealing your bed looks, you must remove all of your makeup before you go to bed. This will allow your skin to repair overnight and look fresh and revitalized for the next day. Leaving foundation on your skin for prolonged periods without breaks can clog your pores, causing pimples and acne, and dry your skin out, causing wrinkles.

We understand that some nights you’re just too tired to go through the whole makeup removal process, so keep a box of makeup wipes handy. Wipe your face with a makeup wipe before you collapse into bed – this isn’t an ideal method, but it’ll work fine as long as you do it once in a while. If you are really keen about good foundations for sensitive skin, you could give bye bye foundation a shot to get the right type of foundation.

Wash your face twice a day! Use a gentle cleanser both in the morning and at night to remove any dirt, oil or traces of makeup lingering on your skin. Using a toner afterward to truly cleanse your pores is recommended, but not required. Moisturizing, however, is necessary, as washing your face strips it of its natural oils and can leave it dry and dull (also causing premature wrinkles!), so apply a light lotion designed for facial skin after each wash. This will hydrate your face so you can have smooth and flawless skin.

We hope our guide has helped you with being wrinkle-free!

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Abrasives Hair Removal Techniques – Ancient Hair Removal Method

Abrasive is the most different hair removal method among all the available hair removal methods. With is hair removal method Pumice Stones are used to remove the unwanted hairs from the body. Actually Abrasives are also used to smooth or roughen the surfaces by rubbing.

Some common abrasives are – pumice stone, powdered glass, abrasive hand gloves pumice dust, sandpaper, aluminum oxide. Fine-grained graphite papers are used in metal and woodworking. Pumice stones made from powdered pumice rock are then pressed into solid “stone” shapes. These are available in shops, and their rough texture is ideal for removing dead skin from the feet.

At the time of using abrasive for hair removal, the skin should soapy and wet. Abrasive removes the unwanted hairs from the body very slowly. Because of this reason, Abrasive is not advisable for removing hairs in large amount. Abrasive is done by rubbing the abrasive material like pumice stone/dust, sandpaper etc. on the skin in a circular motion. Actually sandpaper is gentler than the other materials.

Abrasives can be the right method for removing the unwanted fine hairs from the body. For fine hairs, an abrasive like pumice stone should be used. The fine hairs can be removed easily without causing any damage to the skin. Abrasive does cause redness but it disappears after sometime. The result of abrasives last for three weeks.

There is one interesting fact is that Abrasive hair removal method is not used today. It is not popular for removing hairs.

Abrasive hair removal method was very popular in the ancient times mostly by Egyptians and Romans.

Abrasive has both advantages and disadvantages, below they are –

Advantages of Abrasives:

o Abrasive is an inexpensive hair removal method

o Abrasive can be used anywhere on the body.

Disadvantages of Abrasives:

o Distortion of the follicle is common

o Re growth may be irregular

o Should not be used on the skin if there is any disorder or disease

o Sunburned areas are not suitable for abrasive.

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TMJ Home Remedies That Work – 4 TMJ Alternative Remedies That Are Natural and Safe

Got TMJ?  If you do, you aren’t alone. It is estimated that over 60 million Americans currently suffer from TMJ in some way shape or form.  The normal remedy (which works some of the time) is to take a trip to the doctor.  But what most don’t realize is that there are some home remedies for TMJ that could be just as effective as what a doctor will suggest…in fact, barring surgery, there is very little that a doctor can do that you can’t do yourself.

How to diagnose TMJ

Diagnosis for TMJ is fairly quick and easy. If you have any of these symptoms, then it is likely that you are suffering from TMJ:

  • Your jaw muscles are tender…
  • You are experiencing pain in or around the ear (earaches and headaches are common)
  • Your jaw makes a ‘clicking’, ‘popping’, or ‘grinding’ sound when you chew, open or close your mouth…
  • There is a pronounced pain whenever you eat, open your mouth or do things like yawn….
  • Your jaw locks or gets stuck….

A common treatment that the doctor will suggest is to apply a heat pack to the area of pain and to switch your diet to softer food.  The problem with this is that while it works, you are really only treating the pain and not the TMJ itself. There are some herbal supplements that can help you with TMJ though….

Before I go into the 4 herbal supplements, I should note that really what you want to focus on are herbs and vitamins that help to relax the muscles as well as supplements that help with reducing inflammation.  After all, when you apply a heat pack, aren’t you doing the exact same thing?

