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How Not To Achieve Fast Weight Loss Without Pills

Women Clamping Teeth to Achieve Fast Weight Loss Without Pills

This is not to be thought of as some old fashioned method, a desperate method at that, for a person to lose weight at all, it is still happening! As alarming as it sounds, women still resort to the outdated method of clamping one’s teeth in order to achieve fast weight loss without pills, despite the information age that we now find ourselves in.

Truth be told, we live in the era of oppressive societies and the brainwashing mass media that uses subliminal messaging to impose upon in particular, women, the standards of beauty. The message is an unopposed, unchallenged and subliminally oppressive: “the thinner the better”.

This one method can be held responsible for the self esteem (the lack thereof) issues that a lot of young women in a country like Botswana find themselves regarding their bodies. This method finds itself being a pretty fashionable trend in this small country north of South Africa.

Clamping Promotes Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Teeth clamping, used primarily for fast weight loss without pills, involves a process that leaves teeth locked for a period of up to six weeks. During this period teeth cannot be brushed, giving a wide smile becomes a rarity and speaking becomes tedious labor. Fruit juice and water with lemon and cayenne peppers are used as diets for quick weight loss or fad diets.

It can be appreciated from this method how achieving fast weight loss without pills can have harmful side effects to the body. Skipping meals or not even eating properly for a prolonged period slows down the body’s metabolic rate close to a halt. This can effectively damage the body’s metabolism for good.

Something that is most likely behind the rapid re-gain of the weight lost as soon as the clamps are removed. Because the method does not go to the root cause of the problem, that is weight gain, it is similar to dusting the leaves of a plant that is beginning to wilt instead of watering the roots.

As soon as the clamps are gone, the incumbents go back to their old eating habits but now with a dysfunctional metabolic rate, guaranteeing a quicker regain of the weight than maintaining the lost weight.

The method, just like diets for quick weight loss, is a short cut that won’t work as it seeks to work against the body and not WITH the body. It tries to deny the fact that weight gain is a reflection of a lifestyle riddled with not so ideal eating habits and a general inactivity.

Realizing That Women Are Created Beautiful

It is a re-inforcement of the mis-informed ideology perpetuated by the media that the female body is to be continually sculpted, that it was inadequately designed and therefore lacks perfection. This is totally mis-educative and self serving as the media moguls make Billions of dollars out of the wrong messages being continually sent out to innocent people.

The realization amongst women should be that the advertising industry will never have their interests at heart but of its own and that is to make a profit off the mis-education.

Instead of resorting to teeth clamping, women need to acknowledge their individuality, make peace with themselves by identifying with their inner bodies and stop trying to achieve fast weight loss without using pills or resorting to diets for quick weight loss or Fads.

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How to Increase Your Running Speed With Fartlek Training

When you want to increase your running speed, you need to do speed training. Fartlek is a wonderful way of speed training. Fartlek, Swedish for speed play, is a good introduction to faster running training sessions, as it gives you a lot of liberty in what you do and how fast you go. Want to do fartlek training? Then read this article and learn some more about this running workout.

A Quick Definition of Fartlek

When you do a fartlek training session everything is allowed. After a warm-up of about 5-10 minutes you have a training session of 20 – 60 minutes. The only rule to fartlek is that you vary your speed regularly. So you can do a bit of tempo running, run easy, then do some intervals, run easy again, do a few sprints, etc. It is important to know that every fartlek training session varies. You can choose to exercise at your own pace or incorporate specific goals into your exercises. A fartlek training session can be structured and pre=planned, but it is often more fun to just go with the spur of the moment. It instills a kind of responsibility in you though, as you have to know when to take a breather. On the other hand, you need to be honest to yourself and not slack down.

Some Advantages of Fartlek

There are some advantages to fartlek workouts. See below a short sample of advantages.