  1. Glucosamine Sulphate–  I actually used this on my lab a while ago for arthitis in her joints.  The same thing applies for humans as well.  Studies have shown that Glucosamine is a great alternative to help rebuild cartilage.  In the case of TMJ, this is crucial as one of the primary causes of TMJ is teeth grinding and clenching which helps to wear down the cartilage in the jaw.
  2. MSM– otherwise known as methylsulfonylmethane, this supplement will help to reduce inflammation surrounding the joint which causes the TMJ pain.  MSM is also good at reducing muscle spasms.
  3. Kava– This supplement is usually prescribed by homeopathic doctors and herbalists whenever an individual is experiencing anxiety or stress.  Kava relaxes the nervous system.
  4. Magnesium–  The funny thing about magnesium is that this mineral is about as TMJ specific as you can get.  Magnesium targets the jaw muscles in particular and help relax them.  Magnesium is considered by some as a natural muscle relaxer.

If you have TMJ, you should try these vitamins, minerals and supplements before opting for medical advice.  Who knows?  You could actually cure your TMJ without the need for surgery.

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Tips For Taking Maca If It Gives You Heartburn

I have gotten quite a few questions about how to deal with Maca powder and digestive issues such as light cramping or upset stomach. Generally this is attributable to the extra starch content found in Raw Maca products and the solution is often as simple as switching over to a cooked Maca powder called Gelatinized Maca.

Recently, however, I received a question about how to take Maca powder if it gives you heartburn. I’ve put together a list of my top tips to help you still get the benefits of Maca and avoid the discomfort of heartburn.

As a long time user of Maca Powder as well as a natural health consultant, I’ve seen that it’s really rare for people to have heartburn from Maca. But it does happen sometimes. I’m not 100% sure what causes it. But I have discovered a few things that can really help people overcome heartburn and other digestive issues when taking Maca products. Here is the list:

  1. For some people Raw Maca powder is too strong to digest due to its high concentration of starch. If you also get upset stomach on Maca as well as heartburn, then you really should try Gelatinized Maca. It’s had the starch content removed which makes it much easier to digest. Most people with sensitivity to Raw Maca powders report no troubles at all with Gelatinized Maca.
  2. Make sure you are getting high quality Certified Organic Maca and Fresh – that’s a really, really big help. Some Maca powders have chemical fertilizer residues and have sat around too long before being used. We certainly want to avoid this if at all possible.
  3. Try Red Maca since it’s the sweetest and most palatable. Some people who have had trouble with other Maca powders do just fine with Red Maca.
  4. Try taking Maca with yogurt, avocado or milk or another fatty food – this often helps ease the stomach.
  5. Make sure to keep your dosages small (less than a teaspoon at once) until you feel like you can increase the quantity.
  6. Avoid taking Maca with any kind of fruit – this makes the heartburn worse.
  7. If all else fails, try taking your Maca in combination with digestive enzymes. You can get them at your health food store. This has helped quite a few people, although quality enzymes tend to be expensive.

Also remember that Maca is part of the mustard family and is by nature a bit spicy. But if you’re using a good quality product with some fatty food, you should be able to get it down without having digestive issues. Really hope this helps and wish you a great day!

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Weight Loss Advice – Why You Shouldn’t Consider Becoming Anorexic to Lose Weight

A disturbing finding

As I was doing my routine keyword analysis for my Internet marketing, I accidentally discovered something that I am not very comfortable with. I found that there are almost more than 2,000 searches a day in the Internet, for the phrase Ways to Become Anorexic. Well, if you are reading this article, you might already know what anorexic means, but just in case if you don’t, anorexia is an eating disorder where people starve themselves despite of already being very skinny, and they are convinced that they are overweight.

I know that there are people affected to anorexia through genetics. But if you are searching ways to become anorexic by finding information in the Internet, you are not likely the one who falls under this category. Why on earth should you do something which is a potential threat to your life?

If you still think that becoming anorexic is your choice of losing weight, at least please read this article to the end. This is the only thing I ask you to do.

3 reasons why you should not use anorexia approach to lose weight

Have you ever seen anorexic people? They are thin of course. Sorry, let me rephrase, they are skinny. Well, you may think that being skinny is attractive, but try to ask those guys out there. Do they think anorexic girls attractive? Or do they think healthy and full-figured models more attractive? Being an anorexic will make you skinny, no doubt about that. But is that kind of skinny your purpose of losing weight? Weight loss is only a mean, and not the purpose. It is a mean to be more healthy, or to be more good looking, or to have more energy. Effective and successful people always focus on purpose, not means. If you want to be an effective and successful person, please do reconsider your actual purpose of losing weight.

Secondly, becoming anorexic not only doesn’t give you the outcome you want. It also come with a package of potential diseases. Do you want to know what are the potential health problems that you might get for becoming anorexia? Here are some of the list:

  • heart failure, which leads to death
  • inability to have children
  • osteoporosis (weak bones which break easily)
  • kidney failure, and you may have to depend on a dialysis machine for the remainder of your life
  • hair loss
  • gastric rupture
  • tooth decay and staining due to frequent vomiting
  • bruises easily
  • sensitivity to cold
  • death

Or maybe you choose to become anorexic because you want to lose weight fast. Believe me, there are still lots of ways to lose weight rapidly and healthily. But if your definition of fast is overnight, then you should remind yourself the saying Rome is not built in one day. Remember the saying slow and steady and win the race. Moderation and balance is always the way to win through life. Extremism will never return any solid outcome, no matter from what areas of life.