  • It is Fun

It can be real fun for you. No other running workout will allow you to have more fun than the fartlek. It’s basically all up to you how you want to maintain speeds or achieve some time goals, as long as you can keep it exciting and challenging. Fartleks are fun to do in that aspect.

  • Everyone Can Do It

Anybody can do fartlek. It is an excellent introduction to speed training for beginners. It is also great for more advanced runners who have just come out of a longer period of base building. Instead of having to comply to the rigour of structured speed sessions you can just go by feel and get back into faster running more easily.

  • Improves Endurance and Increases Your Running Speed

Due to its continuous nature, fartleks are perfect for athletes who like to participate in long distance running. Fartlek training sessions help you improve endurance, but due to running at different speeds these running sessions help your body improve its lactate threshold and oxygen delivery to the muscles which all contribute to increasing your running speed.

Fartlek workouts are, despite the playful nature, still speed running training sessions. They count as “hard” workouts and should be followed by a day of recovery running or rest. Also make sure that you start and end your fartlek session with easy running so that you properly warm-up and cool-down.

The fartlek can be an enrichment to your running program and will definitely help you increase your running speed. Try it today and see how it works for you!

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Using NLP Technique, Hakalau, to Make Law of Attraction Work

What is the law of attraction and how can it work hand in hand with NLP? Is there really an NLP technique that can help you better utilize the Law of Attraction to your advantage?

Since the launch of the movie “The Secret”, it seems that the Law of Attraction has evolved to become one of the hottest topics in the modern field of personal development. The Law of Attraction actually refers to a universal law that the focus of your thoughts becomes the reality that you are living. Whatever you are constantly focusing your attention on, you will get more of it!

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The reason why NLP and the Law of Attraction work hand in hand is because both begin with the mind.

With NLP, our thoughts drive us to feel a certain way, which causes us to behave in a certain way, creating certain outcomes. With the Law of Attraction, our thoughts changes our internal energy levels in some way, and things, people, and events with similar energy levels are attracted to us, and us to them.

There’s a powerful NLP technique that you can master to enhance the effect of the Law of Attraction. Taught in both our Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs, this NLP technique helps to put us in a receptive and relaxed state to attract the things that we want to attract into our life.

Known as Hakalau or the Peripheral Vision, this is a NLP technique that has its origin in Hawaii. In fact, the meaning of Hakalau is “to stare at as in meditation and to allow your awareness to spread out”.

How Does NLP Technique, Hakalau, Work?

1. Begin the process by picking a spot on the wall to focus your attention on. This spot should be preferably above eye level, so that your field of vision seems to bump up against your eyebrows. Nonetheless, ensure that the eyes are not so high such that they cut off the field of vision.

2. The next phase of this technique is to “let go”. According to the Law of Attraction, true power comes to a person through the process of letting go yet remaining focused. As you stare at the chosen spot, your intention is to allow your mind to go loose, and focus all of your attention on the spot.

3. Next, allow your vision to spread out gradually, as you see more and more in the peripheral vision than you do in the central part of your vision (foveal vision).

4. Continue to pay attention to the new awareness and sublime experience that you have created through the use of your peripheral vision. You should be feeling more relaxed, peaceful and calm than ever before. This is also a state whereby you are unlikely to experience any stress, worry, anger etc.

5. Stay in this state (peripheral vision) for as long as you can. Notice how it feels to be one with everything around you. Surrender to the greater force within you, since the state of surrendering is necessary for you to tap into the power of the Law of Attraction. Notice the joy that begin to infiltrate you as you continue to hold on to the state. Create an anchor for this positive state.

6. You are now ready to take charge of your life and harness the power of the Law of Attraction more effortlessly through the use of Hakalau.

Many of our practitioners were fascinated by this NLP technique when they were first introduced to it. In fact, many reported to learn better and absorbed more when they were using the Hakalau NLP technique.

Try it and experience the effects of Hakalau yourself. In order to learn how to swim, you have to get wet.

Remember, the NLP technique works, if only you work it. So, start working on the Hakalau and expanding your peripheral vision now!

And don’t forget to share your experience with Hakalau. We definitely look forward to hearing your success story.

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Natural Skin Care Facts For Shoppers

People in the UK and other parts of the world need to realize that natural skin care products are not the cure all for skin problems. Basically, it is really hard to locate a natural skin care product which is 100% natural due to synthetic preservatives. These products which contain natural preservatives are all very expensive. Furthermore, these types of products last a shorter time on the store shelves and are a deterrent to those manufacturer them. Remember that natural skin care solutions can be just as dangerous to the skin as the synthetic product.

Natural skin care product choices should always be determined by three factors:

· The type of skin being treated whether it is normal, oily, dry, or sensitive.

· The way in which the product is applied (must be used properly).

· The climate in which the product is being used, for instance, an oil-free product should be used in hot and humid climates. You can also use a recipe for the skin care treatments and make one for yourself using organic fresh vegetable and fruits. You can find these recipes in book stores.

You can buy natural skin care cosmetics from Dr Hauschka natural cosmetics, to use on your skin; they are completely organic and natural. They are formulated to work gently with every skin type including people with sensitive skin. For UK residents who are looking to obtain these products, Dr. Hauschka can help you in achieving well balanced skin. This company offers cosmetics, body care, bath care, hair care, and more.

Bon Sante is a wholesale skin care company whose formulas are among the very best natural beauty care products made today. Organic fruits and vegetables are used along with very good minerals, oils, and extracts. They have no cruelty or negative economic issues. In addition, their products do not contain added chemicals, or any high costing filler such as artificial dyes, petroleum, or other ingredients of the type.

When you do begin to use these products don’t ignore other essential factors concerning your skin care. Don’t partake of oily foods, or participate in other unhealthy eating habits, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly.

When locating the best natural skin care products in the UK and elsewhere, use the products which are most beneficial to you. Remember, an unsuitable product may do more harm than good.

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Tips To Increase Your Brain Powers

The brain is a small but most powerful organ of the body that controls all our thinking, feelings, actions, emotions and much more. This small organ is made up of billions of neurons that grow with proper diet and exercise. Your success very much depends on the sharpness of your mind, improved memory and thinking skills. Take care of your brain and enjoy a successful life.

I am giving below some tips that will help you to substantially increase your brain powers:

1. Eat Brain Healthy Foods

Some foods are particularly good for the brain which you must include in your diet such as fish, eggs, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries, whole grains, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. Avoid alcoholic and carbonated drinks instead drink plain water and green tea.

2. Take Care of Your Overall Fitness

The health of our brain is very much related to our overall fitness. The brain remains healthy in a healthy body. Physical exercise is not only good for your body but also for your brain. Do whatever exercise you like such as, walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, yoga etc., but do it regularly.

3. Meditation and Deep Breathing

Meditation is a great way of relaxing your body and mind thus increasing your brain powers. Some people do meditation for seeking spiritual enlightenment while others do for inner peace and calmness. Always do meditation in a calm and quiet place. However, you can do deep breathing any time and at any place. Apart from the numerous health benefits of deep breathing, it is also helpful for the growth of brain cells.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Most people ignore the importance of a good night’s sleep. The lack of sleep can badly harm the functioning of the brain. If you feel that your mind is blank or sleepy then it means that you need rest. Go to bed and sleep. Take enough sleep daily and see your brain functioning much better because sleep helps your brain consolidate and organize information. Also taking a 15-20 minutes nap during the day can sharpen your mind and enhance your decision making powers.

5. Read and Write

Reading and writing are good habits and quite helpful in increasing the brain powers. Keep some good books in your bed room and read a few pages before going to sleep. Also practice writing, at least a few sentences, on a new topic every day.

6. Think Positively

Stress, anxiety, depression and negative thinking are the main culprits of destroying the brain nerve cells. Get rid of all kind of negativity from your mind, as far as possible. Develop the habit of seeing the bright side of things. Positive thinking is a way of living a happy life.