Finally I urge all blog owners, article writers and ezine publishers to write and publish your own version of articles on the dangers of anorexia. Please help me to spread the awareness on the hazards of anorexia.

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Your Guide To Horse Betting Etiquette

Is there such a thing as horse betting etiquette? Yes there most definitely is. While you may see chaos at the betting windows with 2 minutes to post time, there is a dynamic at work.

Here are 5 important items you need to know when you are betting horses at the racetrack:

1.) Always know what you are going to bet BEFORE you get to the teller. The absolute worst thing you can do is handicap at the window with little time to post and hemming and hawing while people behind you get shut out of their wagers.

2.) Know what the bets are called BEFORE you get to the window. They have programs at the racetrack specifically designed to tell you what bets are, how to call them out, and how much they cost. Don’t waste the teller’s time – they are there to collect wagers, not go over the history of racing with you. That’s how their performance is judged. While they may smile on the outside, they are definitely not smiling inside.

3.) NEVER go to the window with little time to post to cash a ticket. Wait until after the gate bell rings and people place their bets. Getting someone shut out of a wager while you have no intent on betting the upcoming race is a BIG no-no. This is a recipe for getting a knuckle sandwich.

4.) Have your money ready. Don’t be like the elderly lady at the grocery check out and start counting out change with 1 minute to post time while you have a line of people behind you.

Be aware of others.

5.) Never be intimidated by the guy behind you huffing and puffing and mumbling nasty things while you are trying to get your bets in. This only applies if you are not doing any of the above no-no’s, too bad for him. Maintain your cool and get your wagers in.

So there you have it. This is a brief but important lesson in racetrack horse betting etiquette that will make everyone’s day at the races a much more pleasant experience. Win. Or lose.

Oh, these rules apply to off-track betting, satellite betting and wherever you are waiting in line to get your bets down. The bottom line is, be civilized and remember the golden rule.

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How to Get Rid of Stress and Tension With a Self Face Massage

We all live in a sometimes if not constantly stressful world, deadlines, appointments, errands, work, school, kids, pets, traffic, relationships; whatever it is we all face stressful times. But there are ways of dealing with it and self massage techniques that can get rid of the stress in a positive healthy way. This article will teach you to relax enjoy being with yourself and how to give yourself a relaxing head and face massage.

The first and highly important piece to you getting to relax unwind and let go into relaxation is your environment. Find a spot, any spot were you can get comfortable maybe alone or near a silent partner. If you live in a very crowded loud space learn to get creative in ways to escape. Your parked car is always an option if you have noisy kids, pets or roommates. Sometimes in the shower with the water turned off is an option. Where ever your place is make it yours. This is all about you making a deeper connection with yourself, taking time out to relax and give yourself the love you need. Just like a meditation practice lay sit or rest in a comfortable position laying on your back is preferred because it allows most of the muscles in your body to let go of tension and relax.

Start lying on your back on the floor on carpet or a rug or soft blanket close your eyes and focus only on breathing in to a count of 4 and breathing out to a count of 4. Slow steady breaths in wave crashing on the shore, breath out wave going back to the ocean, steady slow and consistent. Effortless breathing, let go of all thoughts and send yourself positive energy.

Place your thumbs underneath your eyebrows just below the ridge of your forehead bone or frontal bone under the eye sockets. Feel a sensation as you press firmly but still soft on the pressure points. These points when massaged regularly detox the body and get rid of stress very quickly. Press and circle with counts of 3. Press and circle 3 times repeat until any slight pain or sensation fades away into relaxation. Follow the under part of the eyebrows pressing and circling 3 times until you come to the sides of your eyes by your temple. Press and circle your temple 3-6 times. Next move to the sides of your nostrils, using your index fingers press and circle 3 times. Follow the under part of your cheek bones pressing and circling until you reach your ears. Continue pressing and circling your masseter or jaw muscle all the way down following your mandible or jaw bone until you reach your chin. Move around your mouth with larger circles massaging the cheeks in bigger circles. Move back to your temples circling 3-6 times in forward and backward circles. Next move to your forehead; massage in small circles moving your hands towards each other meeting at the center of your forehead. Move your hands up a little bit starting at the center with both hands and moving towards your ears. Continue back to the center part of your forehead massaging with small circles. Move your fingers to the top of your head at the front of your hairline. Massage the skull in small circles with strong but not stiff hands. Next move to the ears circle around the ears then focus on the earlobes and ear itself. Follow the underneath part of your jaw line end with pressing and squeezing your thyroid and parathyroid gland underneath your Adams apple.

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