7. Give Task To Your Brain

Give your brain the task of solving simple problems, puzzles and crosswords etc. The more you use your brain the more the brain cells will grow. However, avoid over thinking and multi-tasking. Do one thing at a time and do not over burden your mind with multiple tasks.

8. Love Nature

It is always helpful to spend some time in a natural environment. Go to the mountains, walk in the jungle, do boating in the rivers, sit by the side of the lake and appreciate the surrounding natural beauty. Nature refreshes your mind and heart. Sitting in a natural surrounding and breathing deeply takes away all your depression and strengthens your brain muscles.

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How to Shave a Design in Your Pubic Hair

Imagine the shock value of getting down and dirty with a guy for the first time and having a picture, lightning rod, heart, or some other image shaved into your private area. If you want to amaze your other half, whether he’s a new guy or the spouse you’ve had for ages (read same-old-same-old), it’s a fun idea to learn how to shave a design in your pubic hair. It’s guaranteed to give your man a jolt and liven things up a bit, so if you want to learn how to shave a design in your pubic hair, here’s what you need to do.

First decide what kind of design you would like to have. Keep it simple; a rendition of the Last Supper or a troop of motorcycles is too complicated and too large for that area. The best design is an easily-recognizable and simple one. There are different ways to go about it; you can try freehand, but there are products available to help you, including templates that will make it easier for you to see how to shave a design in your pubic hair.

Once you find a site including templates you can use, print out the image. Then, get some card stock and cut out the design to use as a template. A good idea is to leave some of the top of the paper on there and tape it to your skin above the top line of your hair. Then, holding the pubic hair design template in place at the bottom, get a little shave cream and apply it. Then, take a fresh, new razor and shave away all the hair that is not under the design template. Start on one side, and then focus on the other side. When you are done, you will have hair only where the shave design template was in place. That’s all there is to it; that is how to shave a design in your pubic hair, including template advice to make it all work out well.

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Fertility: Enjoying a Healthy Diet

Many people don’t associate fertility and healthy diet with each other, but they go hand-in-hand. Your reproductive system is affected by what you eat. Everything you eat eventually enters your blood stream and travels throughout your body. If you put processed foods or unhealthy foods into your body, it affects your digestive system, nervous system, immune system and reproductive system. For increased fertility and reproductive health, you’ll need to make a few lifestyle changes that involve eating a healthy diet.

Incorporate the following foods in your diet that are good for your reproductive system.

  • Green leafy vegetables are high in folic acid. Include Brussel sprouts and asparagus as part of your daily intake. Folic acid reduces the risk of ovulation issues.
  • Fruit are high in vitamins and have numerous nutritional benefits. Oranges and strawberries contain vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and improve sperm quality. Bananas contain vitamin B6 which regulates the hormones for egg and sperm development. Apples are high fibre and low in calories.
  • Cereals that are high in fibre are also good for your reproductive system. It helps to control sugar levels and protect heart health.
  • Almonds contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant and helps to protect the DNA in the sperm and eggs.
  • Chicken is an important source of protein that is great for egg production.
  • Dark chocolate contains amino acid which can double the sperm volume.
  • Garlic improves the blood flow to the man’s sexual organs and it protects the sperm from damage.
  • Tomatoes boost the sperm count by up to 70% and can increase their swimming speed.
  • Sunflower seeds and oysters each contain zinc. Zinc is crucial for conception and is an important mineral for male and female fertility.
  • Carrots also increase your chances of conception because it is filled with carotenoids.

It is important to note that you’ll need to make a lot of changes to your diet if you are one who usually eats junk food or take-away meals. Smoking, alcohol and medication can all have a negative impact on your fertility. So you will need to cut down on these too. Good nutrition which is largely based on natural foods is essential for a healthy body and a productive reproductive system. A fertility doctor will advise you that a fertility treatment can be a challenging phase and it is always best to have a healthy lifestyle. Always consult a doctor when making lifestyle changes to your health.

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Tips on How to Enjoy a Healthy Diet and Lose Fat Faster

Your first priority when losing weight should be to eat a healthy diet. Of course, exercise is important, but consistently eating the right foods daily should come first. Follow these simple and effective tips to lose fat more easily.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are crucial to your weight loss efforts so aim to include healthy fats in most meals. Doing this assists your body to maintain the optimum hormone levels needed for fat burning and muscle-building. Healthy fats will also help to curb your appetite.

Include the following healthy fat foods in your diet: seeds, raw nuts, avocados, egg yolks (from free range, organic eggs), coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Grass fed meat is also an excellent source of healthy fats.

Here is a tip to quell your appetite and provide your body with protein, healthy fats and fiber. Try eating a handful of raw nuts half an hour before each meal 3 times daily. Nuts are nutrient dense as well so this simple trick will go a long way to improving your overall diet. Good choices are almonds, walnuts, and pecans.

Quality Protein

Include a quality protein with each snack and meal. High-quality sources include grass-fed meats, raw dairy, and plants sources such as beans and nuts. Protein helps with appetite suppression, which encourages you to ultimately consume fewer calories.

Eating enough protein assists your body to build lean muscle if you are working out. The more lean muscle you have, the greater will be the rate your metabolism runs at.

Eating enough protein at each meal also helps to regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels as protein slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates.


While it is not necessary to reduce carbohydrates to extremely low levels, many people do struggle to lose weight because they eat too many refined carbohydrates and sugars.

The sugars in fruits are better because the fiber in the fruits slows your body’s blood sugar response. An exception is fruit juices that are loaded with sugar and stripped of fiber during processing.

Try minimizing your consumption of carbohydrates from processed grains such as pasta, bread, cereals, bagels and so on. If you increase carbohydrate consumption from fruit and vegetables, you will most likely find it easier to shed body fat. This simple step alone can have a noticeable effect.

Follow these tips to a healthier smarter diet that will help you to lose fat more readily and build muscle, all the while providing more energy.

I hope this article helps you on the road to a healthy and hardy body.

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The Ken Patera Workout

For those who are new to weight training/lifting and have no idea who Ken Patera is here’s a little background for you.

Patera is a former Olympic Weightlifter and USA powerlifter. He won several medals at the Pan American Games (including gold), and finished second in the 1971 World Weightlifting Championships. He was the first American to clean and jerk 500 (503 1/2) lbs, which he achieved at the 1972 Senior Nationals in Detroit. He is also the only American to clean and press 500 lbs, and he was arguably the last American to excel at weightlifting on an international level.

Patera also competed in the first World’s Strongest Man contest in 1977, finishing third behind Bruce Wilhelm and Bob Young.

Patera went on to have a long career on professional wrestling. Here is a typical Patera workout. Patera would switch up his routines constantly, as well as sets and reps. Use your own judgement based on your comfort level.

The Ken Patera Workout


Clean and Press

Bench Press


Notes: Lift 2-3 times per week using whatever set and rep scheme your comfortable with except for squats. Perform one set of each squat exercise and one set only. Get plenty of rest, eat good food and drink lots of water. Remember to lift heavy and with max intensity.

Understand that to be successful in any weight training program – hard work is a must! Half-hearted effort does nothing for you. If you’re new to weight training or grossly out of shape, consult a physician first. End of disclaimer.

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A Comprehensive New Employee Orientation Program – 5 Reasons Why You Need One Now!

In a nutshell, a comprehensive New Employee Orientation Program increases employee engagement and retention. Increased employee engagement and retention let’s you keep and earn more money. In other words, happy, loyal employees mean happy, loyal customers. On the other hand, a typical ad hoc “first day” will increase expenses. In fact, 4% of new employees will leave after the first day! And you’re left to start all over again.

Specifically, a carefully designed and delivered New Employee Orientation Program will: 1. Reduce new employee start-up costs

2. Help make the new employee independently productive as quickly as possible

3. Provide your new employees with relevant information when they need to know it

4. Set realistic expectations and goals for both employee and

5. Encourage a positive attitude

Reduce new employee start-up costs

After you’ve spent what surely seems like too much time and money during the selection and hiring process looking for the right candidate, we don’t want you to compound that expense by leaving individual departments to “reinvent the wheel” and create an entirely New Employee Orientation Program for each new staff member. That wastes your company’s time, energy, and resources. And, we certainly don’t want you or your managers trying to do it all on the Friday before the new person arrives on Monday. A successful New Employee Orientation Program is planned well in advance of the employee arriving and is easily duplicated for each new employee and so saves you time, money and stress.

Help make the new employee independently productive as quickly as possible

Depending on the type of work they’ve been hired to do, your new employee can take a few days to be “up and running” or several months. But, by providing your new employees with clear and concise job descriptions, the necessary tools to do the job and effective On-the-Job training, you’ll greatly reduce the time it takes for your new employees to become not only productive but also to excel. A well designed New Employee Orientation Program ensures that your new employees are provided with these essentials for success. You employees will become confident, capable and top-performers in your organization. And if your employees are succeeding, so are you.

Provide relevant information at the most appropriate time

Without a clearly defined New Employee Orientation Program, the first day on the job is often an ad hoc “brain dump” of everything their manager thinks this poor person might need to know for years to come. First days are stressful enough without overloading your new employee with information they don’t need immediately. For example, a person probably needs to know how to activate their voice mail/email accounts and understand how the documents they will be using are stored and shared. They probably don’t need to know how to complete their month-end timesheet yet. Try this tip: show your new employee how to use their calendar software by creating an appointment with you (or their manager) at the end of the month to go over timesheet procedures. Giving them information before it’s relevant will only add to their “First Day” anxiety and they will probably have forgotten the information by month’s end when they need it anyway. A clear and concise New Employee Orientation Program schedules the necessary training at the appropriate time. Don’t waste time and money training and retraining.

Set realistic expectations and goals

Everyone’s expectations need to be clear upfront. Both the manager and your new employee must be made aware of the standard to which your new staff member is expected to work and how long it is expected that he or she will take to reach that level. If the manager doesn’t expect your new employee to be completely independent for several months, then make sure that the employee knows this. Otherwise, your new employee may be placing too much pressure on themselves by working to reach an unrealistic goal and become frustrated in the attempt. A carefully planned New Employee Orientation Program provides explicit standards and timeframes for achievement and so relieves everyone of the unnecessary stress. Remember, happy, stress free employees make happy, stress free customers.

Encourage positive attitude

It’s said that, “People will do satisfactory work because they have to. People do superior work because they want to.” Building employee engagement is key to fostering the kind of superior performance you need from your employees that keeps your customers coming back. “Achieving results through other people” has become the catchall description of a manager’s job but those results can’t be achieved if the people involved are not committed to the goal and the organization. Building this commitment starts on Day One of your new employee’s introduction to the organization and nurturing that commitment continues as your employee proceeds through your New Employee Orientation Program, On-the-Job Training Program, while working with their Buddy and Coach, and through regular performance feedback and recognition programs.

New employee orientation is a critical time. Your New Employee Orientation Program is the employee’s first real impression of your organization and continues the process of introducing the new employee to your organization’s culture, goals, mission, and expectations that you began during the selection and hiring process. A well-run first day goes a long way in making that first impression a positive one.

A clearly well organized New Employee Orientation will also send the message that you are in control and that your company has clear and definite standards. A program that ensures everything and everyone is ready for your new employee’s arrival reduces everyone’s stress and frustration by eliminating surprises and last-minute panic.

Remember, a comprehensive New Employee Orientation Program increases employee engagement and retention. Increased employee engagement and retention let’s you keep and earn more money.

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